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Huxley – A year in video

I’m a big fan of documenting things. I take photos & video all the time and I love creating ‘yearbooks’ of our adventures. I’m not sure what compels me to do this so passionately. I know that when I get old nobody else is going to care about all the time and effort I’ve put in to collating my lifetime of memories. I genuinely think part of it comes from worry (after watching The Notebook) that I’ll lose my memory as I get older and will be able to use these collections to remember what a wonderful life I’ve lived.

Anyway, Huxley turned one a few weeks ago so I decided to make a little video of all the clips I’ve taken over the past year (well, this is the heavily edited version – my personal one is half an hour long…don’t worry, this one is 3:37)

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Huxley’s 1st birthday at Weymouth Sealife Centre

I had the good fortune of meeting the lovely Lucy from Weymouth SeaLife at a recent blogging event and when I mentioned that we were thinking of taking Huxley there for his first birthday she kindly offered us some complimentary tickets.

We were a little bit worried the day before as Huxley’s birthday fell on the day when we were going to be hit with the tail-end of Hurricane Gonzalo so we had no idea what the weather was going to be like. Unfortunately it was so windy that the rides were closed and we weren’t able to go on the SeaLife Tower but there was plenty of other things to keep us entertained. It actually turned out to be beautiful and sunny but if you’re thinking of visiting in the winter, don’t worry too much as the SeaLife Centre have an excellent ‘Rainy Day Guarantee‘ where you can visit again for free another day if it rains continuously for an hour during your visit (but it’s only applicable to tickets purchased in advance online or on the phone).

We pulled into the car park (which you have to pay for as it’s a public car park), unpacked all our kit and headed for the park, greeted by the familiar musical backdrop of all the Merlin parks. After getting our tickets we checked the feeding timetable and headed straight for the shark tank.

We walked past the amazing looking Splash Park on the walk there and declared that we’d have to come back during the summer to have a run around in it!

Weymouth Sealife Centre water parkHux3

Coat: Zara Kids | Jeans: Gap Kids | Shoes: Zara Kids

It was quite difficult to get pictures in the shark tank because it was pretty dark but I think we benefitted from going ‘off-season’ as it was pretty busy in there as it was and I can imagine that it gets rather full inside in the summer!

After that we headed to the penguins which Huxley really loved. He particularly enjoyed it when they started jumping into the pool and he kept pointing and squealing with the biggest smile on his little face.

Penguins at Weymouth SeaLife CentreHuxPenguin feeding time at Weymouth Sealife CentreHux2

After stopping for a spot of lunch (a bag of crisps from the cafe for us as they don’t sell a portion of chips on their own – my only complaint about the place) we headed over to the Rockpool Adventure so Nick could touch a starfish.

Touching a starfish at the Rockpool Adventure at Weymouth Sealife CentreStarfish at Weymouth Sealife Centre

From there we went to the Turtle Sanctuary where we found an actual teenage mutant ninja turtle and then into the Ocean Tunnel which was incredible. We saw enormous giant sea turtles, huge rays and sharks all gliding overhead.

Turtle at Weymouth Sealife CentreInside the Ocean Tunnel at Weymouth Sealife Centre

From there we went to the ‘Shipwreck’ building (we really snaked around the park and didn’t take a very structured route!) which was full of jellyfish and clown fish and some nautilus (which were a bit creepy).

Jellyfish at Weymouth Sealife CentreNautilus at Weymouth Sealife CentreWeymouth Sealife Centre Dorset

Then we made our way over to the ‘Bay of Rays’ which features a waist-height pool full of rays and other types of fish. I loved this bit because you felt so close to all of the fish.

Bay of Rays at Weymouth Sealife Centre

Once we’d finished looking round we went back to the car park and got Huxley’s new scooter out. It’s a 3in1 mini micro scooter and comes with a detachable seat so he can use it now, then when he gets older you can remove the seat so he can use it as a normal scooter and then when he gets even older (age 3-5) you remove the black handle and put the normal t-bar scooter handle on. We thought this was amazing value for money. It was £80 and will (hopefully) last him for 5 years! We also got him a helmet but it hadn’t arrived in time for his birthday.

3in1 mini micro scooter for 1 year oldOne year old on 3in1 mini micro scooter

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Then we drove back to Bournemouth and had some dinner at the Harvester on the beach at Durley Chine and let Huxley do some more scooting along the prom.  

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Huxley’s 1st birthday party

Huxley is 1 today! I can’t believe it! This past year has flown by so quickly. It’s been the best year of my life. Huxley makes every day like Christmas. I’m not going to write a big gushy post because I’ll never be able to put it into words as well as Amy did.

We had a little party for Hux on Sunday at Nick’s parents house. We had some cake, some pulled pork and luckily it was nice and warm and sunny so the kids could all run around in the garden.

I didn’t get to take many photos as I was so busy running around but I did manage to snap a couple.

Today we’re off to the Sealife centre in Weymouth :)



Had a little birthday party for Hux today :)

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