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Dressing for an interview

It’s come to that time now where I’ve the money I saved whilst on maternity leave is dwindling and I’m in need of some extra cash flow. The past few weeks of my UK job search* I’ve been scouring all the local websites and speaking to recruitment agencies like City Calling trying to find some part-time work.

It’s so depressing applying for positions where you’ve been told there are 15 vacancies and not even getting a call to say ‘no thanks’. Especially when their application form took about 2 hours to fill in (I’m looking at you Homebase…)

But, there was light at the end of the tunnel and I finally got a call back last week to go for an interview.

I’ve always found dressing for an interview quite easy. You can just throw on a (demure) little black dress or a pencil skirt and smart shirt and you’re good to go. If it’s cold you can stick a blazer over the top and if you’re lucky you might even get away with some smart-looking black skinny jeans.

However, the one thing that I sometimes struggle with is footwear. I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s always the one thing that I agonise over when going to an interview. I hate the thought of falling flat on my face or towering over someone in heels and I’m a flat shoe kind of person anyway so tend to avoid wearing heels at all costs but sometimes they really are the only way to go. For example, a pencil skirt has to go with heels. It just looks odd with flats.

Even then, you have to be careful which heels you go for. Open-toed is a bit full-on for work and can look ‘slutty’ as my husband so kindly put it when I showed him the shoes I had chosen and to be honest, I usually fall back on the safety of my Louboutins because I know I can walk in them and they are super comfy (as heels go).

Anyway, whether my clothes helped make the decision or not, it must have worked as I am now an employee of Mothercare! Yippee!


See what I mean, the flats look okay but just aren’t quite right….


These are the shoes that Nick said were too ‘slutty’ and I think I agree with him. Too much foot flesh (ugh what a horrible phrase)




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August Favourites

1. Megan’s amazing cake

Isn’t this just the most beautiful cake ever? I’m always so in awe of people that can make such gorgeous cakes. Not to mention that it also sounds DELICIOUS. Raspberry, turkish delight. Yes please.

raspberry rose turkish delight cake i

2. Tasha’s Roland Mouret x Banana Republic shoot

How amazing are these photos of the beautiful Tasha from So On Trend? She looks so stylish and this outfit is perfect on her.

So On Trend

3. Katy’s Nutella french toast recipe

Oh god. Anything with the word Nutella in is an instant winner for me. How mouthwatering is this picture??

nutella french toast

4. Victoria’s perfect transitional outfit

This perfectly bridges the gap between summer and autumn with it’s lovely burgundy hues and it suits her beautiful figure perfectly.

VIPXO5. Jen’s tattoo post

To be honest, I wanted to feature nearly all of Jen’s posts this month but this one really resonated with me as I’ve also always wanted a tattoo but still haven’t gone for it yet. It’s funny because when I was younger I went and got my belly and tongue pierced quite young (14 & 16 respectively) without blinking an eye but never quite took the plunge for a tattoo. Every time we go to San Francisco I nearly do it. Everyone there has a tattoo and they are all awesome. Then we sit on Bournemouth beach and I spot all the terribly dreadful tattoos people have here and it makes me cringe and puts me off. I know exactly what I want, it’s just having the balls to go for it. I think it doesn’t help that I want it in quite a visible place too. I’ve always wondered whether I’m now too old to go for it but Jen’s post has reassured me that it doesn’t matter what age you are.

Jen Little Bird tattoo

6. Sarah’s blog

I love Sarah’s blog Temporary Secretary. I always have. I’ve been reading it for years. Earlier this month she wrote a post about getting back to basics with her blog and how it was getting too crazy and expensive stressing out about finding good locations for outfit posts and travelling for miles to get it just right. If you didn’t read it, go and check it out. And you know what? I actually really love her new outfits posts against a plain wall. I think it makes her beautiful face, figure and style stand out much more. In fact, I’m quite jealous of her big blank wall and rather want one myself!

I’ve just chosen an outfit post at random here as they are all so good and I just couldn’t decide which one to feature.

Temporary Secretary

7. Eloise’s beautiful gown

How stunning is this dress? Eloise is just so gorgeous. Make sure you click through and check out the rest of the photos because the back of her hair is amazing.

Eloise Frolics & Fashion

8. Sara’s incredible figure

Erm….what a TOTAL HOTTIE.


9. Chalk Kids

So one of my favourite ever bloggers, Steph, sadly shut down her lovely blog, Influence this month. But, in it’s place, she launched Chalk Kids, a lifestyle website for families and it’s absolutely outstanding. It’s super stylish and she showcases the most awesome brands (and makes me want to spend all my money).

chalk kids

 10. Lyzi’s summer bucket list

I’ve really been enjoying watching Lyzi tick items off her summer bucket list this month. She’s had some really great experiences and it looks like she’s had a blast. She even got to go in a hot air balloon!

Being Little





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