Gender reveal & bump update: 25 weeks


Long time no see! Things have been pretty crazy over here lately. Mainly because I’ve taken on a lot more social media work recently so I just don’t have the spare time left to blog anymore, especially as I’m still filming and editing weekly vlogs.

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely, hot weather. I really wish I was. Instead I’ve spent most of it sat inside with the curtains closed trying to keep myself awake. I hate it! I hate wasting sunny days and I’m getting major mum-guilt that I barely have the energy to talk to Huxley, let alone play with him or take him anywhere fun.

So, back to business. You may have noticed from the title that I’m actually 25 weeks pregnant now so doing a full-blown gender reveal seemed a bit silly as I’ve known the gender for weeks and you’ll already know what we’re having if you follow any of my social media or watch my vlog but I’m excited to say that we’re having a girl!

I think we were both a bit shocked as we had just assumed it would be a boy for some reason and I think Nick quite liked the idea of Huxley having a brother but it will be nice to have a girl. She’ll be the first granddaughter on my side of the family as my sister & I both have boys. My only worry is how much money I’m going to spend! I’ve already bought tons in the shops and we’ve saved loads of stuff from when Huxley was little anyway. I can’t help it! Girls stuff is just so cute!

25 weeks pregnant

25 weeks pregnant with a girl

25 weeks pregnant with baby girl

How to style an LBD with TU Clothing

I was recently asked to style an LBD (little black dress) by Sainsbury’s as part of my involvement in their TU Clothing Fashion Blogger Community. They sent me their black ribbed ponte dress (also available in red) along with £20 Sainsbury’s vouchers to get whatever other bits I needed to complete my look. (If you’ve watched my weekly vlog you’ll already have seen it!)

Anyone who knows me will know that I like to keep it simple and classic. With my £20 voucher I purchased some gorgeous emerald green and gold jewellery including some rings, a necklace and some beautiful dainty bracelets that I thought would complement the dress perfectly.

I am a complete disaster when it comes to doing my hair. You’d think that by the age of 27 I’d have a couple of quick, simple tricks up my sleeve to take my hair from drab to fab but unfortunately not. The seemingly easy ponytail that features in this outfit post took me an embarrassingly long time and half a can of hairspray to put together – and was only really an option after several failed attempts at a beehive. Oops! I was desperate to include my new red glitter bow from Beauxoxo though as it’s the perfect Christmas accessory! (Don’t believe me, ask Zoella!)

Styling LBD for TU Clothing SainsburysRed Glitter Bow from BeauxoxoSainsburys Tu Clothing NecklaceUK blogger little black dressSainsburys jewelleryBeauxoxo red glitter bowBritish blogger outfit postGoofballBritish fashion bloggerLittle black party dress Sainsburys

Wearing: LBD – c/o TU Clothing | Jewellery: c/o Sainsbury’s | Hair bow: Beauxoxo | Shoes: Christian Louboutin

As you can see, this dress would be suitable for any festive party occasion. It’s simple enough not to look too over-dressed if you’re just out for drinks with the girls but also classic enough to hold it’s own a work Christmas party. It wouldn’t even look out of place around the office. What more could you ask for from an LBD?


Sainsbury’s TU Fashion Blogger Community

I have some very exciting news to tell you all! As you may have guessed from the title of this blog post, I’ve been asked to be a part of the new Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing Fashion Blogger Community. I’m seriously so flattered to have been asked and super excited about it.

Alongside Gap, Sainsbury’s has always been my absolute favourite place to buy new clothes for Huxley. The quality is fantastic, it washes really well and the prices are amazing – especially when there’s 25% off (like there is until Monday!). We bought LOADS of packs of vests and sleepsuits from Sainsbury’s when Hux was a baby and it’s still my favourite place to buy him pyjamas now.

I also love their collections for women as it’s always full of classic basics and is a really ‘safe’ way to test the waters of a new trend. Their collections by Gok are always amazing and if I still worked in an office I can imagine that my wardrobe would be full to the brim with Sainsbury’s workwear.

We used to live quite close to a HUGE Sainsbury’s with a MASSIVE clothing department which was amazing but now our local Sainsbury’s only has a small portion of what they have available. Luckily, they’ve just launched their e-commerce site so now you can buy it all online – HOORAH!

To welcome me to the fashion blogger community, Sainsbury’s kindly gifted me £100 to try out their autumn/winter range. For this, I picked up a new coat, a jumper, a jumper dress, a top and two tops for Huxley – and that was before they launched their 25% off! So as you can see, your money goes a long way at Sainsbury’s. Unfortunately the top I ordered was out of stock so I didn’t receive it but it was this one and it’s SO beautiful.

I went and had my hair cut today and I have a fringe now! So it’s funny to look back at these pictures that were only taken this morning knowing that I now look completely different! I wore my new orange jumper and coat out today. You can see the rest of what I was sent in my vlog on Monday and I’ll be featuring it all on the blog shortly.

Sainsbury's Fashion Blogger Community

Sainsbury's TU Clothing Orange Pointelle Bobble JumperSainsburys Tu Clothing Red Fur Collar Dolly CoatSainsburys Red Fur Collar CoatCoat: TU Clothing* | Jumper: TU Clothing* | Jeans: Abercrombie | Boots: Primark

Nails: Essie ‘Bobbing for Baubles’ & ‘Set in Stones’

As I said, it’s 25% off until Monday so everything is such a bargain right now. This coat is £30 down from £40 and the jumper is an insane £13.50 down from £18.

Cafe Boscanova & an Aztec print wrap

So, good news! Nick went to the hospital this week and his broken leg is finally mended! Hoorah! That means no more stupid plastic Lego-man boot and more importantly, he can drive again! Wooohooo! That means that every single 10-minute trip to Screwfix or Bradfords or the tip doesn’t have to be a big family affair anymore! (I hope you can tell by the number of exclamation points in that paragraph how excited I am by this!)

I’m going to try and get back into the swing of daily posts, or at least, more frequent posts because let’s be honest, I work from home so some days I literally sit in the house in my pyjamas all day and nobody wants to see that! (I realise I’m now posting this on Tuesday but I had a very busy weekend painting our lounge and was too exhausted to sort all of this out!) The upside of being self-employed is that my day-to-day life is actually quite varied. I used to blog nearly every day when I first started blogging and I worked in an office 9-5pm so it can’t have been that interesting! That was way back when you could wear any old outfit on your blog and take the pictures in your bedroom and it was all good! No photographer boyfriends, marble-backed flat lays or swanky lattes in sight!

So I’m going back to basics. And if that means that you see the same t-shirt a couple of times then so be it. It’s real. It’s who I am. And nobody likes pretending to be something they’re not.

Today we went into town as Nick had a meeting and I went off to see my friend while we waited for him to finish. Then we popped to Zara to pick up a new winter coat for Huxley and I picked up the blanket wrap I’ve been lusting after from Marks and Spencer. (Although I could easily have bought at least four others in there. Their blanket wrap game is strong this season!)

Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Aztec Print Hooded WrapMarks and Spencer blanket cape with hood

Wrap: Marks & Spencer | Top: H&M | Leggings: H&M | Shoes: Tesco

In between all the lounge-painting that happened this weekend, we did manage to sneak off to our favourite breakfast spot, Cafe Boscanova, for a bit of a break!

Hux Cafe BoscanovaHux colouring in BoscanovaCafe BoscanovaBoscanovaPlaying with Woody and Buzz Lightyear

(This one’s just a random shot from dinner that night because the light in our kitchen was nice!)


I’ve mentioned here and there about trying to go away long-haul before Huxley turns two as after that, you have to pay full adult fare. With everything that’s going on with the house at the moment I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’re REALLY excited about Sri Lanka but the weather just isn’t right at this time of year and we’d rather pay the extra bit of air fare to go in Jan/Feb when the weather is going to be perfect. We have been looking at some more low cost holidays just to try and get away for a bit of winter sun. Somewhere like Morocco would be perfect as Marrakesh would be busy and street-foody and exotic enough to keep Nick happy while still being warm enough for Huxley to splash about in a pool.

Afternoon ice-cream at Barford Farm

Sorry for the radio silence over here. I’ve been pretty poorly this week, not to mention rushed off my feet! As we’d both caught up on all our work we kind of took today off and decided to visit Barford Farm in Wimborne as we’d heard really good things about their ice-cream. We weren’t disappointed. First things first though, the outfit…(probably shouldn’t do it just after a nappy-change though. I don’t think we’ll be seeing talc-knees on the catwalk any time soon)

Vans Off The Wall vest black skinny jeansVest: Vans | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Vans

Huxley keeps crashing my outfit shots…


Huxley – Tee: Quiksilver | Shorts & Shoes: Sainsburys

Anyway, back to the ice-cream. Barford Farm is about 30 minutes away from us but it’s definitely worth the drive. It’s part of the Kingston Lacy Estate and it’s so beautiful. Everything is made fresh on-site and the flavours change daily. Once you’ve grabbed your ice-cream, you can find yourself a nice, quiet spot to relax in in the garden – it’s full of hidden nooks and crannies. There’s also a water fountain full of fish that Huxley was rather enamoured with.

Barford Farm Wimborne DorsetBarford Farm ice cream wimborne

It took us a long time to decide what flavours to go for but we got Huxley a strawberry children’s cone, Nick got pineapple sorbet and hazelnut and I went for classic vanilla and chocolate. I find things easier to judge when they are nailing the basics. It’s the same with pizza. If the margherita is spot on then you know you’re onto a winner. Our friends went to Barford Farm the other week and had maple syrup ice-cream so we’ll be back for sure to try more!

Children's ice-cream at Barford Farm DorsetIce-cream at Barford Farm in Vans Off The Wall vestBarford Farm ice-cream Wimborne DorsetBarford Farm fish pond fountainHux at Barford Farm

These pictures are a little bit random now but I didn’t feel there was enough here to make a whole separate post out of them. Nick’s brother & his wife were down last weekend and we went out for the day at Poole Quay. We took Elsie with us which was really nice because although we see her often, we rarely get to go out and about with her. It was lovely watching Elsie & Huxley walking around holding hands and looking in people’s buckets for crabs along the Quay.

E&HPoole QuayE&H-sofaThis was a failed outfit post from the other day. We were really short on time and tried to sneak in a couple of quick shots but then Huxley came in like this and we just cracked up and gave up!




UK fashion blogger wearing Topshop mexican embroidered dress

Dress: Topshop (old) | Leggings: H&M | Shoes: Havaianas

What is going on with this weather?!? Can we have summer back yet?

I mentioned the other day that Nick had sprained his ankle. Well, turns out he’s actually broken his leg and he was walking around on it for a week before we realised. Today we had to go to the hospital so he could have a fibreglass cast put on so I dropped him off and took Huxley for a run around the park while we waited.


On a slightly unrelated note, I was sent some beautiful flowers from Blossoming Gifts to review a few weeks ago and I keep forgetting to mention them – oops! At the time, our kitchen had literally just been finished and they made the absolute perfect finishing touch. I chose the ‘Summer Meadow’ bouquet and I went out and bought the jug especially to put them in. So next time you’re looking for online flowers, make sure you check them out. In fact, they’ve been kind enough to offer me a discount code to pass on to you lovely people. Just enter the code ‘BGIFTS33′ at the checkout to get 33% off.

Blossoming Gifts Summer Meadow bouquetBlossoming Gifts bouquet

A day out at Longleat Safari Park

Fantastic Mr Fox top Gap jeans UK fashion blogger

UK fashion blogger in Gap jeans Truffle Shuffle tshirt

Top: TruffleShuffle (old – similar) | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Havaianas

On Wednesday we went to Longleat Safari Park. We got some free tickets using Tesco Clubcard Rewards and it’s only an hour drive from us. I was so excited. I went to Longleat several times when I was little with my granddad and loved it. A lion even bit our car’s bumper once!

It’s been 5 years since I last went, as I took my little sisters one summer and SO much has changed! It’s amazing. If you’ve never been before, it’s a little different to a normal zoo as you spend most of it driving around in the car as the animals are free to roam in their massive enclosures.

The first stop you come to is my favourite, the zebras and giraffes. They’ve got a huge plinth that goes out into the enclosure and you can buy branches to feed the giraffes. It’s literally the best thing ever. We only bought one branch (for £2) but next time we go I’m going to take loads of money and stay there for ages because Huxley loved it so much.

Giraffe at Longleat Safari ParkFeeding the giraffes at Longleat

When you drive round the monkey enclosure they all jump on your car and rip bits off. (You can miss that bit out if you don’t fancy paying a fortune for new wipers/aerials etc or you can do the entire safari on the park bus). Huxley looked a bit freaked out at the monkeys climbing up the windscreen to be honest, and even more freaked out when Nick starting shouting at me to carry on driving because they were on our roof trying to get the aerial off.

Then you get to a bit were you can buy a pot of deer food (for £1) and park up and the deers come and stick their heads in your windows and gobble all the food up. This bit always makes me crack up laughing because it freaks me out to have a massive deer so close to my face even though I know they’re harmless. (Also, deer antlers are possibly the softest thing I’ve ever touched). I didn’t manage to get any pictures because you have to feed them from both sides of the car otherwise they start butting it haha!

For me, the only downside to this part of the zoo is how long it takes to get round. It’s totally fine if you’re an adult or older kid but as a 20-month old, by the time we got round to the lions and wolves at the end, Huxley was restless and had lost interest as he wanted to get out and run around.

Wolf at Longleat Zoo

Then we headed back to the rest of the zoo, which is still way better than any other zoo I’ve been to. When you go in the meerkat enclosure, they tell you to be careful if you’ve got open-toed sandals and painted toenails as they might try and nibble your feet! Huxley kept trying to stroke them as they are literally running around your ankles!

Meerkats at LongleatMeerkat at Longleat Zoo

There’s loads to see and do at Longleat, there’s a train ride, a huge maze, a boat that takes you round Gorilla island and you can take a tour of the enormous house.

Ice cream at Longleat Safari ParkLongleat

Huxley is wearing – T-shirt: H&M | Jeans: Gap | Trainers: Zara (old)

I managed to get Huxley to stroke a snake! He was a bit wary at first, but I think that was due to the lady holding the snake more than the snake itself. By the end, he was loving it and kept squeezing her!

Snake at Longleat Safari ParkHolding a snake at LongleatAfter that we went to the Penguin enclosure and again, they are running around your feet. It’s so amazing to be allowed to get that up close and personal with the animals.

Penguins at Longleat Zoo

Then we headed to the massive play area but we never made it out of the soft play because Huxley was having way too much fun. Unfortunately we never made it near the house or the boat because Huxley was exhausted after all of that!

Soft play at Longleat ZooBalloon room soft play at LongleatSoft play ball cannon at Longleat Safari Park ZooBall pit at LongleatPLaying with balloons at Longleat


UK fashion blogger in California tshirtCotton Basics linen trousers UK fashion blogger

T-shirt: Bought in a little shop in Carmel, California | Trousers: Cotton Basics (bought in San Francisco) | Shoes: Havaianas

It sounds totally weird but when I wore these trousers in San Francisco I felt like I was much closer to being the person I really wanted to be. Sometimes I kind of feel like ‘San Francisco Emma’ is the real Emma and she’s out there living my actual life, getting tattoos, going surfing, eating burgers and I’m just some temporary Emma until that can all become reality.

Went to B&Q to buy a toilet today. Isn’t my life glamorous. The Londoner‘s got nothing on me 😉

And Nick’s sister moved house so we went to have a little nosey peek at her new gaff (which is humongous).

A rather posh day

On Wednesday I actually had to ‘go’ to work! It made a nice change to sitting on my own on the sofa working!

At the end of the work day, we had a big drinks reception and dinner at 700-year old North Cadbury Court in Somerset, an old stately home belonging to the Montgomery family (of cheese fame). It was built somewhere between 1580-1610 which always blows my mind as America was only discovered in 1492 and founded in 1779. Crazy.

It was incredible and I can imagine it would make an amazing wedding venue.

We had a lovely meal in the ballroom and unfortunately it all went downhill from there. Nick was hammered and thought it would be a good idea to get in a zorb with his legs sticking out. His mate then pushed him down the lawn, which is on a hill, and Nick is now on crutches with a sprained ankle. Brilliant.

North Cadbury Court Somerset wedding venueBack of North Cadbury Court SomersetGrounds at North Cadbury CourtUK fashion bloggerEnglish countryside wildflower gardenNorth Cadbury Court swimming pool and terraceStately home walled garden SomersetSweet WilliamsUK fashion blogger in Christian LouboutinsSunglasses: Chanel | Top: H&M | Skirt: Oasis (old) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin



Vans Off The Wall vest, American flag shorts UK fashion blogger

Top: Vans | Shorts: Primark (similar) | Shoes: Havaianas

Looking back at today’s photos I can’t believe it was all one day! We’ve done so much! This morning Huxley went to nursery so we each did some work and then we drove to Wimborne to visit Toad Hall which is like a massive old warehouse full of cool vintage stuff (a bit like Molly’s Den for all you local folk). Then we drove to Travis Perkins to buy a toilet (so glam I know!).

After picking Huxley up from nursery he fell asleep for a couple of hours so we did a bit more work and then Nick suddenly decided that it was too hot and he wanted to go in the sea so we drove to the beach. After about an hour of paddling and seaweed-throwing we came home and had dinner in the garden. A very lovely, but very busy day!

Toad Hall Vintage Shop Wimborne DorsetToad Hall Vintage Emporium WimborneSeaGap Kids vest, Gruffalo swim shortsAnimalsAnimals-in-the-kitchen

Huxley’s vest is from Gap, his Gruffalo swim shorts & striped shorts are from Sainsburys.