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Accessorising for Spring

One of my favourite things about the weather getting warmer is the fact that I can start accessorising again. In the winter there’s no point wearing rings that will covered with gloves and necklaces that get hidden by scarves so it’s nice to add a bit of sparkle back into my everyday wardrobe.


Accessorising for Spring

Top: New Look | Necklace: John Hardy | Sunglasses: Toms | Bag: Nine West | Shoes: Office | Jeans: Topshop

I love the contrast of orange and blue here as they are colours that sit at the opposite sides of the colour wheel meaning that they really make each other pop.

Accessorizing for Spring

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: Accessorize | Dress: River Island | Necklace: John Hardy | Sandals: Topshop

I love the idea of dressing up a plain black maxi dress with bright, colourful accessories. It’s such a versatile outfit. It means you can switch up your outfit and make it slightly different every time and dress it up for night time or dress it down for the beach.

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Thoughts on travelling*

We’re about to embark on our first ever family holiday together and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to share our experience with you. We chose San Francisco because we wanted to go somewhere English speaking so that if we needed a hospital then it would be easy to find and communicate with doctors and as this is our fourth trip there, we know the city well and know how safe it is and how easy it is to get around (despite all the hills!)

I know it seems weird to be daydreaming about our next trip before we’ve even been on our first but it’s something Nick & I have been talking about a lot lately. Nick turns the ripe old age of 30 in January. He’s not a big celebrator. He never does anything for his birthday but this time it’s different. We’re thinking about going away for an extended period of time, before things get too complicated with Huxley and school etc.

We’ve done a bit of research and read various reviews and articles about which areas are popular at the moment, like this one: and Asia keeps popping up. As long as we can spend day after day waking up in a little wooden hut on the beach, just swimming and eating and being, we’re not really fussy but Vietnam or Thailand seems like a winner at the moment.

(image from Pinterest)

Nick and I have never really been on a relaxing beach holiday. Our honeymoon was spent running around New York and our second honeymoon was again spent rushing around another crazy city, Beijing. The closest we’ve ever come is the couple of days we spent on a boat going around Halong Bay in Vietnam before being taken back to the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Not only is it incredibly beautiful over there but it’s also amazingly cheap. When we went to Vietnam a few years ago, we couldn’t get over how little our holiday had cost us. We’ve done a little bit of research but if any of you have any advice on the best places to go or know of anywhere cool we can stay that won’t break the bank then I’d love to hear from you!


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Mother’s Day with Hush

This year, the 30th March will be a super special day for me. My first ever Mother’s Day! In Nick’s family the tradition is to go and pick some daffodils and then there’s a song that they sing while sat on the end of the bed – it all sounds very Waltons doesn’t it! We’ll be in Yosemite for Mother’s Day, and it won’t be Mother’s Day in America so it will be even more extra special as I’ll be one of the few people celebrating so it will be like it’s a day just for me!

Being a mum has also made me appreciate everything that my own mum has done over the years. My mum pretty much raised me and my sister by herself since I was about 10. Only now do I appreciate how incredibly hard she must have found it as she was still working full-time with two kids under 10. Luckily, my nan and granddad live nearby so they were able to look after us after school and in the holidays.

This blog post is part of a campaign with Hush where I’ve been challenged to create an outfit for myself and for my mum with a chance to win my mum £300 worth of vouchers. I would love to be able to spoil her as she hates shopping so doesn’t buy herself new stuff very often and always says that she doesn’t want anything when her birthday and Christmas comes around.

Since becoming a mum I’ve been looking for the perfect basic items to bolster my wardrobe. Simple things that I can mix and match and just chuck on without looking ‘mumsy’ and Hush ticks all the boxes. I know my mum would love their stuff too. We’re both big fans of navy and I love the muted colour palette of soft pinks and greys that the spring/summer range comes in.


Hush Spring outfit

{All items from Hush}

For me I’ve chosen these harem trousers as they look super comfy and I’ve been desperate for a pair for ages! The grey colour will go with loads of things that I already own too.

Mother's Day outfit from Hush

{All items from Hush}

For my mum I spent ages looking through the maxi dresses as I know she loves the versatility of them as she can dress them up for the evening or stick on some sandals and wear them to the beach. In the end I opted for this fun pineapple print one. My mum doesn’t really look like me as she has blonde hair and blue eyes so I know this lovely shade of pink will look great on her.


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