Friday – Tesco & maxi dresses

Tesco F&F tropical leaf print maxi dress

Being a girl, I love dressing up, especially in pretty dresses, so when Clothing at Tesco asked if I’d like to review some of Tesco’s maxi dresses, obviously I jumped at the chance.

I got myself straight to my nearest branch and picked up four fabulous floaty gowns. My best friend was house-sitting for his dad at the weekend and invited us over for a BBQ so I took the opportunity to use the gorgeous garden as a backdrop.

All of the dresses I tried retail for £20 and I opted for a size 6 as I know from previous experience that their sizes tend to be quite generous – I would say I’m usually an 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom. All of the dresses are available online and there are plenty more to check out, these just happened to be the ones that my local Tesco had in.

The first one I tried was a lovely F&F animal print chiffon maxi dress in browns and creams. I loved the fit of this dress. Usually I find the top half is far too gapey as I’m not particularly blessed in that region but this dress fit like a dream. And I usually find that maxi dresses are way too long on me (I’m about 5’5), but again this was perfect. I think it was my favourite one of all of them.

Tesco animal print chiffon maxi dress

Tesco animal print maxi dress

The next dress was the exact same shape and fit but this time in a more red and purple coloured print. This dress is the F&F tropical animal print maxi dress.

Tesco tropical animal print maxi dressTesco tropical animal print maxi dressTesco tropical animal print maxi dress

Again, these next two are the exact same style and shape, just a different pattern. Now, they aren’t my usual kind of thing. A bit too bright for me. But, looking back at the pictures, they don’t look quite as bad as I thought and would be perfect for the beach. My only complaint with these two dresses is that I found the bottom of them to be quite restrictive which made walking a bit difficult. If you were going to lounge around drinking cocktails all day though, they’d be perfect!

This one is the F&F animal floral print maxi dress.

Tesco F&F animal floral print maxi dressTesco F&F animal floral print maxi dress

This last one is the F&F tropical leaf print maxi dress.

Tesco F&F tropical leaf print maxi dressTesco F&F tropical leaf print maxi dressTesco F&F tropical leaf print maxi dress

It being a BBQ and all my friends watching with bemused looks on their faces, I couldn’t help but horse around a bit.

Angelina’s got nothing on me….


Now the beautiful house, my beautiful friends, and the beautiful dogs.


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    I love the tropical one! I do love maxi dresses but I am short that they tend to make me look even more dwarfier than normal! & I know what you mean about being a bit restrictive at the bottom, sometimes I kinda have to carry round the skirt of the one that I do own!
    House jealousy too!

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