House update: The bathroom


The bathroom has been finished for a few weeks now and I posted a couple of photos across social media but haven’t talked about it here yet.

Before we started, I had a really strong vision of exactly what I wanted. To be fair, it’s not far off which is pretty cool. I originally wanted a free-standing bath but due to the bathroom being like 10cm too narrow we had to go for a regular bath, which isn’t a big problem. I also originally thought about tiles but they’re pretty expensive and I would never have been able to choose which ones I wanted so having the same wooden floor as the rest of the house works quite well.

As you can see from the ‘before’ photos, it couldn’t really get much worse so anything we did was going to be an improvement! We opted to have just a bath with the view to possibly extending the dorma of the upstairs loo and making that an en-suite shower room, but that won’t be for a good few years yet! If you are interested in remodeling projects, teams like SHS Roofing have the knowledge and recommendations for your own home remodeling. 

(Look at those brown and blue floor tiles! Classy!)

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    • thestylebox says

      Thanks! Yeah the wall colour turned out perfectly. It’s exactly what I wanted. Now I’ve just got to find the right mirror & wall art to go in it 🙂 x

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