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Tiny pumpkin

Today we tackled the big three in Lockhart, Smittys, Blacks and Kreuz (pronounced crites).

Lockhart Texas

We started off at Smittys. It’s very dark when you first enter Smittys and there’s a roaring fire right by your ankles. The walls are black from years of meat smoking. We ordered some brisket and a sausage and went and sat in the bright, air-conditioned dining room attached (although we’d have preferred to have sat at the cool wooden tables round the corner).

Smittys exteriorSmittys Market Lockhart TexasSmittys interior Lockhart TexasSmittys inside LockhartSmittys barbecue interiorSmittys dining roomThe brisket was delicious. The second best we’ve had (the first being at Louie Mueller). I can’t really comment on the sausage as I don’t like sausages much in general.

Brisket and sausage at Smittys BBQ Lockhart TexasAfter that we headed to Blacks, which has been around for 80 years. When you go in, you load your plate up with sides yourself and then move around so they can get you your meat. Again, we ordered brisket and sausage. I thought the brisket was fine, but not as nice as Smittys.

Blacks BBQ signBlacks interior LockhartBlacks BBQ Lockhart Texas

Brisket and sausage at Blacks BBQ Lockhart Texas

Last on our list for Lockhart was Kreuz. The story goes that the guys that own Smittys and Kreuz are cousins and they had a big falling out one day and now they are kind of rivals. I was not impressed with Kreuz at all. The staff were a bit grumpy and the brisket was as dry as an old boot. It’s also enormous so you kind of get the feeling that you’re eating in a warehouse. I wasn’t at all surprised when the lady told us that they don’t get many locals in there and that it’s mainly tour groups that all come together on Saturdays.

Kreuz BBQ Lockhart TexasKreuz interiorBrisket and sausage at Kreuz BBQ Lockhart Texas

Once we’d rolled ourselves out to the car we drove about 15 minutes to Luling (pronounced loo-ling) to visit the City Market BBQ. We ordered brisket and sausage for the fourth time and it was really good with a kind of sticky sweet taste that we were told wasn’t from a rub, but from using the same smokers for so many years. (I’m pretty sure you don’t need another picture of brisket and sausage. Three is enough for one post. It all looks the same).

City Market BBQ Luling Texas

We had a quick little wander around Luling and had a long chat with a lady selling pumpkins about all the different types and varieties and how crazy everyone goes for Halloween over here and then we jumped in the car to drive 3 hours to Beaumont, Texas which is where we are staying tonight before going to New Orleans tomorrow.

(Some of these pumpkins have awesome names like Cinderella and Fairytale!)

Tiny pumpkinStacked pumpkinsPumpkins at Luling Farmers MarketGreen pumpkin in texasColourful gourds in Texas


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