Tuesday – The beach and OASAP

The sea at Bournemouth beach

I’m pretty sure every blogger and her dog is going to blog about how blooming fantastic the weather has been today! Unfortunately I’ve been stuck in a room with no windows for most of it but I managed to walk to work along the beach this morning and me and Nick went for a walk on the beach after work so I feel like I made up for it!

Before I went on holiday, I was contacted by a new fashion website, OASAP, about joining their ‘fashion hunter’ program. I ordered a dress which I was hoping would arrive before I left so I could take it on holiday for me but unfortunately that didn’t work out. But, it did mean I arrived home to a new dress (hooray!) and I’ve been waiting for the weather to perk up a bit so I could wear it out.

OASAP dress at Bournemouth beachOASAP dress at Bournemouth beach


Dress – OASAP (gifted)

Sandals – Zara

The sea at Bournemouth beachCanford Cliffs beach near Sandbanks, DorsetAt the beachObligatory photo taken at arm’s length


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