San Francisco – Part 5


I’m home! Had a nightmare journey back home on Sunday/Monday. Had a stop over in Toronto that was meant to be an hour but the plane ended up being delayed for 10 hours so I didn’t get home until 1am Monday morning!

I was going to do the last few days all in one post but there are just too many photos that I want to share with you so I’m splitting it again – sorry! I swear the next post will be the last!

Anyway, after our amazing day in Big Sur last Tuesday, we woke up Wednesday morning and drove home to the city. While we had the car we took the opportunity to drive up Twin Peaks to see the view.

View from Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Twin Peaks San Francisco

After that we went to Outerlands for lunch and I had the biggest grilled cheese sandwich ever!

Outerlands grilled cheese sandwich san francisco

A few doors down from Outerlands is a place called Trouble Coffee and I got 2 amazing cookies there. One was chocolate chip and coconut and the other was chocolate chip and popcorn. They were yum! (If you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m a pig)

Chocolate chip and popcorn cookie from Trouble coffee, Judah, San Francisco

Then at 5pm we headed over to Tartine Bakery to catch their fresh bread coming out of the oven and had a little picnic in Dolores Park with some artichoke dip from Bi-Rite Market and a brownie from Tartine.

The next day (Thursday) we went for a wander around Pacific Heights. We had lunch at Bun Mee. I had chicken and peanut rice and Nick had a sandwich.

Chicken and peanut rice bowl at Bun Mee San Francisco

Bun Mee San Francisco

After that we headed to Golden Gate Park (which unfortunately meant walking through the Haight Ashbury but never mind). We headed straight for the baseball stands and luckily enough we were in time to see 2 school teams play a game against each other. It was lovely and warm and sunny and we just sat and watched the baseball for about 3 hours eating a huge punnet of strawberries that I got for 99c – yeah! 99c! That’s like 60p! It was really sweet because there were loads of parents there cheering their kids on and filming it with video cameras. It was a great atmosphere. They are so positive towards each other there, almost to the point of sounding like a corny movie! If someone missed the ball or whatever nobody shouted ‘oh you bloody idiot’ or anything, instead they were shouting things like ‘it’s okay, we all miss one sometimes’ and ‘i believe in you’.

watching baseball in golden gate park san francisco

watching baseball in golden gate park san francisco

It also happened that ‘Off the Grid‘ was taking place in car park at the Haight end of Golden Gate Park that evening. I chomped down some sweet potato tater-tots and a S’mores cupcake from Cupkates. It was really yummy!

S'mores cupcake from Cupkates off the grid san francisco

S'mores cupcake by Cupkates off the grid san francisco

Oh yeah, and I got this AMAZING doughnut cushion!!!

Kid Robot doughnut cushion


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    Emma, not to be rude but you really need to put a warning before these posts… a ‘do not read on an empty stomach’ warning! haha Seriously, girl all this food looks amazing!

    Grilled cheese. Popcorn cookie. cupcakes… yum yum yum!


    p.s. I’m not at all tiring of these travel posts so keep them coming 🙂 🙂

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