San Francisco-part 3


So I’m a little bit behind on my blogging as we’ve been so busy. I can’t wait to tell you all about the perfect dream day that I had in Big Sur yesterday (but that’s a later post!)

Ok, so to recap, we didn’t do too much on Saturday, went to the farmers market at the Ferry Building in the morning and Nick bought a new Apple laptop. Then we went to Ocean beach for a look around but it was pretty cold so we didn’t stay long. I think we looked around the shops for a bit in the afternoon but I can’t really remember!

Sunday was meant to be rainy and rubbish but the weather report was totally wrong and it was sunny and beautiful (although pretty windy). We started the day off by visiting Lombard street as we never got to see it last time we were in San Francisco. It was pretty cool but swarming with tourists as it’s not far from Fishermans Wharf. It does offer some lovely views though as it’s at the top of a hill.

Alcatraz & Cable car San Francisco

Lombard Street San Francisco

After that we headed back to Tartine Bakery to get one of their amazing looking sandwiches for lunch. Nick had a gruyere and ham sandwich while I opted for the calorific looking Croque Monsieur but it was worth every calorie haha!

Tartine Bakery Croque Monsieur San Francisco

We went to sit in Dolores Park to eat our lunchy goodness and arrived to discover that the annual easter celebration organised by ‘The Sisters of Perpetual Indulegence‘ was in full swing. The atmosphere was incredible and Dolores Park was full of people and families with picnic blankets having a good time. People were dressed up to the nines, they had gone all out with their costumes, it was fantastic. There were huge bearded men in pink easter bunny outfits, drag queens in full make up, some awesome looking vintage outfits and some people wearing nothing at all. Nothing I can say will be able to describe the party that was happening so you’ll have to make do with some photos and some videos stolen from Youtube but needless to say that we stayed there for a few hours just laid out on the grass and soaking up the atmosphere.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Easter celebration Dolores Park San Francisco

Sisters of perpetual indulgence easter celebration Dolores Park San Francisco

Sisters of perpetual indulgence easter celebration 2011 dolores park san francisco

Sisters of perpetual indulgence easter celebration 2011 dolores park san francisco

The celebration is finished off with a ‘Hunky Jesus’ competition. It was hilarious. Warning: this video is definitely not safe for work. There is nudity involved. And definitely don’t watch it if you are a strict Christian as you probably won’t like it. (I do have my own short video of just a quick peek around the park but it hasn’t uploaded to Youtube yet and I can’t be bothered to wait for it!)

After all the frolics and fun of Dolores Park we headed to Union Square and I dragged Nick to the top of Macys to visit the Cheesecake Factory. I had visited the website several times prior to my trip and pawned over the amazing sounding flavours. How on earth was I supposed to choose which one to eat???

In the end, I opted for fresh banana cream. It was incredible. Luckily Nick helped me eat it because it was about the size of my head! I’m hoping to head back before we go home. There are about 50 different flavours though so it’s going to be a tough decision. I kind of fancy the Reeses chocolate peanut butter or the original topped with fresh strawberries. Hmmmm….

Banana cream cheesecake, The Cheesecake Factory, Union Square, San Francisco

One last photo, I saw this street on the map and it was just around the corner from our hotel so I knew we had to go there 🙂

Emma Street San Francisco

San Francisco – part 2


Hope you’re all having a lovely sunny time this Easter. Spoken to family back home on Skype and they say it’s been beautiful. Weather has been okay here but a bit cloudy. It rained last night so it’s a bit wet outside but it’s stopped now. Not sure what we’re going to do today. The plan was to hang out in a park and watch all the families playing and doing Easter egg hunts and stuff but I’m not sure if it will be too wet for that now. We’ll see.

Ok, so recap on the past few days. On Thursday morning we headed over to this tiny hole in the wall place called Little Skillet for breakfast. They sell chicken and waffles. Yes, that’s right. Fried chicken and syrupy waffles for breakfast. Only in America! So I ordered chicken and waffles so that my husband could try the chicken and I only wanted the waffle. He ordered a pulled pork sandwich. Weirdest breakfast ever. But my waffle was amazing and I might buy a waffle iron when I get home.

Little Skillet chicken and waffles San Francisco

Little Skillet San Francisco

Apologies that this post is mostly (almost entirely) food related – not really taken any outfit photos as it’s been so cold that I’ve been bundled up in as many layers as possible!

Little Skillet is just around the corner from the AT&T park that the Giants play baseball at. They are playing all weekend here and they are the current champions of the World Series (I think), so it’s basically the equivalent of Manchester United in the UK. We had a look around the Giants store and I bought a really cool raglan t-shirt. We tried to get tickets to see them play but it was $60 each (£36) and you had to stand for 3 hours so we passed on that – and it rained yesterday while they were playing too so really glad we didn’t go for that.

Thursday evening we went to a food event called ‘Off the Grid‘ which is basically a collection of food trucks that all get together and there is beer and music and food trucks serving different foods from all around the world. The atmosphere was unbelievable. This is the view as we came over the hill.

Off the Grid San Francisco

I ate all sorts of food that night! Had chinese dumplings with chicken and pork from Happy Dumplings, filipino tacos with pork from Senor Sisig, chinese steamed bun with chicken from Chairman Bao, sweet potato tater-tots from Little Green Cyclo followed by the most amazing nutella and strawberry creme brulee from The Creme Brulee Cart. Can’t wait to go again next week! I might just have several lots of creme brulee for dinner!

Happy Dumplings Off the Grid San Francisco

Senor Sisig Off the Grid San Francisco

Chairman Bao Off the Grid San Francisco

Sunset over Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

On the walk home we came across a baseball park where lots of families were playing so we stopped and watched for a little while.

Baseball in San Francisco

And just incase this post wasn’t sucking up enough of your bandwidth already, here’s a video from Off the Grid just so you can feel the atmosphere a bit better 🙂

San Francisco :)

(All these posts are going to be photo heavy – sorry!)

So, back in San Francisco. Had a fantastic day yesterday. Started off with breakfast at Tartine bakery. It was so difficult to choose what to have! Everything looked so amazing! In the end I went for granola with yoghurt followed by bread pudding made with brioche and strawberries. I also tried a bit of my husbands croissant and frangipani tart – also amazing.

Union Square San Francisco

Tartine Bakery breakfast San Francisco

Bearing in mind it was only about 9am at this point, we’d got up insanely early due to jet-lag, we decided to sit in Dolores Park for a little while. Ended up staying about an hour, just sitting on a bench and enjoying the sunshine, watching all the dog walkers and joggers. Then we walked to Omnivores cook book shop as my husband is a food writer. This walk involved some crazy uphill detours around the streets as I always have to see what’s at the top of a hill, much to my husbands dismay! The houses here are insanely beautiful. I can only imagine how divine they must be on the inside. And I love the craziness of the hills – although my legs are feeling it today!

Dolores Park San Francisco

Hills in San Francisco

Houses in San Francisco

Houses in San Francisco

After all that walking, we headed over to Bi-Rite Creamery to grab an ice-cream. Oh my word. The best ice-cream I’ve ever had! I opted for a cone with roasted banana and chocolate coconut and it was incredible! My husband chose their famous salted caramel which was absolutely delicious! Hopefully we’ll go back again some time soon. After that, we had a little snooze in the sunshine at Dolores Park again and then headed back to the city. We had a quick peek around Westfield and I had a cinnamon sugar pretzel and eyed up the Kate Spade bag that I like. Then we went to the SFMOMA for a foodie event on the roof – see my husbands post about it here if you’re interested 🙂 Then we grabbed a pizza for dinner and went to bed 🙂

Bi-rite creamery ice-cream in Dolores Park, San Francisco

Hope you’re all having a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend 🙂 x

You’ll be sick of me next week

Yes, this is another post apologising for being a slack blogger. But I assure you that over the next 2 weeks you will be well and truly sick of me. That’s because this time next week I will be back in beautiful San Francisco and so I’ll probably be posting every day while I’m there because it means I’ll have time to actually write stuff and take photos! I’m seriously having such a dilemma about what to pack! The weather there is pretty similar to here, some days its warm, some days it’s cold, some days it rains, some days its sunny. Which is fine when you are at home and can look out the window and chuck stuff on but I have to admit that I’m not a fan of packing my entire wardrobe. I’ve also learnt over the years to pack the stuff that I would usually wear at the weekends at home like my trusty plain old jeans and tshirts combo as I’ve spent many holidays trying out new outfits and feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in them. So, although it would be a dream to have all my outfit pictures showing me in glamourous get-ups wearing towering heels and looking stylish, in reality, walking the streets and hills of San Francisco is going to be much more enjoyable in converse and flip flops!

Here’s some photos from my trip there last year just so this post isn’t too boring (although these are more for my benefit if I’m honest because I’m just so excited!)

View from Coit Tower, San Francisco

San Francisco, near Ferry Building and Bay Bridge

Dolores Park, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Baseball in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Katy Perry – BIC, Bournemouth – 31st March 2011


Yeah, she really was, but no surprises there! To be honest, I think her set list could have been slightly better but it was good anyway. Her outfits were amazing. During ‘Hot & Cold’ she changes outfit once every 30 seconds or so – it’s amazing!! Nothing can beat the incredible cupcake dress that she wore for California Girls though! Who doesn’t want a cupcake dress??

Hayleigh from High Street Geek won a facebook competition to meet Katy Perry before the gig so I was super jealous, but she’s lovely so she deserved it! She hasn’t blogged about it yet but keep checking back to her blog because her photos are going to be insane!!

I took a load of videos but the bass levels at the BIC suck so they are really boomy and rubbish so I’m going to have a play around on iMovie to see if I can fix them. 🙁 gutted.

But here are some photos for you 🙂

Katy Perry Bournemouth
Katy Perry Bournemouth

Katy Perry Bournemouth

Katy Perry Bournemouth

Katy Perry Bournemouth

Today I’m off to Boscombe Vintage Market and Cupcake Camp – yay! But tomororow I’m off to Westfield! Wooohooo!

Have a lovely weekend all!