Grimsby & York

We’re on a little family holiday this week. A few months ago I won a holiday to Italy and when I told them I didn’t fancy a 36-hour coach ride with a 1 year old they kindly told me to choose one of their UK-based hotels to stay in instead. So we chose Harrogate, which is where we are currently staying until the end of the week (when we might make a quick detour to the Lake District before heading home).

Harrogate is only 2 hours from Grimsby so we spent the first 3 days of our holiday visiting Nick’s family and eating a lot of fish and chips. We drove up on the Friday with the main reason being that the Pea Bung is only open for a few hours on a Saturday and Nick didn’t want to miss out. I wrote about the Pea Bung way back in 2011 and aside from a bit of a refurb, it hasn’t changed a bit (thankfully!). We got the fish special again, which is still an amazing bargain at £3. Seriously, you can barely buy chips for £3 round our way. Huxley was loving it.

Fish and chips from Pea Bung in Grimsby




We had such a lovely time hanging out with Nick’s family and Huxley definitely enjoyed all the attention! I’m always so surprised at how well he adapts to new situations (although he’s not getting off to sleep particularly well in our hotel at the moment!).

The following day we had another batch of fish and chips, this time from Becketts and ate them at Nick’s aunty’s house while Huxley made friends with a hamster (before picking it up in it’s ball and throwing it across the kitchen – oops!)

Fish and chips from Becketts, Grimsby




On Monday we drove to Harrogate and got settled in our hotel before having a quick wander around the town. All of our meals are included in our stay so I won’t be doing any food reviews here, although we did go to Betty’s Tearooms today which I’ll be blogging about later on.

Yesterday we went to York which was really lovely. It was a beautiful day with bright blue skies but was pretty chilly. We didn’t really ‘do’ anything in York, we just kind of walked around and looked at all the pretty buildings.

York Minster

York castle