House update: The kitchen


The kitchen is finally done!!! Woohoo!!!!

To be honest, we’ve been coping quite well with our minimal cooking supplies of a microwave, a George Foreman, a toaster and a slow cooker but I’m super excited to finally have a proper oven! There’s so many simple dishes that I miss cooking that I didn’t even realise I’d miss! Like pasta! I can’t wait to have a nice big bowl of pasta!

The biggest change for me will be having a working sink. We’ve had hot and cold water pipes for a while that we’ve been able to switch on and off using a screwdriver but it’s involved having to go outside to empty buckets of dirty washing up water and not being able to rinse things under the tap.

Anyway, over the past week, we ordered our Rangemaster cooker and kitchen (which all arrived within 2 days!) and finished the second coat of painting on the walls and ceiling. Some of you may have seen an update on Instagram that I posted when the flooring went down. That flooring now goes all the way to the front door, into the bathroom and down the hallway. We haven’t done the office and the lounge yet as they aren’t essential and the stairs should get carpeted by the end of the week so it’s all very exciting.

I know Nick is excited about implementing the finishing touches. He’s already been out and bought wood to make shelves and keeps talking about where we can hang pictures and stuff. He’s excited to get his juicer & Magimix back on the kitchen side and he’s on the hunt for the best coffee maker (we like this range*) so he can sit on the patio in the sun in the mornings with a nice cup of coffee.

One of the main reasons I’m excited to have the kitchen done is that I’m really looking forward to eating a bit better now. I’ve spent all year snacking on rubbish and have suffered some serious mum-guilt about giving Huxley microwave meals. (I hadn’t eaten a microwave meal in about 8 years).

I’ve been scouring Deliciously Ella for months and have downloaded her app and will be ordering a whole bunch of fancy stuff like acai powder and enormous bags of almonds to kick start our way to a healthier life. Seriously, my skin is horrendous and I can hardly sleep. I wake up feeling crap every day and I know it’s because of the extreme amounts of sugar and bad things I’m eating. (I realise the pasta I mentioned earlier doesn’t fit into this diet-type but I’m going to get that out the way early!)

I’ve got lovely idealistic pictures in my mind (fuelled from too much Instagram browsing I’m sure) of me & Hux sat on the patio scoffing big bowls of fresh fruit together while Nick does some yoga on the lawn. We’ll see how that works out!

Anyway, here’s the bit I know you’re all waiting for….the before/after photos…(This is the neatest/cleanest it will ever look!) I’ll start by showing you start-finish looking in one direction and then I’ll do start-finish in the other direction.

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IMG_0690IMG_0732IMG_0859IMG_0977IMG_7884Green kitchen oak worktopsGreen country kitchenIMG_1269

IMG_0691IMG_0731IMG_0860IMG_0976IMG_7863IMG_7882Kitchen diner

It’s not 100% finished yet. It’s being tiled with white subway tiles about 4 high all the way around the worktops on Tuesday and we haven’t quite worked out exactly where everything is going. As you can see in the picture above, our current sofa is far too wide for this room. Although it fits fine, it just looks a bit odd. We also haven’t worked out what to put on the walls yet so there’s still quite a lot of blank white space that needs to be filled. We probably won’t bother with blinds or curtains because we love looking out onto our front garden so much and because we live on an unmade road that doesn’t go anywhere, we rarely get people or cars going past and looking in.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with how it’s turned out. It’s like my dream Pinterest kitchen in real life. I chuckle to myself every time I walk in because it’s just so massive! I didn’t expect it to feel so big once the kitchen was installed!

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