Monday – Bloggers Wardrobe & Nick is home

Hope you’ve all had a nice day.

I know everyone complains about Mondays but I actually quite like them. You still feel nice and refreshed from the weekend and they always seem to go really fast. It’s Wednesdays that I have a problem with. The dreaded ‘hump day’. By the time Wednesday comes around I am well and truly ready for the weekend again!

Nick is back home again now. No plans for this evening. Just chilling which is nice because we are busy every other evening this week! He said he saw Willie Harcourt-Cooze at the Speciality Food Show today!! I would have been well excited! I tried to convince Nick to go and speak to him but Nick said he looked really busy and he didn’t want to annoy him.

I ordered a couple of bits from Boden yesterday. There was a mini catalogue in my Red magazine with 15% off and free delivery and returns and I’d seen some lovely things that I wanted to try out. I’m excited for it to arrive! It’s all lovely snuggly winter things. I also noticed that they now have a ‘petite’ range which is excellent because the last bunch of stuff was all massive on me! I’ll be sure to show you all the lovely things when they get here.

I have to admit that I’m not enjoying having to eat more now. Now that my initial excitement at being able to stuff my face has worn off, I’m actually pretty fed up with it already. I’ve had a huge headache all day and I feel very lethargic. I don’t look forward to eating anymore. I used to really look forward to all my meals and now I just feel like ‘oh no, I’m going to have to eat again soon’. I know it’s a silly thing to moan about because most people will love to have to eat more and I was over the moon initially but it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. I’m sure I’ll be fine once my body adjusts.

I had a tiny rant in an email to Bloggers Wardrobe earlier. I promise it’s not just because I’ve definitely lost. I noticed that some of the bloggers were running competitions to incentivise people to vote for them, which is just plain unfair I think. I was never expecting to win, or even come close, but I think it’s unfair on the people who are near the top from their genuine fans liking them but are losing out to those running giveaways to get likes that they may not have got otherwise. What do you all think about this? Am I being unreasonable?

French connection breton top, new look black maxi skirt


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