Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park

I was recently contacted by Liz Lean PR to see if I’d like some free tickets to Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park to check out the new Octonauts Octo-Glow Explorers event which is happening during the summer holidays (29th July – 28th August). We hadn’t been since Huxley’s first birthday so were quite keen to go back – little did we know back then how much his love of animals would grow!

Unfortunately for us it was absolutely pouring with rain the day we were going which made the drive there a bit depressing but most of the Sea Life Centre is indoors – albeit with a mad dash in the rain to reach each section! (If you pre-book tickets in advance and you experience persistent heavy rain for more than an hour during your visit then you are able to re-book your ticket and visit another day).

Being the truly British people that we are, we didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits too much and we were shown straight to the new Octonauts Octo-Glow Experience. On arrival you are given an Octonauts hat to make you feel like one of the team and a photo is taken of you pointing ‘at Octonauts’ which is good fun. Then you are left to wander around and have a go on all the interactive exhibits. There were several large floor puzzles and lots of boards on the walls with UV torches which Huxley had loads of fun shining around. At the end, you join a queue and get to meet an Octonaut for a photo and to ask them some questions. We met Quasi but Huxley was very shy (which isn’t like him at all – I think he was too excited about seeing all the sea creatures). At the end, you collect a special Octonauts badge and can take a look at your photo from the beginning.

Octoanuts Octo-Glow Experience at Sea Life Centre Weymouth

Weymouth Sea Life Octonauts OctoGlow

After that, we walked around the Sea Life Centre as normal and Huxley loved looking at all the rays and the giant turtle and the otters and the penguins and the seals. We had a good old giggle touching a starfish and having an anemone tickle our fingers and running over the steps to avoid the wave that comes crashing through. Cali LOVED watching the jellyfish changing colour in the tank. As lunchtime approached, we headed for the new playground. It was pretty awesome. I can imagine spending a lot of time there (except Hux was still too excited to see the animals and so only played for about 5 minutes!)

Touching starfish at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Watching sharks at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Jellyfish at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Otters at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Seals at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Giant Turtle at Weymouth Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre is definitely a good day out for families and the rainy day guarantee means that you can book tickets safe in the knowledge that our dreadful summer weather won’t totally spoil your plans! It’s also quite nice that it’s not particularly big so you don’t leave feeling like you’ve walked a marathon and the kids don’t get too tired either. I’d definitely recommend going for a visit – especially if your kid is a big Octonauts fan!

Thanks Liz Lean PR & Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park for a great day out!

Watch my video if you want to see more of what we got up to!

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