A girl’s night out at Hollywood Bowl

Last week I was invited to enjoy a night of bowling and food courtesy of Hollywood Bowl. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t really think people went bowling anymore. I figured all the millennials and younger generations would find it a bit ‘lame’ so I was pleasantly surprised to find it absolutely heaving.

As you may know, there’s a little group of us blogger girls in Bournemouth so 5 of us went along together. There was Brogan from BroganTateXO, Cheryl from NonStopParis, Georgie from Dreams That Glitter and Freya from NorseSouth (Jess was meant to join us too but she was unwell). We arrived at 6pm and were met by the lovely Harry. He was super helpful and nice and took our food orders for later on. The manager

Bournemouth bloggers BroganTateXo, NorseSouth, NonStopParis, Beauxoxo

(Photo thanks to Brogan – my camera did not love the lighting!)

Bowling at Tower Park Poole

Now I haven’t bowled in years and was sure that I was going to be completely dreadful at it but I did my 12-year-old self proud and won the first game. By this point we were all getting pretty hungry so we decided to head over to the diner to have some dinner. We ate in style sat in a Ford Mustang table. I had a burger and fries and it was super yummy – although Brogan’s halloumi burger did look pretty awesome.

Bowling scores

Ford Mustang diner Hollywood Bowl Poole

Burger & fries at Hollywood Bowl Tower Park Poole

I think the food made me sleepy because my second game was nowhere near as strong as my first. I was coming in last for quite a few goes before a machine malfunction robbed Georgie of her winning title and for some reason awarded me a strike.

Bournemouth Bloggers at Hollywood Bowl

Holywood Bowl Tower Park Poole

We were kindly given our evening free-of-charge but it’s £6.49 per game and burgers are around £8. You should definitely check out their website before going as there are some great deals, for example, you can enjoy 2 games of bowling and a drink for £10.99 during the week.

(You can watch some clips from our evening at the end of Brogan’s weekly vlog)

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