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Puppy sitting

This weekend we went puppy sitting at Nick’s parents house. It was their 30th anniversary and Nick’s dad whisked his mum away on a surprise romantic trip to Florence.

At times it was a bit stressful juggling a puppy and a baby. Luckily Huxley seems to quite like Harry but he does get a bit frustrated if he licks him too much but generally they just chase each other around.

However, it was AMAZING having a garden for a few days. We were literally outside the entire time, apart from the few quick bursts of rain we had, and it was glorious.

On Friday I sat outside with my computer on my lap in my bikini getting a tan while doing some work while Huxley splashed away at the water table and the puppy ran around chasing butterflies.

Friday night was my favourite. Once we’d put Huxley down to sleep, Nick & I sat in the garden with a cup of tea and some Galaxy chocolate listening to music, snuggled up in big jumpers watching the sky turn inky blue and watching the planes blinking overhead. And I had a tiny sleeping puppy to stroke. It doesn’t get much better than that!

In the morning the light over the garden was just breathtaking. All misty and mysterious with big golden beams of light streaming through the trees. I slipped on my new, amazingly snuggly sheepskin slippers that were kindly sent to me from SNUGRUGS and took my morning cup of tea out onto the patio and just sat listening to the birds going about their morning routine.


Until Huxley woke up and destroyed the peace…


Yesterday our friends Lauren & Ben popped over for a spot of lunch and Huxley and Lexi had a blast splashing around on the water table and playing with Harry.


All in all we had a lovely weekend, and although it was nice to come back and sleep in our own bed again, I will miss being outside so much. If you could all cross your fingers for me to sell our flat soon that would be lovely, thanks!

P.S. If you want to grab yourself a pair of snuggly slippers like mine then they have kindly offered 10% off for my readers. Just pop in ‘stylebox10′ at the checkout!

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Ellingham Show

On Saturday we went to the Ellingham Show.

My mum’s company sponsor the event every year and they have their own private tent with a free bar, hog roast & ice-creams. Aside from all the free food, we thought Huxley would love a day out with his nanny & granddad looking at all the animals.

The Ellingham Show is a proper country affair. There’s a main arena in the middle with show jumping, hunting displays and all sorts. The rest of the grounds are filled with dog shows, sheep shearing, cow judging, vintage tractors and cars and stalls packed full of all sorts of things to buy. It was great fun!

Somerley House, DorsetHux3Sheep shearing at Ellingham ShowHux,-Nick-&-a-cowMeEllingham show, HampshireHuxHux-&-Matt2Junk Food tee, H&M shorts, Havaianas

Sunglasses: Chanel | Top: Junk Food | Shorts: H&M (now an absolute bargain at £3 in the sale!) | Shoes: Havaianas

Ellingham Show, DorsetFamilyHux2

Hux is wearing: Hat: Baseball Hall of Fame Shop | T-shirt: John Lewis | Shorts: Gap | Shoes: Toms

Hux-&-MattShow-jumping at Ellingham ShowOld Joe's Cider at Ellingham ShowTiny-pigHux-asleep

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Meet Harry…

Nick’s mum & dad lost their two dogs earlier this year. George was old and had a good, long, happy life but Milly was only little and died suddenly and unexpectedly one morning.

It has seemed strangely quiet in their house ever since, even with all the babies rushing around and making lots of noise. Something just didn’t feel quite right.

We got a phone call on Thursday morning saying they were going to look at some puppies and would we like to go along. Obviously yes.

We turned up and the whole family (8 of us in total) bundled into this poor man’s house to coo and melt over a bunch of wonderfully adorable puppies.

After about 20 minutes of playing with them all, there was one that kept going over to Nick’s mum and cuddling up to her and was really calm in her arms and that was the lucky little scamp who came home in the car with us that afternoon.

He was almost called Billy, but Harry was decided over a cup of tea as he chased Huxley round the kitchen floor, licking at his face and hands excitedly. Huxley absolutely loves him. Harry follows him round and Huxley crawls over to stroke and kiss Harry whenever he’s asleep or resting. It’s the loveliest thing to see in the world.

Little Elsie took a little while to get used to the idea. When I told her he was coming home with us she said ‘in my car, no’ and shook her head with a frown. Then when we got back she wouldn’t go near him and screamed and cried whenever he came within 2 feet of her.

Today she warmed to him a little more, even giving him a kiss at one point when I was cuddling him. She’s still a little shaky around him if he’s rushing around a bit too quickly but I know she’s going to grow to love him and have lots of adventures in the garden with him.

So, if you’re ready for puppy photo overload, let’s begin….


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