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Increation bathroom

Our flat is currently on the market. We’ve been here for 5 years now and although I absolutely LOVE it and the area we’re in, I’d also really love a little garden and a dog (a beagle if you’re wondering).

Over the past few months I have spent hours and hours on Rightmove looking at houses we can’t really afford and dreaming of one day finding the perfect house. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is being able to decorate again.

When we moved into the flat, things like Pinterest didn’t really exist and I was only 19 so I wasn’t really bothered with things like interior design. Now I’m a bit older, I’m so excited about painting and making our house as nice as possible. Our flat is very homely and cosy and mostly cream but I’d like to be a bit more adventurous in our next place.

I think it’s quite easy to make your lounge look nice and inviting and I think that having a cool and quirky kitchen isn’t too difficult either. The one thing that I dream about most (aside from being able to change my dreadful front door) is designer bathrooms.

I think it’s quite easy to forget about your bathroom as it’s not a place that people will immediately see when they come into your house. Our main bathroom is currently a very cold shade of grey with some random, mis-matched paintings on the wall and some dodgy looking wood work and our en-suite is a dodgy shade of orange (don’t ask!)

Being in America and staying in all those posh hotels, the one thing that got me most excited was the huge fancy bathrooms they have with double sinks and lots of marble. Bliss!

I’ve considered lots of different looks over the years, including minimalist and white, navy and gold and maps, lots and lots of maps.

Increation designer bathroomsmap bathroomblue bathroomIncreation bathroombeach house bathroompink bathnavy bathroom


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