Travel & Food – Hot Springs, Arkansas & Taylor, Texas

Beef rib at Louie Mueller Taylor Texas

When we left Memphis, we crossed the Mississippi and entered Arkansas. We had a 9 hour drive to Dallas, Texas ahead of us.

Arkansas state lineOur first destination was McClards in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Now the name Hot Springs had me imagining some lush hilly landscape with lots of lakes but that’s not what it was like at all.

McClard’s was okay. It’s a nice little building with a good atmosphere and they specialise in BBQ and tamales. We ordered a tamale (which I thought looked like a poo) and some ribs. I found it to be mediocre.

McClards in Hot Springs Arkansas outsideMcClards Hot Springs ArkansasMcClards BBQ signPut some south in yo mouth

Emma from The Style Box at McClards in Hot Springs Arkansas

After leaving Hot Springs, we drove back to the motorway. The scenery really got pretty then, full of lush green hills and lots of lakes as I had previously imagined.

ArkansasWe had a rather uneventful drive to Dallas, although we did pass a town called ‘Bald Knob’ which made us both chuckle like school children.

Dallas is kind of a weird town. There doesn’t seem to be much there. But there were some spectacular clouds in the sky, really moody and stormy looking and we saw an incredible lightning storm up in the clouds. It reminded me of Norse mythology and Thor up in the clouds throwing lightning bolts around.

Texas state lineSilver lining in TexasDallas skylineThe next morning we got up and drove 3 hours to Taylor, Texas. There isn’t a great deal in Taylor but it is home to Louie Mueller. Easily the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten. By a LONG way.

Wayne Mueller was the nicest guy in the whole world. Seriously so generous with his time. We were in there for about 3 hours.

I can’t put across in words how much I absolutely love Louie Mueller. The building is incredible. It was built in 1906 and has been a couple of things (a grocery store, a sports hall) before being turned into the BBQ joint in 1959. The walls are black, coated in years and years of smoke and there’s cool, old-fashioned pieces of Americana everywhere.

The food is literally ridiculous. I could have curled up in the brisket and died a happy lady. It was perfect. It’s cooked with a black pepper crust, seasoned with some salt. That’s it. So simple yet so gorgeous. The beef rib was the size of my leg and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d told me it was from a dinosaur. The rub on the pork ribs was amazing. I could go on forever but really, you just have to try it for yourself.

Louie Mueller BBQ Taylor Texas outsideLouie Mueller in Taylor TexasLouie Mueller BBQ Taylor Texas insideLouie Mueller BBQ Texas insideTypewriter at Louie MuellerLouie Mueller BBQ Taylor Texas insideBusiness cards at Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor TexasBBQ at Louie Mueller in Taylor TexasBeef rib at Louie Mueller Taylor TexasSorry for the blurry iPhone photo!

creator gifMy first ever GIF!

Louie Mueller BBQ Taylor Texas outside

This is just a picture of a cool train.

American trainNow we’re in Austin, Texas for a few days.


  1. Tansy says

    The first time I had a Tamale i thought you were supposed to eat the corn husk too..
    so found it really dry . Tamales are are good straight from the steamer with melted butter or chilli to dip them in.
    I am starting to worry about all the meat nick is eating .. must come up with some inspiring veggie recipies.
    for when you get back.
    Tonight we are having bbq tofu .. only because i was too late to get to the butchers to get ribs .

  2. Ttony says

    It was great meeting you guys. I hope you loved the rest of your time in Austin. I have no doubt that you guys will find New Orleans Delightful as well.

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