A few days in London

So, it’s been a little quiet over here so far for 2015 and that’s because life has been a little bit crazy! Last week my husband turned 30 and we went on a mini family holiday to London for a couple of days. London was lovely, but exhausting. We came home on Wednesday evening and moved out of our flat on Friday. It’s been a busy couple of days in a flurry of boxes, saying goodbye to our home of 8 years and moving in temporarily with Nick’s parents while we wait to exchange contracts and complete on the sale of our new house. Poor little Huxley has been a bit out of sorts as it’s all been so busy and we haven’t had much time to dedicate to him but mostly he’s taken it in his stride and is settling in okay now. Thankfully, he went straight back into a regular sleeping routine in his new bedroom – I think I’d be rocking myself in a corner crying if we’d added sleepless nights into the mix too.

Anyway, back to London. (Sorry this post is going to be a dreadful mix of SLR & Instagram pictures!) We drove up on Tuesday morning and headed to straight to Selfridges so Nick could buy a coat. It just so happens that Patty & Bun is right around the corner from Selfridges and we turned up just as they were opening their doors. It was really delicious and the meat was excellent quality but I think Five Guys has the edge for me at the moment.

Patty & Bun burger, LondonFrom there, we went via Picadilly Station to pick up some doughnuts from Crosstown Doughnuts. My favourite was the creme brulee one. The flavours are really inventive and interesting but to be honest, I still miss the classic light, fluffy doughnuts you get for like $1 in America.

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Our final destination for the day was the Science Museum. We wanted to do something fun for Huxley and Nick had done a bit of research and discovered that the Science Museum had a new area in the basement for little ones that consisted of a massive sensory room and giant water table. Huxley absolutely loved it. (Can I just take a moment to recommend January as a good time of year to visit London – I’ve never seen it so quiet!)  

Science Museum LondonNick-&-Hux

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Water table at London Science Museum

My boys ❤️

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On our way back to the hotel we walked past the Natural History Museum which was all lit up from the beautiful, fiery sunset. As if that building wasn’t already stunning enough.

Sunset Natural History MuseumWe stayed at Travelodge King’s Cross Royal Scot and were very impressed. They’ve definitely upped their game recently. We slept with the window open and it was actually quieter than it usually is outside our flat in Bournemouth!

Anyway, we got Huxley some fish fingers and beans from the restaurant downstairs and Nick ran over the road to get me a kebab (because a burger & several doughnuts obviously weren’t enough for me!) before Hux & I settled down in front of the TV for the evening while Nick went out to a local pub.

He went to the The Southampton Arms in Kentish Town and absolutely loved it. It had an upright piano and he said it was the best pub he’s ever been in. He was also impressed with the bar snacks and had a cracking sausage roll. The bar snacks on offer at this pub actually featured in one of his first ever published food articles back in 2011 for The Times (if you’ve got access to get past the paywall, you can read it here).

The next morning we got up nice and early and headed to Exmouth Market to have breakfast at Caravan. We had considered going to The Wolseley as it was a special occasion and we’ve had, and admired, the book for years but we were worried it might be too ‘stuffy’ and traditional so opted for the laid-back, more modern breakfasts on offer at Caravan and I’m so glad we did. We ordered Huxley a giant slab of sourdough toast which he devoured in seconds. He literally couldn’t get enough of it!

Then Nick & I shared smoked salmon & scrambled eggs on toast and toasted coconut bread with lemon curd cream cheese and stewed rhubarb which was honestly up there in the top 5 things I’ve ever eaten. It was like a dream on a plate.

Hux eating sourdough toast at Caravan Exmouth Market

Huxley loves his toast from @@caravanexmouth this morning. He’s all over it.

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Nick After breakfast we started walking towards Brick Lane but stumbled across the amazing Spa Fields park on the way and had to stop for a little run around!

Spa Fields Park, London Hux-at-Spa-Fields-Park,-London We eventually made it to Brick Lane and headed straight to Beigel Bake, which was the sole purpose of our walk there! Despite having just scoffed an enormous breakfast, we bought one of their famous salt beef bagels which we said we’d ‘save for later’. Then we decided we’d ‘just have a bite’ while it was still warm and 2 minutes later all we had left were a few crumbs. Oops. Huxley absolutely LOVED it. He kept trying to grab it off us! We let him have a couple of bites but it was pretty salty so didn’t give him too much.

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Then we walked over to Borough Market so Nick could buy some beers from Utobeer and have a drink in their pub, The Rake. I grabbed a chocolate brownie and we headed back to the tube to make our way back to Westfield where we’d parked the car. Hux & I wandered around the shops for about an hour while Nick went to the BrewDog bar in Shepherds Bush (I promise he doesn’t drink as much as this blog makes it sound!)

We arrived at Nick’s parents around 7pm and then drove back to the flat around 9pm and went straight to bed ready for a day of packing to move out!