Monday – Zara jeans & a recap

pink hollister cardigan, navy skinny zara jeans, glitter belt, polka dot new look shoes


So I’ve been told that I can continue blogging on here for a little while longer. Apparently it only takes a little while to move my new posts over to the new blog. We’re still locked out at the moment but hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Thought I’d do a super quick recap of what I’ve been up to over the past few days (nothing overly exciting though so please feel free to ignore!

Thursday – I went to a social media conference with my boss called SoCon2011 – it was excellent! Some really interesting talks!

Friday – Had the afternoon off work, was planning to drive up north to see family but Nick changed his mind so we ended up doing nothing. I did have Chez Fred fish & chips for dinner though which was a bonus!

Saturday – Went to Wimborne Food Festival for a few hours – was pretty much just cupcake and burger stands and it was insanely busy! The parking situation was horrific too. Won’t be going next year unless they open up a field for parking or something. Then we went to Nicks parents house for the afternoon and home for the evening to play Lego Harry Potter. We watched Tim Minchin too and thought he was great!

Sunday – Laid in bed catching up on magazines until midday. Nick made me a bacon sandwich in bed with his homemade bacon. It was amazing. Saw my Nan in the evening and went to my Mums for dinner which was nice.

Today I’ve just been at work, went to Tesco at lunchtime to get some shampoo and stuff for my holiday. That’s about it really.

Wore my navy Zara jeans again today but they are so big on me! They gape really badly at the back. (They don’t look big in the picture – I actually look a right porker! I’m doing well at putting on weight!) And yes, I’ve got that cardigan on again.

Also, my Louboutins definitely need fixing now. I’ve put it off for so long but 3 years of wear has really taken its toll! The sole is actually starting to peel off! Thanks to the lovely Rose for pointing me in the direction of a suitable cobbler to get them fixed (£35 for a new leather sole! Bargain!) Apparently Christian Louboutin himself uses this particular cobblers himself sometimes and has been known to hand paint the soles back on! So I’m sure they’ll be in safe hands!


pink hollister cardigan, navy skinny zara jeans, glitter belt, polka dot new look shoes


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    Glad you had a good time and enjoyed SoCon2011, we’re heads down organising our next SoCon and will be running a mobile marketing conference next year. If you’re not a member join the Digital Marketing group on Linkedin to stay updated!

    btw – you can see on demand speakers videos here if you want to recap or share the event with others.


    John Horsley


    Digital Marketing (Linkedin)
    +44 794 905 0711

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