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Weekend bits

This is such a blogger problem but you know when you’ve got a really busy weekend ahead and you think, great, I’ll be able to take loads of photos and make a really nice post about my lovely, busy weekend with all my wonderful friends.

And then you’re a bad blogger and actually don’t take any photos at all until the last second when you think ‘oh crap, I haven’t taken any photos all weekend’. Yep, that’s me. Bad blogger. Although, I did have an amazing weekend which was probably bettered by not lugging my camera around and annoying everyone by snapping away in their faces every 5 seconds. (Not to mention the crazy stifling heat that was making everyone glisten so attractively haha)

On Friday night, our friends Kat & Albert came over and we packed up the pram and walked down to the beach for a BBQ. Literally the second our toes hit the sand the heavens opened and it was game over. We trudged back to the flat, getting rather soggy on the way and had to make do with a sneaky BBQ on our balcony (I’m so desperate for a garden it’s crazy). We made the best of a bad situation and the food turned out pretty well – and when you’re with good friends it doesn’t really matter, right?

On Saturday it was Jim & Soph’s little boy Kip’s first birthday and they had a massive get together in their garden with paddling pools and enough food to feed the whole town. It was really, really lovely.

Today I went to the #bmthbloggersbrunch and met some lovely new people. I didn’t snap any pictures despite the fact that my camera was sat right on the table in front of me the whole time. But I was burning to a crisp in the heat and trying to stop Huxley from grabbing every knife, fork and glass of water in sight so that’s my excuse! It was arranged by the wonderful Hannah and took place at very cool, beachside Urban Reef. I dragged along my newly converted blogger buddy Lucy and finally got to meet some other local ladies including Sarah, Freya, Emma, Laura & Claire.

This afternoon I went to a BBQ in my sister’s back garden to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. This is the only time I remember to take any pictures. And they’re not particularly good ones. Sorry!

chocolate-cakenan-and-granddadNick-&-HuxFamily-photoFamily-portrait This is four generations of my family :)


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A day at the beach

We had a lovely day at the beach today. Huxley seriously loves the sea. He was just crawling straight into it with the waves crashing into his face without a care in the world.

Nick snapped some photos of me in my new bikini and I thought about whether or not I wanted to post them for ages. I still feel unsure about it but I’ve been walking around all day in it without a care in the world so this probably isn’t too different (apart from the permanence of things on the internet of course).

To be honest, I never thought I’d look this good after having a baby. Not that I think I look like Sjana or Em or Rosie Londoner or Natasha Oakley or anything but honestly I had images of flab and stretch marks for the rest of my life so I don’t think I’m doing too badly. And I’ve got to remember that it’s still a work in progress, although I am only a few pounds off my pre-baby weight now anyway so even if it doesn’t change then I’m still pretty happy. Although it does look like I’m stuck with that dreadful dark line down my stomach. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

There’s a link to my bikini top here but the bottoms are sold out online.

Huxley-on-the-beachHux-on-the-beachSandcastlesOn-the-beachUK fashion blogger New Look bikiniUK lifestyle blogger in New Look bikiniIn-the-seaIn-the-sea2

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Afternoon tea in the garden

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent a Harrods breakfast tray hamper to review so I immediately called up my mum and asked her if she’d like to have afternoon tea together. (There’s also a tea towel in the hamper that I forgot to take pictures of).

Harrods breakfast tray hamper

My stepdad whipped up some enormous scones and a Victoria sponge for the occasion. I was dubious about the sponge as it looked so perfect that I was sure it was shop bought but he assured me it was homemade. My homemade cakes always look like they’ve been dropped on the floor! It was the lightest, airiest cake ever.

Homemade scones British afternoon teaHomemade Victoria sponge cake & Harrods butter biscuits

Nick loved the butter crunch biscuits and scoffed about three in one go, which is really unlike him! Personally, they were a bit crunchy for me, I’m more of a soft & gooey cookie person but they were still nice paired with the breakfast tea.

All the foodie bits were absolutely delicious, but I’ll be honest, my favourite bit of the hamper was this lovely Harrods mug.

Harrods mug & scones

Harrods tea

Hux was such a good little boy and just chilled out in the garden while we stuffed our faces.

HuxMe-&-HuxTop: c/o Glamorous | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Havaianas

NickHuxleyMum-&-HuxMatt-&-HuxHarrods afternoon teaHux2Hux-&-Mum


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