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Easter weekend

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend! Wasn’t the weather fabulous on Monday!

(Apologies for the photo quality – these are all iPhone snaps!)

We didn’t do a great deal on Friday & Saturday as Nick was still being a busy beaver working away on the house (which is coming on slowly but very nicely now!)

He decided to have Sunday off (mainly because B&Q was shut!) so we took Huxley and his scooter to the park and scooted off to feed the ducks. He was pretty excited about this as he’s been reading his new Bing book non-stop for weeks and spent the whole time going ‘wak wak wak’. He didn’t quite get the concept of the bread though and kept eating it.

18 month old on micro scooterFeeding the ducksFeeding the ducksFeeding the ducksFeeding the ducks

Watching an ant crawl across the bench…


Playing pooh sticks in the river…

RiverWhen we got home, Elsie and Hadley turned up and Neile had planned an Easter egg hunt around the house for all the kids. They had loads of fun running around and filling their little baskets and playing with bubbles. I’m not sure Huxley knew exactly what he was doing and I don’t think he twigged that he could eat the things he was picking up but he was happy to toddle about following Elsie and copying what she was doing.

BubblesBubble2Bubble3Easter egg huntEaster egg huntEaster egg huntEaster egg huntEaster egg huntEaster egg huntEaster egg hunt

On Monday Nick went back to work at the house and my friends Lauren and Ben and their little girl Lexi came to pick me up in the their car (yes, I was very squished in the back with two car seats!) and we headed for the beach. We scoffed some chips and drove around for quite a while looking for a parking space. We were just about to give up and go home when we found a spot literally right on the beach. Winner!


Huxley loved the beach as much as ever. I was worried he’d have forgotten about it or got scared of the sand and sea since we moved away but he was desperate to go in the sea and threw a massive paddy when I stopped him paddling (his little toes were frozen!).


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Hadley’s first birthday

It was my nephew Hadley’s first birthday this week and so there was a massive party on Sunday at a local memorial hall with a big bouncy castle. I realise kid’s birthday parties are some people’s idea of hell with all the screaming and noise but I love them. I love watching kids interact with each other and seeing the massive smiles on their faces when they first spot the bouncy castle and as they bump off the end of the slide. These are the things that you’ll remember long into old age.

Hadley had an enormous cake with a big dragon which was awesome (and very yummy). None of the kids sat still for more than a minute (and neither did the adults) and I’m sure there were lots of very sleepy people heading home last night!



I wore my new Vans t-shirt and my new super tight black skinny jeans that Debenhams kindly sent me. They are actually Oasis jeans, the premium black Jade ones and they are SO comfy! (Although probably not the best jeans to wear when you’re planning on stuffing yourself with cake all day!) As you can see, I’m in desperate need of a good night’s sleep and a tan! Didn’t realise I was so pale!

UK blogger in Oasis black skinny jeans from Debenhams & Vans tshirtT-shirt: Vans (similar) | Jeans: Oasis c/o Debenhams | Shoes: Converse


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A day at Chester Zoo

At the end of our trip to Harrogate we tagged on (a bit of a massive) detour to Chester Zoo. We’d watched the BBC show ‘Our Zoo’ and thought it sounded awesome and although it was a little out of the way, we knew we wouldn’t be that far north for a while so decided to make the most of it.

I can safely say it was well worth the detour. Huxley’s little face when he saw the elephants was the best thing I’ve ever seen. We’re talking pure joy. As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that. Hux has been able to make an elephant noise for a very long time now and it’s one of the few animals he’s always been able to recognise with no prompts. There aren’t any elephants in any of the zoos down south so it was worth the trip just for them. They even had a baby elephant! In fact, you don’t even need a ticket into the zoo to see the elephants!

Baby elephant at Chester Zoo

Elephants at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo elephant enclosure

Elephant statue at Chester Zoo

I suggested going in the butterfly house and Nick laughed at me and told me it was too boring but that he’d humour me by going in anyway. Turns out, Huxley loved it. The butterflies are free to fly around the room so you often get bashed in the head by fluttering wings and Huxley was giggling his little head off every time one of them came near him.

During our visit we also saw a lion, a bear, a baby giraffe, a baby rhino, a red panda and tons of monkeys. Nick’s already declared it the best zoo he’s ever been to and we know we’ll definitely go back one day when Huxley is older.

Giraffes at Chester Zoo

Baby giraffe at Chester Zoo

Bear at Chester Zoo

Tropical room at Chester Zoo

Red panda at Chester Zoo

Rhino at Chester Zoo

The zoo is massive. We were there from 11-3.30pm and there were some bits that we missed out and some bits that we rushed round so it really is a whole day out. And on top of that, in June, they’re opening a whole new section called ‘Islands‘ which looks AMAZING. It’s the biggest zoo project in history (the size of 7 football pitches!) and features a monsoon forest (the largest indoor zoo exhibit in the UK), a recreation of 6 South East Asian islands and a 15-minute boat ride. So you’ll probably need 2 days to get round the whole zoo when that opens!


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