Our newest addition….

Okay, so it’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to post about this but hey, life with two kids is hard – who knew?! (I have a brand new respect for mummy bloggers with more than one child! Fair play to you guys!)

So, our little girl, California Joan Baines, was born on 31st October 2016 by elective c-section. It’s funny because I never told anybody the date of my c-section because I thought it was pointless as Huxley had been 5 days early and so I was convinced that I would go into labour much earlier than that but nope, she stayed put! To be honest, I’m quite glad as I was so panicky that they would share the same birthday! (Huxley’s birthday is the 21st October). At least this gives them a good week and a half between their birthdays! October is going to be pretty expensive from now on but at least we’ve got a solid excuse for throwing a Halloween party every year now!

Life with two is definitely more challenging. Luckily, thanks to the age-gap and the 15 hours free government funding, Huxley is now at nursery a little bit more often which has helped quite a lot. But yeah, there’s no more of that ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ malarkey. When the baby sleeps, I’m usually being chased round the house while Hux is being a dinosaur or digging for worms in the garden or making sure everyone has food to eat and cups of tea to drink. I’m sure it will get easier once she starts sleeping through the night (man, that can’t come soon enough!)

To give Hux his due, he has been a total angel. He loves his sister so much. He takes every opportunity he can to give her kisses or hold her hand or make her smile.

Cali on the other hand has been much more difficult than Hux ever was. It’s not really her fault bless her but she basically pooped about 3 times in the first 6 weeks which made her super cranky and us super on-edge and worried. I think her guts have finally sorted themselves out a bit now but she seems to have moved on to teething already – I didn’t really realise this could happen this early but apparently it can! She hasn’t actually got any teeth yet but she’s super dribbly and chompy. Hux never suffered with teething so this is all quite new to us! She also seems to puke quite a lot – again, something Hux never did (seriously, he was an angel baby!). So, we’ve found ourselves whinging about her quite a bit which isn’t really fair on her but she’s had a hard act to follow with Huxley being so easy! But after talking to some other parents, by the sounds of things, I don’t think she’s as bad as we make her sound!

We’re off on our first family holiday as a four next week. We thought we’d pick somewhere easy to get to and quite chilled so we chose Singapore. Yes, that was sarcasm. Hello 14-hour flight, 30 degree heat, constant thunderstorms and mosquito-borne diseases. It’s going to be bags of fun I’m sure. At least Huxley will be happy as we’re visiting Singapore Zoo, the River Safari, the Night Safari & the aquarium while we’re there on top of all the regular wildlife he’ll see around the city.


5 days old






Learning to swim with Puddle Ducks Dorset

Huxley has always loved the water. He’s always been more than happy to take a bath, never been scared of swimming and will take every opportunity possible to splash in puddles or run head-first into the sea. I think this was helped a lot by the fact that he spent the first 18 months of his life living with the beach down the end of the road and we would take him into the sea and let him splash around quite often. We’d also take him swimming in a pool whenever we had time and he’d love jumping off the side into our arms.

Unfortunately, with renovating the house over the last year and no fixed weekly timetable for activities, swimming fell by the wayside and we ended up going less and less. We knew Huxley still loved the water because we’d been away to America and Spain and had no trouble getting him in the pool but we could see that he was getting more scared to jump in and would only listen to our swimming instructions for so long before he got bored and just wanted to splash around (as most 2 year olds do!)

So, when I got an email from Puddle Ducks Dorset asking if I’d like to come along to swimming lessons for half a term I jumped at the chance. Knowing that it’s a big weekly activity at a set time, on a set day, has made swimming a super easy commitment to keep as we now have to plan our time around not missing Puddle Ducks.

We started our half term at the swimming pool at St Michaels Middle School in Colehill, Wimborne. The first class was the only one I’ve been able to get in the water with Huxley for as I’ve just been way too pregnant and tired to join in with the rest so Nick has been taking him. (Nick was running a marathon on that first day so a huge thanks to the team at Puddle Ducks for taking some photos of me & Hux in the water for me to use!).

swimming lessons for kids Dorset

toddler swim lessons Dorset

Huxley LOVED the class right from the word go. If you’re a parent, you’ll know that the easiest way to get your child to do something is to do it with other children. Huxley also responded really, really well to having a teacher and definitely listened to the instructions from Jane much more than he ever would from Nick & I.

The best thing about Puddle Ducks is that they ease your child in to doing things in such a fun way that the children don’t even realise that what they’re doing might be considered ‘scary’. For instance, to encourage your child to put their face in the water (something Hux isn’t keen on), they get the kids to blow bubbles in the water, which is obviously really fun! Then they handed out two woggles/noodles to each child to pop under their arms and I was amazed at how quickly Hux took to kicking his legs and swimming without me even holding on using this method. It seems so simple now that I think about it that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before! The classes are filled with toys, singing and games so nothing ever feels like a test or a challenge and Huxley balled his eyes out when we eventually had to get out of the pool.


Puddle Ducks offer three different swimming programmes, Baby & Pre-school (for 0-4 years), Swim Academy (for 4-10 years) and Aquanatal classes for mums-to-be. The Baby & Pre-school category contains 6 different ability levels so your child will always be progressing. Hux is currently in the Little Dippers class for 2-4 year olds, which is the 4th level, and the two classes above this are less age-specific and are more to do with your child’s confidence and ability.

We’ve recently moved over to the Saturday classes at Portfield School in Christchurch (near Bournemouth airport) and these suit us a little better as they have mixed changing rooms so I’m able to help Nick get Huxley changed and the pool is a little nicer.

Puddle Ducks Portfield School Dorset

Since starting our classes, Puddle Ducks have launched a new online portal which makes managing your swimming lessons super easy. You can login and see the details of your current class, what date you’ve paid up until and when your next payment is due. They’ve also recently changed their payment structure, so instead of paying for set term-time dates, lessons are now paid for in blocks of 8 and can start mid-term. You get email reminders when your payments are due or you can sign up for recurring payments.

Another great feature of the online portal is the ‘My Children’ tab where you can see the criteria that your child needs to meet in order to move up to the next class. This is a really great way of knowing what you need to focus and work on if you take your child swimming on your own. You can also use this section to message the class teacher and book holiday or catch-up sessions for any cancelled lessons.

Okay, so, down to the cost. Each lesson costs £12, but these are booked in blocks of 8, costing £96. For this, you get the use of a private pool (usually a school, fitness centre or hotel) meaning that the facilities are generally nicer and much quieter than a public swim session at a regular pool, the expertise of a specially-trained, dedicated teacher and the confidence that your child is learning to respect the water, as well as learning to swim.

We’ve been to 4 lessons so far and the progression we’ve seen in Huxley has been amazing. He’s now happy to jump into the water without holding Nick’s hand, is much more confident about sticking his face in the water to blow bubbles and can kick to swim when using the woggles/noodles. Puddle Ducks is definitely something I would recommend for any parent as learning how to swim and be safe around water is such a major life skill.

If you fancy giving Puddle Ducks swimming lessons a try then they’ve kindly offered my readers a free trial and 10% off when booking using the code STYLEBOX. Visit the Puddle Ducks website to find your nearest class or give them a call on 01202 674676 or drop them an email at dorset@puddleducks.com

Puddle Ducks swimming

Huxley’s 3rd birthday

Huxley turned 3 on Friday. I’m a little shell-shocked by it all to be honest. I know it’s such a cliche parenting thing to say, but I really don’t know where the time has gone! His birthday was pretty low-key this year due to the fact that I’m huge and can’t go far – can I just say how nervous I was all day about going into labour!? (For Huxley’s first birthday we went to Weymouth Sealife Centre, for his second birthday we went to Marwell Zoo).

This year we decided to take him to the cinema in the morning as Cineworld are currently running a promotion to support Children in Need where every day this half term, the tickets are £2 each and you can see Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory or Ice Age: Collision Course. Hux has only been to the cinema twice (and not since February) so it was still a really big, exciting novelty for him. I showed him all the trailers for the movies the night before and he chose Ice Age (much to mine & Nick’s despair!). Sadly, we were the only people in the cinema which is a real shame as it was for a good cause but I suppose half-term hadn’t really kicked in on Friday.

After the cinema we went to Toys’R’us as he had a voucher to spend and we got him a Schleich whale, a Schleich Anhanguera (which is a flying dinosaur – I had to Google it!) and an Elsa doll. After that it was definitely time to eat! I was starving!

Harvester had recently contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their newly refurbished branch in Poole. Never one to turn down free food, I jumped at the chance and they kindly sent us £50 to spend on some lunch. It was really smart in Harvester and I was impressed at how modern it looked, while still retaining a cosy, family-friendly pub feel. It was filled with little cosy nooks and inviting looking fireplaces as well as having practical plus-points like a bottle-warming area for parents with babies.

Harvester Parkstone Poole

harvester seahorse refurbishment dorset

family friendly harvester seahorse poole

harvester seahorse alder hills poole dorset

Obviously one of the best things about Harvester is the unlimited salad bar and I wasted no time stocking up on crunchy croutons and creamy potato salad. Nick & I both ordered the same thing, the Harvester ’83 combo which comes with fries, gravy, corn on the cob, half a rotisserie chicken and a half rack of ribs. Deeeeelish. The kids meals are £5.99 for a main with 2 sides, a drink & a dessert. Hux had a swirly sausage with peas and chips but he’d gorged on popcorn at the cinema so didn’t eat all that much of it. He didn’t even seem that excited at the prospect of ice-cream so we could tell he was full and tired!

Harvester seahorse alder hills poole

schleich toys


harvester unlimited salad

Nick skipped dessert while I went for coconut panna cotta with mango coulis. I’m usually a chocolate person but there’s just something about coconut that wins every time. Nick was pretty impressed with the beer offering though and opted for a pint of Brewdog in place of dessert. The total bill came to £41.51 for a beer (£4.55), two adult main courses (£25.98), a kids meal (£5.99) and a dessert (£4.99) so it was pretty budget friendly!

harvester 83 chicken ribs combo

harvester 83 combo poole

coconut panna cotta with mango coulis at harvester

After a quick whizz around the toy sale at the huge Sainsburys next door, it was time to head for the beach. Hux was adamant about going in the sea and it didn’t seem to bother him at all that it was freezing cold. He really, really loves the sea and I think he’d have spent all day chasing the waves back and forth but it was already gone 3pm by the time we got there so we only stayed about half an hour.

alum chine beach october

alum chine bournemouth october in the sea

autumn on the beach bournemouth

alum chine beach bournemouth dorset

We finished the day off at Nick’s mum’s house where he played with his cousins – I have no idea how he managed to stay awake the whole time. He didn’t even fall asleep in the car on the way home! Needless to say he was pretty grumpy for the next day or two from being so tired!

I spent the evening planning an outfit for an upcoming (and rare!) night out. Recently I ordered beautiful lace front wigs from veryhair.com and was actually looking forward to putting some effort in to my appearance for the first time in a long time – although my dress choice was quite limited with being so big!

Bump update: 37 weeks

I’m writing this in my kitchen at 5am chomping on some Belvita breakfast biscuits having been awake since about 3am. I haven’t slept properly for weeks and I keep having to shuffle around to stop my legs/hips/knees from getting pins and needles.

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m well and truly ready for all of this to be over now! The last 2-3 weeks are always the worst, especially now that my bump has dropped, meaning I need a wee every 5 minutes and being comfortable is a distant memory. I’m actually starting to think I’ll probably get more sleep when the baby arrives!

Saying that, I still consider myself to be pretty fortunate in the pregnancy-symptoms department. My back and hip pain have been relatively minor this time around, I’ve had no swelling of legs or ankles, no heartburn – in fact, other than not really being able to sleep, I think I’m doing pretty well (and not sleeping has it’s perks – such as being able to get ahead with all my work and write blog posts in pure, silent, uninterrupted bliss!)

We’re pretty much ready for baby to turn up any day now. We’ve just bought a new steriliser from Mothercare to replace the old one as it had funny bits of metal floating around in it and luckily it was in the sale for half price. I should probably take another look at my baby bag as I have really only panic-packed it once a few weeks ago after it dawned on me that it was all getting a bit close!

Mentally, I’m still not sure how ready I am, which I know sounds totally nuts because I’ve been pregnant FOREVER now so have had plenty of time to get used to the idea but I think there’s still going to be a wave of shock when she arrives and I’ve got a whole new person to look after. But maybe there won’t. Sometimes I just manage not to stress out about stuff like this and just go with the flow. I think the fact that I know I’m having a c-section is helping a lot. Obviously it’s still worrying and there are still things that could go wrong but I think I’d be a nervous wreck right now if I had to contemplate a natural birth. (Don’t think that I’m by any means suggesting that a c-section is the easy option, because trust me, it’s not, we’re still talking MAJOR surgery that takes weeks to recover from, but for my own personal reasons relating to what happened with Huxley at birth and being in intensive care, it’s definitely the best option for me)

Also, I hope you guys aren’t expecting a dainty little baby girl because at my last scan the lady looked at me in shock and asked if my diabetes test had come back clear and I was told that she looked like she had a ‘chunky tummy’! She was already estimated to be 6lb 14oz at 36 weeks (babies put on 0.5lb a week in the last few weeks) so I’m fully expecting another hefty baby like Huxley!

Wish me luck!

37 weeks pregnant

End of the Road Festival 2016

This year we went to End of the Road festival in Dorset again. We took Huxley last year and he absolutely loved it so it was always something we would have considered going to again. When we found out I was pregnant in February it was pushed to the back of our minds as something that we’d have to miss out on this year. However, once the line-up was released I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was my dream line-up. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like the bands had been hand-picked just for me. Devendra Banhart, Cat Power, Bat for Lashes, Joanna Newsom – all my absolute favourites for the past 10 years.

Now the main thing stopping me from booking tickets was the cost (festivals are bloody expensive!) but I managed to talk Nick into it as we were unlikely to be going away on holiday anytime soon so this was a good alternative. Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to live a mere 20 minutes away from the festival so I didn’t even have to consider camping at 8 months pregnant as we drove home and slept in our own comfy, warm bed every night (a fact which I was even more grateful for when the weather turned out to be a bit pants!).

We turned up on the Thursday night quite late and stood and watched The Shins playing while Huxley gradually got sleepier and sleepier before heading home to get a good night’s sleep before a full day of festival fun on the Friday.

End of the Road Festival 2016

The best thing about End of the Road (for parents) is that there is TONS of stuff for kids to do, even though it’s not really marketed as a ‘family festival’ and it’s all FREE (unlike at Camp Bestival). There are loads of little tents offering various craft & music activities and even without all of that, it’s so much fun just running around and exploring all the hidden treasures in the gardens and forests that you could spend all weekend doing just that without even seeing any music. Our first stop was at the circus tent where kids can learn to do various tricks and Hux had tons of fun trying out the diabolos and pedal-gos before we whisked him off to the indoor cinema to watch the new Jungle Book (which he LOVED).

circus practice at End of the Road Festival

(I can’t believe how tired he looks in this photo and it’s only day 1!)

After we finished in the cinema we sat down to make some animals out of clay (which we totally forgot to collect later – oops!), grabbed an ice-cream and explored the woods.

create tent at end of the road festival

playing with clay at End of the Road Festival

clay modelling at End of the road festival

ice-cream eotr

footsteps fall in time

fox in the forest at end of the road festival dorset 2016

My musical highlight for Friday was definitely Whitney on the Garden Stage. Whitney are quite a new band to me and I’d only heard a couple of their songs on Spotify but they’ve just got the most fun, upbeat vibe that you can’t help dancing around to them. The Guardian describe them like this: “think Bon Iver, with elements of folk and country, only given a Chicago soul makeover”. I also really enjoyed Cat Power who headlined the Garden Stage on Friday night. She’s definitely someone I’d been desperate to see for years and years and it’s so awesome to be able to see her somewhere as cool as End of the Road festival.

Garden stage end of the road festival

On Saturday morning, we dropped Huxley off at Nick’s mum’s house as she was going to be looking after him all day as well as having him overnight for us so that we could have the day off. It was just as well because the weather was well and truly horrendous and Huxley would have been totally miserable. We spent most of the day huddled in beer tents, making mad dashes in between the Big Top & the Tipi Tent. I really enjoyed watching Bas Jan in the Tipi Tent which is a band I’d never heard of before but they were really good fun. The Big Moon in the Big Top also totally rocked. Yay for girl bands! We were a bit gutted about missing Local Natives after a quick trip back to the car turned into an accidental hour and a half nap but we obviously needed the sleep! Once we’d woken up we headed over to the Woods stage to watch a bit of Goat (who are totally mental) before grabbing some dinner. The highlight of the day for me was without doubt Bat For Lashes who headlined on the Woods stage. Bat For Lashes are another huge favourite of mine that I’d been desperate to see for years. Thankfully the rain had started to ease off by then but the moody weather made her already very ethereal set even more moody and atmospheric and watching the smoke swirling around her in the breeze made all my hairs stand on end. Definitely worth spending the whole day soaking wet and freezing cold for.

big top end of the road festival 2016

goat at end of the road festival 2016

A video posted by Emma Baines (@thestylebox) on

On Sunday we were all a little worse for wear (me from extreme exhaustion, not drinking!) but thankfully the weather was slightly better so we cracked out the picnic blanket and camping chairs at every opportunity. Huxley was also exhausted after a busy day running round with his cousins at Grandma’s house and just spent the whole day sat quietly in his pushchair with the iPad. He even made me drape a blanket over the top of his pushchair so that he didn’t have to see or talk to anyone! Sunday was probably the day we were most excited for musically as Devendra Banhart has been both mine & Nick’s favourite artist for the last 10 years. We’ve seen him twice before in London years ago so we knew we were in for a good show. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted on Twitter that he was going to be doing an interview on a teeny tiny stage hidden in the middle of the trees with Uncut magazine. We made sure we got there super early for that and I fan-girled so hard the entire time. I don’t think I’ve ever been a metre away from someone I’ve idolised for such a long time and I was super star struck. He was wonderful and charming and lovely and funny (and gorgeous) and the interview was intimate and strange and definitely an experience I’ll never forget.


devendra banhart uncut interview end of the road festival 2016

We headed over to the Woods stage where we planned on staying for the rest of the evening and got super close to the front for Broken Social Scene (or as close as you can get with a pushchair anyway!) which is one of Nick’s all-time favourite bands. Unfortunately when Broken Social Scene had finished and we were waiting for Devendra Banhart to play, a security guy came over and made us move way, way to the back as he said it was going to get really busy and people would trip over the pushchair. I was totally gutted – even more so when it didn’t actually get that busy and wasn’t even dark when Devendra Banhart played. They definitely didn’t have that rule last year. Despite that, Devendra’s set on the Woods stage was out of this world, although it started a little slow and our friends got bored and wandered off but we stuck around and were treated to a wonderful range of classics that I couldn’t stop dancing to (which is an impressive feat for an 8-month pregnant lady after 3 days of standing around in a cold, wet field!).

A video posted by Emma Baines (@thestylebox) on

The evening finished with a performance by Joanna Newsom who was the headline act. At this point, there were no other bands playing on any of the other stages, so every single person at the festival had to watch her, or head back to their tents. I think this is due to the fact that her music is super quiet and she just sits on stage and plays the harp. I love Joanna Newsom but we’d already seen her live at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago and by 9pm on Sunday we were definitely all ready to go home. We stayed and watched two or three songs right from the back of the field before slowing trudging our way back to the car.

All in all, I had a fabulous weekend, despite the back-breaking pain and sucky weather! I just want to say an ENORMOUS thank you to the guys at End of the Road festival who allowed me to park in the disabled parking area as it made a massive difference to my weekend. I don’t think we’ll be going back next year as the new baby will still be quite little but I’m sure this won’t be our last one as it really is such a great weekend!

A kid’s guide to DIY

I know what you’re thinking. Kids & DIY don’t mix. But don’t worry, I haven’t lost my marbles. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that last year we took the plunge and bought a house that needed a complete renovation. The work was extensive and exhausting and I don’t think we fully appreciated the scale of what needed to be done when we first signed the contracts. That said, sitting here 18 months later with the house now completely finished, in my shiny office overlooking my lovely garden complete with big, beautiful deck, I can say hand on heart that it was all totally worth it. Would I do it over again? I’m not sure. But never say never 😉

If you’re interested in my renovation posts and seeing all the juicy before/after shots, then you can check out the posts below:

The Living Room

The Bathroom

The Kitchen

But today I’m here to tell you the tale of some of our trials, tribulations & triumphs when it came to Huxley and DIY. At the time when we first got the keys, Huxley was only 18 months old. I’m a strong believer that children learn best by being allowed to do things for themselves (so much so that the nursery Huxley goes to is actually a Montessori nursery for this reason). I think that allowing children to do things for themselves makes them into confident, successful people. Obviously, there is an element of safety to be considered and I would never recommend allowing your child to do any kind of DIY without full and proper supervision. But, I believe that in every job, there are smaller tasks that a child can join in with.

One of our first major tasks with our new house was stripping the wallpaper. And boy was there a lot of wallpaper! But, it was one of Huxley’s small pleasures as it often involved climbing the small stepladder and being allowed to use a special tool. What more could a little boy want?!? In fact, a great deal of the ugly green wallpaper in our lounge came away simply by grabbing a loose bit and yanking it. Sometimes it would come off in satisfyingly large strips, other times you’d be left with a minuscule scrap of paper.

Toddler DIY

Toddler DIY disaster

A downside to allowing Huxley to be our little helper that we naively hadn’t foreseen was that, being only 18 months old, he didn’t quite understand that you’re not allowed to do this in everyone’s house as we soon found out one day when he was staying at Grandma’s. He entered the kitchen carrying a small strip of paper which we didn’t think any of to start with as children often pick up strange things around the house, and it was plain white so from a distance it looked like a regular scrap of A4 that he’d found lying around. So you can imagine our horror when we came to say goodbye and walked into the hallway to find a nice bit patch of wallpaper missing from the wall! (We’re still apologising now!) Luckily for us, it was Huxley-height which meant that a few strategic furniture readjustments meant that it was easily hidden!

I can’t completely complain though, he’s always been the first to jump in and grab the hoover off me to try and help!

Toddler with hoover


*This post is in collaboration with Dyno

Camp Bestival 2016

A few weeks ago I was invited to be one of this year’s official Camp Bestival bloggers. I actually got the email whilst I was in a meeting with a client and it took all I had not to start jumping up and down squealing with excitement! We took Huxley to End of the Road festival last year and he loved it (and camped like a total pro) but we’d always talked about giving Camp Bestival a go as it’s famously aimed at families and children.

I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly fussed about any of the music acts that were playing, especially once Arrested Development cancelled at the last minute due to illness, but I knew that Huxley would LOVE seeing Mr Tumble and The Cuban Brothers were absolutely awesome.

We knew that our friend Jim from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee would be there with his family so Huxley would have someone to play with but as the time drew nearer it turned out that we knew quite a few people that were going so there was a really good little crowd of us in the end with 12 adults and 10 kids. We spent quite a lot of time sat out the front of Jimmy’s truck while the kids ran around chasing bubbles, playing football and riding bikes. It was fantastic.

There was SO much to see and do at Camp Bestival that at the end of 4 days I still felt like I hadn’t really seen everything. Our favourite things were the world’s biggest bouncy castle, the free soft play and the Dingley Dell where you could touch animals, climb trees and build dens with the National Trust. Top of my list about this festival though is that you’d just be walking around, minding your own business and all of a sudden a choir would set up right in front of you and start singing, or you’d get caught up in a parade and end up dancing around in the front row of an impromptu drumming session. That made it feel really spontaneous and fun as you felt like you never really knew what was going to happen!

I’ll add some photos in below but if you want to truly get a feel for the atmosphere then I’d recommend watching my Camp Bestival vlog as I think that captures it much better.

Also, camping when 6 months pregnant with a 2-year-old is definitely not anywhere near as bad as it sounds 😉

Camp Bestival with a 2 year old

helter skelter at camp bestival












Have you ever been to Camp Bestival? Have you ever been camping when pregnant? Would you take your toddler to a festival?

Gender reveal & bump update: 25 weeks


Long time no see! Things have been pretty crazy over here lately. Mainly because I’ve taken on a lot more social media work recently so I just don’t have the spare time left to blog anymore, especially as I’m still filming and editing weekly vlogs.

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely, hot weather. I really wish I was. Instead I’ve spent most of it sat inside with the curtains closed trying to keep myself awake. I hate it! I hate wasting sunny days and I’m getting major mum-guilt that I barely have the energy to talk to Huxley, let alone play with him or take him anywhere fun.

So, back to business. You may have noticed from the title that I’m actually 25 weeks pregnant now so doing a full-blown gender reveal seemed a bit silly as I’ve known the gender for weeks and you’ll already know what we’re having if you follow any of my social media or watch my vlog but I’m excited to say that we’re having a girl!

I think we were both a bit shocked as we had just assumed it would be a boy for some reason and I think Nick quite liked the idea of Huxley having a brother but it will be nice to have a girl. She’ll be the first granddaughter on my side of the family as my sister & I both have boys. My only worry is how much money I’m going to spend! I’ve already bought tons in the shops and we’ve saved loads of stuff from when Huxley was little anyway. I can’t help it! Girls stuff is just so cute!

25 weeks pregnant

25 weeks pregnant with a girl

25 weeks pregnant with baby girl

Styling a Chesterfield sofa

I was recently contacted by Robinsons of England* who have been making Chesterfield sofas for over 135 years at their workshop on the North East coast. Now, you might be thinking, what on earth is a Chesterfield sofa but I promise that once you see one, all will become clear! They are a total classic item and wouldn’t look out of place in any stately home across the country. They have an impressive client list that includes the Google head office and Harvard University! Furniture like this really is the definition of an ‘investment piece’ and is the sort of thing you can expect to hand down for generations to come. At the very least, they come with a 50 year guarantee!

Inspired by the look and feel of the Chesterfield, I wanted to create some moodboards on ideas of how to style these beautiful, traditional pieces for the modern home.

Traditional English Heritage with a Modern Twist

This look is based around a traditional English heritage style but with a slightly modern twist, editing it to suit any regular home up and down the country. Expect to see lots of tweed and tartan! (I totally can’t stop thinking about Ron Burgundy with his many leather-bound books and apartment that smells like rich mahogany!) This sofa is the ‘Wilmington‘ named after the 1st Earl of Wilmington, Spencer Compton, who became the UK’s second Prime Minster back in 1742.


Modern Heritage Interior
Doorstop: Mulberry from Amara Home (similar) | Lamp: Currey & Company | Vase: Juliska | Deer head: Etsy | Coffee table: Capsule | Tartan throw: Liberty | Deer print: Nordstrom |  Tartan cushion: Notonthehighstreet.com (similar)| Pheasant jug: Macy’s (similar) | Suitcase coffee table: Home Gallery Stores | Notebooks: Wild Swans | Light fitting: Cottage & Bungalow | Sofa: The Original Sofa Co

Pretty in pink

If you’re too scared to bite the bullet and fork out for a pink sofa, despite how awesome they can look (hello Gal Meets Glam!), it’s easy enough to add plenty of gorgeously girly accessories to make your living room the bijou boutique you’ve always dreamed of. This look features the Goderich Chesterfield sofa which is covered in a contemporary stone fabric rather than the more traditional leather that this style of sofa is generally associated with.


Pretty in Pink!
Chanel rose print: Unknown (similar) | Tea cup: Target (similar) | Light: ABC Home | Basket: Hus & Hem (similar) | Cushion: Iris Lehnhardt (similar) | Paradise print: Unknown | Marble coffee table: Neiman Marcus | Life is Beautiful print: Modcloth | Lamp: Currey & Company | Sofa: The Original Sofa Co

Grown-up tropical

This look focuses on the current trend of ‘tropicals’ with a grown-up, elegant twist. Lots of pineapple and palm trees to make you feel like you’re on holiday in your own home. I love the earthy, muted tones with pops of gold in this look. To be honest, this one is probably my favourite. This look features the Wilmington Unbuttoned Chesterfield Sofa which might appeal to a wider audience, especially if you really do plan on handing it down through generations.


Grown-up tropical

Leaf: Office Supermarket | Palm leaf print: Kohl’s | Pineapple print: Etsy | Palm tree mug: Halcyon Days | Pineapple jars: Hattan Home | Toucan painting: Etsy | Faux palm tree: Joss & Main | Dining table: Jonathan Adler | Bench: One King’s Lane | Rug: Burke Decor | Palm tree cushion: Williamsburg Marketplace | Sofa: The Original Sofa Co

So what do you think? Would you invest in a Chesterfield Sofa? Which of these looks do you like best?

This post is in collaboration with Robinsons of England

Race Day Fashion

I love looking through the pictures to see what people wore to the races. I find it so much more interesting than any of the red carpet stuff. It’s easy for a celebrity to look amazing with their insanely expensive designer dresses and hair and make-up artists on stand-by throughout the evening. What I love about race day is that they are real people, wearing real outfits, having a good time. I’m sure if you’ve seen any race day photos before you’ll know that there are some people who hit the nail on the head and look effortlessly perfect and there are others who don’t quite get it right and end up looking like they got dressed in the dark.

I thought I’d make the effort to put together some outfits for men this time as well as women as it’s important for men to look the part too*. I know a lot of people think it’s easy for men as they can just stick on a black suit, a white shirt and they’re ready, but I think men these days like to have a little more fun with their choices, especially with people like Will.I.Am, Pharrell Williams and the One Direction boys constantly pushing the boundaries.


Men's race day fashion


This is quite a classic look and a light brown suit with the added up lift of sky blue makes for a great summer look. You could go super trendy and omit socks for this look or add a big chunky watch to make it extra snazzy. Yeah I said snazzy.


Women's race day fashion


I almost fell off my chair when I saw this dress. It’s just utter perfection. Why do the shops always stock the best stuff when I’m a massive pregnant whale and can’t fit into anything? I love the pop of bright nail varnish to bring all the colours of this outfit together while the neutral bag and shoes let the floral print take centre stage.



Men's race day fashion


I have to admit that this look was slightly inspired by a mix of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction with the polo neck and Rosie from Rosie Outlook’s brother with the tartan jacket as he wore a tartan jacket to her wedding and it looked awesome. Paired with rolled up chinos, no socks and loafers this is the ultimate in cool suit-wear for the modern man. You definitely have to be a certain type of person to pull this off. I know there’s no way on earth I could convince Nick to dress like this.


Women's race day fashion


Another dress that I’ve TOTALLY fallen for. I love that this is like a dark, edgy floral for those who like to feel girly but without rocking that super sweet pastel ‘pretty girl’ look. I would definitely wear this.

*This post is in collaboration with Suit Direct