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Travel planning 2015

New Year always brings the same questions in our house. Where shall we go next year?

With moving into our new house at some point during the New Year, I doubt we’ll be able to go as many places as we’d like to but with the launch of Curious Wolves, we feel like we’ve got a legitimate excuse for going away!

So, in the spirit of New Year dreaming, here’s my top list of places I’d like to visit in 2015:

1, Bali

I feel like everyone is talking about or going to Bali at the moment. Obviously, The Londoner has just come back from an amazing looking trip and Rosie and Tom have got an enviable sounding surf trip booked for her honeymoon next year too. But I mean you can’t blame them. Blazing sunshine, rich culture, beautiful beaches, incredible food, good surf, plenty of jungle to explore. It sounds like heaven.

(Choosing ONE photo to represent Bali was seriously difficult)


2. Neuschwanstein Castle

It seems a bit strange to choose a specific castle to go and visit without knowing anything about the surrounding area but it just looks so incredibly perfect that I don’t care! Imagine seeing a REAL LIFE princess castle like this. I know we have castles here, but they don’t look like a fairytale. This makes me way more excited than Disneyland. Now I’ve just got to decide whether I want to see it in the summer or all covered in snow! The temptation to run around singing ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ might be a bit much!

Neuschwanstein Castle

3. Positano

I’ve always been drawn to Italy – probably due to the fact that I’m a total pizza hound. Positano is one of those places that you see on Pinterest and just think ‘how is that even real?’ The houses are built up the side of the cliff that overlooks the sea and I can just picture sitting out on a terrace with the sun beaming down making your skin all tingly and warm. I’ve already been checking out hotels in Positano and in my mind, I’m already there.

Positano, Italy

 4. Paris

I’ve been to Paris once before (pre-blog!) and had an absolute blast. We didn’t even need to do anything, I was more than happy to just wander around gazing at how pretty the whole place is whilst stuffing my face with ridiculously soft and fluffy fresh bread. Now, returning with Huxley, I’d be interested to check out all the parks that are hidden around the city. Huxley loves his food just as much as we do so I know he’d enjoy it!


5. Iceland

Iceland has always been on my list but it’s one of those places that I only start thinking about once it gets colder and seeing as they only have 4 hours of daylight in the winter, I need to plan ahead a bit better! (They have 20 hours of daylight in the summer – how crazy is that?!?) I’d also need to seriously think about the food as it doesn’t sound that appealing to me (rotten shark or pickled sheep’s head anyone?) but the scenery is just so stunning that I think even I could live on crackers for a week if I had to.



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Today I’m Wearing: An Orion London dress

I scored this dress as a bit of a bargain on eBay last week. I haven’t shopped on eBay in ages but really wanted a red dress that I could wear on Christmas day. I bought this for a grand total of £4.04.

While I’m not sure that it’s exactly right for Christmas day, it is perfect for stomping around the forest on the odd warm and sunny day we’ve been having (interspersed with all the dreary, dark rainy days)

UK fashion blogger in Orion London red dressUK lifestyle bloggerUK fashion blogger in Orion London dressUK lifestyle blogger in Orion London red dress

Dress: Orion London (eBay) | Shoes: Clarks

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Winter Edition: How to style your UGGs

I was recently contacted by Office who asked me to put together an outfit for the festive season using a pair of UGG boots. It just so happened that I had actually been eyeing up UGG boots as they emailed me so I was more than happy to get involved.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of keeping it simple and casual. Personally, I think there’s nothing better than a really good pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. For the winter season it’s all about layering so I’ve chosen a lovely boho-y cardigan to keep warm, some classic deep red nails, a cute little bobble hat and of course, the ultimate winter accessory, some cool biker-style UGG boots.


Winter Edition: How to style your UGGS

Cardigan: SheInside  |  Top: White Stuff  |  Jeans: J Brand  |  Hat: Barts |  Nails: Nars | Boots: UGG

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