Wednesday – The pub & Boden

So, I’ve been wearing my Stylist Pick shoes all day and I have to admit that they aren’t at all slippery. I bought a pair from Primark once which had no grip on the bottom and I fell over in them the first time I wore them so I was a little hesitant but they seem totally fine. Also, if you’re going to buy a pair, I would recommend sizing up. I’m usually somewhere between a 4 or a 5 in New Look and I ordered the leopard print ballet pumps in a 5 just to be safe and I’m glad I did because they are ever so slightly tight.

I tried on my Boden purchases this morning to show you. I’m not so sure about the black one, even though it’s dreamily soft cashmere, I just think it looks a bit strange on me. I absolutely love the blue fairisle one but again, I’m not convinced it hung right on me. Maybe I’m just being WAY too fussy. I’m going to have a think about the fairisle one though because I really do love it! I can’t remember if they sold size 6 before or not but these were both size 6 and fit me fine.

Black Boden crew neck cashmere cardigan

Navy Boden fairisle cardigan

See how cute it is!! Do you like my pretty purple flowers that Nick got me the other day too? He’d been away in London for a few days and picked me up some flowers on the way home 🙂

The new issue of Marie Claire came today! Yay! So, I’ve got a nice stack now along with Red, CN Traveller and Harper’s Bazaar to keep me occupied while I’m stuck at Sturminster Newton cheese festival with Nick on Friday. (He’s judging the Dorset’s Best Cheese Board competition so we have to stay all day).

Tonight I’m off to my home town of Verwood to meet up with some friends that we’ve not seen in about a year so I’m really looking forward to it.

This is what I actually wore to work today but I’m going to whack a t-shirt and hoody on for the pub. I’ve got to chuck this blouse away. It looks dreadful on me. Every time I’ve taken an outfit shot in it, I’ve groaned with disdain. I wish I could be more chic and stylish.

White Primark blouse, Hollister jeans, Stylist Pick leopard print ballet pumps

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Wednesday! Don’t worry, we’re nearly half way there!


    • emmabaines says

      Thanks 🙂 I hope it didn’t come across as bragging because that’s really not what I mean it to be! I’m sure that 1000 views is a bad day for most bloggers! I’m just so excited! 🙂 x

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