Ice skating in Bournemouth gardens

I have to admit that my health has been at the bottom of my pile of priorities lately as I’ve been so busy with work and getting things ready to move house (looks like it won’t be happening before Christmas now – boo!). Add that to the fact that it’s hard to get yourself motivated when it’s miserable outside and you spend most of your days in thick baggy clothes and I’d estimate that I haven’t been active for, oh, I don’t know, 6 months. Oops. It was all going so well before we went to Spain. Healthy eating, working out three times a week, but it’s just gone downhill from there and now I’m in that awful spiral of ‘there’s no point in doing anything about it now because it’s nearly Christmas’.

I was recently contacted by Simply Health and invited to go ice skating in Bournemouth gardens as part of their #SHhealthyhabits campaign. They’ve got some great ideas to keep fit this festive season. I was more than grateful to be invited out to get some fresh air in my lungs and remind my legs that they still work. I took my sister along as we used to go ice skating quite often as children so I knew she wouldn’t be dragging me down. To be honest, she was off and I was the one clinging on to her arm, begging her to hold my hand!

Bournemouth gardens ice rink

Bournemouth ice bar

ice skate

Zara scarf, Tesco trench coat, Gap black jeans

Ice rink in Bournemouth gardens

Ice skating in Bournemouth

UK lifestyle blogger ice skating in Bournemouth gardens

Uk lifestyle blogger Bournemouth

UK fashion blogger ice skating

Scarf: Zara | Coat: Tesco (old) | Jeans: Gap

Scarf: Crew Clothing| Jumper: Crew Clothing |

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Adventures in hair

Or not….as the case may be. Below is a (rather embarrassing) collage of photos of me over the past 10 years. Notice anything? No, exactly. Aside from an slight parting variation, a few months of having a bob and the time I decided to be Claudia Winkleman, my hair has been the same my whole life. For me, ‘doing my hair’ consists of a poor curling job.


I would love to be super skilled at doing stylish, grown-up hairstyles like Carrie and Olivia or to have big, bouncy, blow-dried-to-perfection hair like Rose or be daring enough to add some colour like Laura or Victoria.

When I was in middle school, I was quite brave. I went from purple to black to gingery-blonde thanks to Sun-In (anyone remember that?!? What a disaster!). Maybe those experiences put me off as I haven’t dyed my hair since I was about 13. I couldn’t find any photos of these hair adventures – thankfully!

I wonder if I’m too old to start experimenting with my hair now? When I was little I always assumed that by the time I was like 25 I would have totally mastered loads of awesome hairstyles and worked out what suits me but it never happened. In fact, I barely even manage to get my hair cut. I get it professionally snipped once every two years or so and Nick’s dad just tops it up for me.

I was recently contacted by Rock Pamper Scissors, which is a bit like Just Eat for hairdressers. It finds all your local hairdressers and shows you their prices and discounts all in one easy place so you can choose what you want and how much you want to spend and book it all online. Genius.

The word ‘pamper’ in their business name really got me thinking. I’ve never considered a visit to the hairdressers as ‘pampering’. To be honest, I’d rather visit the dentist than the hairdressers but maybe I need to reconsider that. Maybe I should go and get something easy and relaxing done, like a hair conditioning masque or a blow-dry and leave the actual ‘haircut’ bit out as that’s the bit that always causes me to stress out.


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Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Gifts under £5


Christmas Gifts for Men - under £5

Drinking game mats: | Goonies DVD: Amazon | Beer: Beer Hawk | Water bottle: Howies | Shower Gel: Boots | Yoyo: Topman | Socks: Gap | Grow Your Own Chillies: ASOS | Book: The Book People


Gifts under £20


Christmas gift guide for him - under £20

Moustache wax: Mr Porter | Card holder: Crew Clothing | Gloves: Joules | iPhone case: | Hat: River Island | Scarf: New Look | T-shirt: Howies | Body wash: John Lewis | Passport cover: Liberty | Wash bag: Penfield | Fisheye lens: Urban Outfitters


Gifts under £50


Christmas gift guide for him - under £50

Scarf: Selfridges | Cycling guide: Anthropologie | Beer club subscription: | Trainers: | Whisky: Waitrose | Jumper: Howies | Book: Amazon | Wash set: John Lewis | Beard brush: Liberty

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