Our newest addition….

Okay, so it’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to post about this but hey, life with two kids is hard – who knew?! (I have a brand new respect for mummy bloggers with more than one child! Fair play to you guys!)

So, our little girl, California Joan Baines, was born on 31st October 2016 by elective c-section. It’s funny because I never told anybody the date of my c-section because I thought it was pointless as Huxley had been 5 days early and so I was convinced that I would go into labour much earlier than that but nope, she stayed put! To be honest, I’m quite glad as I was so panicky that they would share the same birthday! (Huxley’s birthday is the 21st October). At least this gives them a good week and a half between their birthdays! October is going to be pretty expensive from now on but at least we’ve got a solid excuse for throwing a Halloween party every year now!

Life with two is definitely more challenging. Luckily, thanks to the age-gap and the 15 hours free government funding, Huxley is now at nursery a little bit more often which has helped quite a lot. But yeah, there’s no more of that ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ malarkey. When the baby sleeps, I’m usually being chased round the house while Hux is being a dinosaur or digging for worms in the garden or making sure everyone has food to eat and cups of tea to drink. I’m sure it will get easier once she starts sleeping through the night (man, that can’t come soon enough!)

To give Hux his due, he has been a total angel. He loves his sister so much. He takes every opportunity he can to give her kisses or hold her hand or make her smile.

Cali on the other hand has been much more difficult than Hux ever was. It’s not really her fault bless her but she basically pooped about 3 times in the first 6 weeks which made her super cranky and us super on-edge and worried. I think her guts have finally sorted themselves out a bit now but she seems to have moved on to teething already – I didn’t really realise this could happen this early but apparently it can! She hasn’t actually got any teeth yet but she’s super dribbly and chompy. Hux never suffered with teething so this is all quite new to us! She also seems to puke quite a lot – again, something Hux never did (seriously, he was an angel baby!). So, we’ve found ourselves whinging about her quite a bit which isn’t really fair on her but she’s had a hard act to follow with Huxley being so easy! But after talking to some other parents, by the sounds of things, I don’t think she’s as bad as we make her sound!

We’re off on our first family holiday as a four next week. We thought we’d pick somewhere easy to get to and quite chilled so we chose Singapore. Yes, that was sarcasm. Hello 14-hour flight, 30 degree heat, constant thunderstorms and mosquito-borne diseases. It’s going to be bags of fun I’m sure. At least Huxley will be happy as we’re visiting Singapore Zoo, the River Safari, the Night Safari & the aquarium while we’re there on top of all the regular wildlife he’ll see around the city.


5 days old






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