Travel & Food – Austin, Texas

We arrived in Austin on Friday night. We didn’t go out to eat anywhere as we were still full from amazing Louie Mueller so Nick just jumped in the hot tub for a little while and we just chilled out.

On Saturday morning we got up nice and early to queue for Franklin barbecue. We arrived at 9.30am and the queue was already about 30 people deep. It doesn’t open until 11am.

Franklin BBQ sign Austin Texas

Queue outside Franklin BBQ Austin TexasOnce the doors had opened, we queued for another hour, so it was about 2.5 hours in total. At this point, barbecue was the last thing in the world I wanted to eat so Nick ordered some brisket and a sausage and I tucked into the sides of coleslaw and potato salad which were delicious. I also ordered myself a little pecan pie.

Brisket and sausage at Franklin BBQ Austin TexasThe brisket and sausage were perfectly fine but not a scratch on Louie Mueller. If anyone said they were thinking of going, I’d tell them to save their time in the crazy queue and drive 30 minutes to Taylor instead to go to Louie Mueller.

After that, we just spent the afternoon mooching around really, and I had a bit of work to get done. We were both pretty beat from so much driving and the heat is absolutely stifling. It’s 30 degrees and humid in the middle of October. That evening we went to a Mexican restaurant but I really wasn’t impressed. It’s hard when you’ve lived in Mexico. The guacamole didn’t have any lime juice in it, my burrito was bland and they plonked us right in the middle of the restaurant on a tiny table when there were loads of spare cushy booths. I didn’t mind enough to complain until they started pushing a huge cocktail cart around and bashing into me every 5 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever left a negative review on Tripadvisor/Yelp but this place is certainly getting one.

This morning we had a nice lie-in and then, determined to find good Mexican food, we headed out for a breakfast burrito. We drove past tons of places that just didn’t quite fit the bill when we suddenly spotted El Primo on the side of the road. It was perfect. We had a lovely chat with a guy in the queue who had lived in London for two years and was holding the most adorable 10 week old beagle puppy and the food was delicious. I had a bacon and egg taco and Nick had the most incredible pastor torta.

El Primo breakfast tacos Austin TexasAfter scoffing our breakfast we drove to Bangers which is on the coolest street in the city, Rainey Street. It’s basically a sleepy back street full of bungalows that have been converted into awesome bars. For example this adorable little house which becomes a taco restaurant in the back yard between 6pm-10pm.

Taco house on Rainey Street, Austin, TexasWe were there to go to Bangers though. Bangers is a sausage house and beer garden and it’s amazing. We didn’t try any food as we’d just eaten but the beer garden was great. They’ve always got some sort of live music or comedy on and I bet you can see some really cool stuff. There was a blues band playing while we were there.

Bangers sausage house and beer garden austin texasBangers Austin TexasBangers Rainey Street Austin TexasOnce we settled up there, we decided to make the most of the gorgeous, warm weather and we drove to McKinney Falls State Park. It’s in the middle of the city, but you would never believe it. It’s absolutely beautiful. We went to cool down with a little swim. (I was especially excited because there were real life turtles in the water!)

McKinney Falls State Park Upper Falls Austin TexasMcKinney Falls State Park Upper Falls Austin TexasReady to swimFor you boys out there, my husband is wearing:

T-shirt – Volcom (similar)

Jeans – RVCA

Trainers – Nike (in black here)

Bag – ONA

Swimming at McKinney Falls State Park Lower Falls Austin TexasEmma from The Style Box at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin Texas in a white broderie American Eagle Outfitters dressWearing:

Dress – American Eagle Outfitters

Sandals – Zara

From there, we headed to Barnes and Noble for a bit of pre-dinner casual browsing as we are both still mourning the loss of Borders in Bournemouth and are a sucker for book stores.

We decided to try out one of Austin’s many food trucks for dinner and opted for Mellizoz tacos. I had a tempura shrimp torta (not particularly Mexican I know but I had been craving a prawn mayo sandwich and this was the closest thing I could find!) and Nick had a fried avocado taco.

Mellizoz Tacos, Austin, TexasThis was swiftly followed by an enormous peach doughnut from the truck next door, Gourdoughs. The first time I’ve ever eaten a doughnut with a knife and fork!

We finished off the evening with a couple of drinks at Easy Tiger which is a bakery and beer garden which overlooks a canal and has ping pong tables. I know, so cool, right? The outside area had a stage set up for live music and a guy soon jumped on stage and picked up a guitar. We then sat and watched open-mouthed for about an hour. This guy was truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. He was playing it Spanish style and his hands were moving so fast they were actually blurry. His name is Luis Banuelos and you should definitely check him out on YouTube. It was a bit too dark to take any cool photos but it was a really awesome place.

Austin is now officially my second favourite city in America (nothing will ever beat San Francisco!)