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Experiences make great gifts

Nick & I have always preferred to spend our money on experiences rather than material belongings. I think these make excellent gifts for people too as they are usually things that people wouldn’t buy for themselves. There’s such a wide range of options out there that there’ll be something to suit everyone.

Nick & I usually forgo buying Christmas gifts in favour of putting our money towards holidays instead. One of my all-time favourite websites to browse is Secret Escapes. They have some really great weekend breaks and it’s always in the most stylish hotels. I’ve got my eye on a 2 night break to Prague at the moment. It’s £139 each with flights, 4* hotel & breakfast.


Another great gift idea that I’ve used several times in the past for Nick are cookery courses. I know he’d love to do a Middle Eastern course as he’s just bought Sabrina Ghayour’s Persiana cookbook. Of course the added benefit is that he then comes home and cooks all the yummy things he’s learnt for me!

IMG_3749Photo credit: Scissors Paper Spoon

One of my favourite things to receive as a gift is gig tickets. I love going to gigs but it’s something I rarely splash the cash on for myself as it just seems such an extravagant expense. The reason they make such a great gift is that you have the excitement of receiving the tickets on the day, then the excitement of the build up to the concert and then the concert itself and then you’re left with a memory you’ll treasure forever. One of my favourite presents ever was tickets to see Coldplay but this year I’m hoping for some Alt-J tickets*.


If I’m ever stuck buying a gift for anyone else, I’ll always take a look at Virgin Experience Days as they’ve got everything from spa days to driving days to adopting an animal for a whole range of price brackets, starting from £5. I can think of several guys I know that would be pretty pumped about driving a supercar.



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Hogan Rebel – Bettina Santo Domingo

I was very excited recently to be asked to collaborate on a special project with Hogan and their Hogan Rebel label.

Hogan Rebel is the urban, ‘edgy’ range of trainers from Hogan and they have chosen 12 modern rebels to speak about their life choices on

They have created some really beautiful short films about each rebel as well as a rather sophisticated looking coffee table book.

The rebels range from artists to actors to DJs and even venture capitalists but I have to admit that my favourite video is the one on LA-based hat designer, Nick Fouquet, which won several international fashion film awards.

I was asked to become a partner of one of the rebels, filmmaker Bettina Santo Domingo, and a video was created around the inspiration that I took from her outlook on life.

You can check out the Hogan Rebel collection here:

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Curious Wolves

So, Nick and I have been a couple of busy bees over the past few months setting up our newest venture, Curious Wolves.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 09.07.17

We love travelling and when people found out I was pregnant all I ever heard was ‘well you can’t go on anymore holidays now then’ and I’ve heard it said to many pregnant friends since.

The idea of travelling with our child has always filled us with excitement and wherever we’ve been we’ve always said ‘Imagine coming back here one day and doing this with our children’.

I’m not entirely sure what stops people going away on adventures with their kids. I don’t know if it’s money, stress or the embarrassment and confrontation that can be involved in dealing with unruly kids and frustrated passengers on aeroplanes, but whatever the reason, we wanted to create something to inspire people to keep travelling.

So we decided to create Curious Wolves. Our focus is on travelling with kids but we wanted it to be a site for adults. There’ll be a heavy focus on food (of course) and we’ll be sharing our favourite products and tips along the way.

As well as the website, we also hope to make short, low-cost travel ebooks in the future and are currently in the process of getting some awesome designs done by our favourite illustrators for some t-shirts and babygrows that we hope to sell.

If you like the sound of all of this then I’d love for you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

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