Shapwick Country Fair

Did everyone have a nice bank holiday weekend? Ours was absolutely perfect. We had ice-creams in the sun and played on the park in Wimborne on Saturday, went to Shapwick Country Fair with our friends on Sunday and it was Verwood Carnival yesterday. I also managed to stick some of my bits on eBay. I’m trying to make a bit of pocket money as I’ve got my eye on a few pretty things from Esprit. I’m loving their ‘boho glam’ collection!

I love this time of year. Driving around the countryside near me there are so many signs popping up for local country fairs and carnivals and festivals and I just want to go to them all! Nothing makes me feel more British than standing in a field, clutching a burger, bobbing to some country music and awaiting the suspense of a raffle draw.

This weekend we went to Shapwick Country Fair over near Wimborne, Dorset. Shapwick is a teeny tiny little village with a pub, a school, a church and that’s about it. (We went on a lovely walk there once many moons ago and we had a meal at the pub once too). To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, maybe a handful of stalls and thirty or so people milling around so you can imagine our surprise when we turned up to find traffic queuing to turn down the road to the village!

We parked in a nearby farm and walked down to the fair which was only £2 to get in and were amazed at how many people were there. The fair itself was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. There was splat-a-rat, a coconut shy, hook-a-duck, old fashioned skittles, a ferret race, a raffle, a live band, a cider tent, a Pimms stand and a burger/hotdog stand. The best thing was that all of these stands were run by local people. There were no corporate looking burger vans or fairground rides for the kids. It could literally have been 1950. Everything was so cheap too! The hotdogs & burgers were £2.50 & the cider was £3 a pint. Bargain!

Huxley absolutely loved it. Although I think he got a bit overwhelmed at one point because he was getting a bit stroppy but I think he just couldn’t decide what to go and look at next. He sat and watched the skittles for ages. My heart melted watching him & Lexi holding hands and dancing to the music.

The whole day was absolutely perfect. The only sad thing is that apparently it’s only on every other year so we’ll have to wait two whole years now before we can go again!

Shapwick Country FayreHotdog at Shapwick Country Fair DorsetHux-at-Shapwick-Country-Fair-DorsetShapwick Country FairPimms stand at Shapwick Country Fair DorsetEnglish Country FayreDancing at Shapwick Country Fair Dorsetshapwick2LexiHook-a-duck at Dorset Country FayreHook-A-DuckHuxleyShapwick DorsetThatched cottage in Shapwick DorsetBalloons


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I am not special

I can’t sing. I can’t draw. I can’t play any instruments. I’m not funny. I can’t speak any languages. I can barely cook. My baking is mediocre at best. I’m pretty regular looking. I’m not fat. I’m not thin. I don’t have long glossy hair or big bouncy curls. I don’t have bright blue eyes or never-ending eyelashes. I don’t have shiny white teeth or a big beaming smile. I still can’t apply mascara properly and will probably never master eyeliner. I’m no good at make-up. Or doing my hair. I don’t have a particular ‘style’. I don’t do yoga. I’m not raw vegan. I can’t write poetry. I’ve travelled, but not enough to call myself a ‘traveller’. I have no special interests or burning passions. I don’t have a career. I live in a normal house in a normal town and live a pretty normal life.

I am not special. And do you know what? That’s okay.

One of the things I think I’ve learnt in my twenties is that it’s okay not to be the best, to earn the most, to wear the most stylish clothes, to be the prettiest or the skinniest, to have the biggest house, to drive the fastest car. I don’t want any of those things. I’m happiest walking around in the fresh air, breathing in the scent of flowers and forests, watching the clouds, listening to the birds, feeling the sun on my face, smiling into the breeze and not giving a damn what anyone thinks.

But do you know what? There’s one person that definitely thinks I’m special. And that makes it all worthwhile.


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A day out at Monkey World

Yesterday we went to Monkey World. It was a pretty spontaneous, last-minute decision. The plasterer finished in the kitchen earlier than we thought he would so we quickly scrambled a picnic together and hopped in the car. The weather had been a bit on-off all day so we packed for all eventualities. Turns out we needn’t have bothered as Monkey World was bathed in glorious sunshine and bright blue skies all afternoon.

Huxley had a great time. He loved watching all the monkeys, especially the chimpanzees, who had smeared poop all over the windows which he found hilarious. The great thing about Monkey World is there seems to be a play area around every corner. There’s no way the kids could be bored for one second!

There’s plenty of places to sit down and as the park itself isn’t very big, it’s nice to be able to stop and take your time to get around rather than rushing around in a panic that you’re not going to have time to see everything.

My favourite bit was the lemur enclosure because they are allowed to run free all around you. (You’re obviously not allowed to touch them). But it really allows you to get up close and personal to them. Unfortunately for us, I think it was nap time when went in as they were all huddled together in their little house!

I did take some pictures of monkeys but with all the wire and bright sunshine bouncing off the smeary glass, it was quite difficult!

Chimpanzee at Monkey World DorsetHuxApe Rescue Centre DorsetHux on mini microscooter at Monkey WorldMe-&-HuxSpring flowers at Monkey World DorsetCheeky monkeyThe Style Box & HuxleyBlue skiesDorset countrysideSwings at Monkey WorldAdventure play park at Monkey WorldMe-&-Hux-on-swingBaby orangutan at Monkey World near WarehamMalagasy Lemur EnclosureLemur at Monkey World DorsetRiding-daddys-shouldersNick-&-HuxOrangutan at Monkey WorldOld orangutanPlay-park-DorsetGibbon footOur entrance fee to Monkey World was kindly provided by the RSPCA as part of their collaboration with Monkey World and the #RSPCAres campaign to raise awareness about the importance of getting your pets vaccinated. This is a topic that is close to my heart as we sadly lost Mille, our 4-year-old Springer Spaniel last year. We don’t know how or why she died. One day she was fine and the next day she was gone. It all happened so quickly that there wasn’t even time to get to a vet. Maybe she was bitten or maybe she’d eaten something funny or maybe it was completely natural but I would always vaccinate my pets now just to be on the safe side.


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