Friday – A zebra & relaxing

I’ve pretty much been on my own all day at work today. It makes the day go very slowly and puts me in a funny mood. I like having people to talk to.

No plans for tonight, just going to do the ironing and then relax. Probably try and persuade Nick to play Lego Harry Potter with me a bit!

I tried that dress on this morning and I can fit in it and it does zip up but it’s a fraction too tight and I had horrible images of it ripping down the seams while I’m at work. It’s actually pretty baggy around my boobs (surprise surprise!)

I decided to dress like a zebra today.

Dorothy Perkins grey peplum shift office dress

Dress – Dorothy Perkins

Accessorize zebra print kaftan, black flared Gap 1969 jeans, New Look polka dot flats

Top – Accessorize

Jeans – Gap

Shoes – New Look

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One Response to Friday – A zebra & relaxing

  1. ninamholland says:

    I know exactly what you mean! There was this gorgeous (very similar but in a dark navy color) dress that I had been eyeing at Banana Republic and I tried it on and let’s just say I looked horribly pear shaped… #notwinning

    I do however love the outfit you wore- zebra is so fun :)

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