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Closer to home

Since returning from San Francisco, we’ve been thinking about where to go on our next trip. With me being on maternity leave and not returning to full-time employment any time soon, our finances will be a big deciding factor on our next destination so we’ve started thinking a bit closer to home.

We’ve been thinking about going camping as we both love being outside and to be honest, I think Nick is quite excited about the prospect of whipping up a gourmet feast with a camping stove, and I’m pretty excited about warm, sticky marshmallows on sticks and gooey chocolatey s’mores. But as we don’t even have a tent, we’d have to spend quite a bit of money buying all the right equipment and I have no idea how a baby would sleep in a tent so I think we’ll probably wait until Hux is a bit older to go on some proper adventures.

One of the places that has always been on our list is Edinburgh, but living right on the South coast makes Edinburgh further away than some European destinations. However, it would make a good car journey for us right now as we’d be able to stop in Grimsby on the way to see Nick’s grandma & family.


The thing that has always attracted me most to Edinburgh is its history. I love how grand it looks, with the big old castle looking out over the city. I’d love to check out Princes Street for shopping and I’m sure Nick would drink his weight in whiskey. I bet there are loads of amazing old alleyways and higgledy-piggledy streets with cool old shops and pubs on.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Princes Street, EdinburghPrinces Street

It would be quite fun to stay in an Airbnb again as it was nice to feel like one of the locals. Although, saying that, there’s nothing like staying in a hotel knowing that the beds will get made for you when you go out! We’d probably choose an Ibis hotel or something similar as they are budget-friendly but still have everything you need.

Nick and I are never ones to do things by halves and there’s nothing we love more than a good old fashioned road trip so while we were up there we’d go exploring all over the place. I’d like to explore the highlands and see Ben Nevis and Glencoe and just generally check out the beautiful rugged coast. Fingals Cave would be pretty cool too – it looks like something out of Harry Potter! Actually, a lot of Scotland actually was in Harry Potter – Glenfinnan Viaduct, Glencoe & Glen Nevis & the Cliffs of Moher – so they’d be pretty cool to show Huxley when he’s a bit bigger (well that’s my excuse anyway!)

Ben NevisBen Nevis

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Fingals CaveFingals Cave

Glenfinnan Railway Viaduct, Scotland.Glenfinnan Viaduct

*This post is in collaboration with Ibis hotels


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Just for fun

Nick & I have been talking recently about making time for ourselves to be able to do the things that make us happy. Obviously Huxley is our whole world at the moment but it’s very easy when you’re a parent to just fade away into the background, under the new name of ‘mum’ and lose sight of the things that made you, you, as you put yourself bottom of the rung in the priority list.

So I got to thinking about what makes me really happy and what it is that I really enjoy doing and I came up with the following list:

Being outside

Being outside is my absolute favourite thing ever (preferably when the weather is nice). I don’t need it to be scorching hot, just mildly warm, with a nice gentle breeze. I don’t even have to be doing anything. Just sitting outside, listening to the birds, enjoying the smells of the flowers and trees in the warm air. If you can add a cup of tea into the mix then I’ll sit outside all day. And if there’s cake. Well that’s even better.

fresh air quote


I love music, as many people do, but I rarely get much time for it now. When Nick’s away, I never have the TV on, I’ll just sit browsing Reddit or Pinterest, listening to my iPod. It rarely happens these days as we only have one car but I love going for long drives all by myself because it means I can listen to the music I really enjoy that Nick hates (Underoath, Alexisonfire etc) and sing my little heart out.

singing in the car


I used to go to bingo every week with all my friends. Thursday night was bingo night because it was free! It meant we got to have a good old natter with the added bonus of possibly winning some money! And if you think bingo is just for old ladies then think again, even the hipsters have been getting in on it! But we all started having children and one by one the group got smaller and smaller and now we don’t go anymore. Maybe I’ll have to play bingo here to curb my cravings!



I love baking, but I’ve really got to be in the right mood for it. I hate being rushed and having to squeeze it in. If I’m going to bake, I’ve got to have the whole afternoon free to dedicate to it. I always knew that when I became a mum I wanted to be able to make yummy cake and cookies for my kids to eat. I feel like I’ve managed that now so my new target is to master the pie. I’ve made three so far. One I ruined by warming it up in the oven the next day when I wasn’t supposed to, one was perfect and the other was really good but so sweet I thought my teeth were going to fall out there and then!

What makes you happy?

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Ring Stacking 101

Ring stacking has got to be one of my favourite trends ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, big or small, anyone can pull this one off. I love the boho, relaxed feel of the look and I like that it easily transfers between high-end jewellery and cheaper, high street pieces.

This trend has been massive with celebrities and has been seen on the hands of the likes of Poppy Delevingne, Rihanna & Beyonce (although I’m not suggesting you copy Beyonce’s $10 million dollar look!)

beyonce stacking ringsrihanna ring stackingPoppy Delevingne ring stackingAnother great thing about ring stacking is that it offers you so much variety. You can buy a whole bunch of stacking rings and create a new look for every day. You can keep it toned down and simple for day time with plain, gold bands or go all-out big and glamorous for evening with a sparkly stack.

Pandora are currently running a competition on Twitter to win £500 worth of stacking rings. All you have to do is follow @PANDORA_UK and tweet them a picture of your ring stacking style (including at least 1 Pandora ring) against a cool background with the hashtag #MyRingsMyStyle for your chance to win! The competition ends on Monday so be quick! For more information & T&C’s see here.

If you’d like to check out some blogger stacking ring style, then click the pictures below to see more:

Cocos Tea Party Pandora Stacking RingsCarrie Wish Wish Wish Pandora MyRingsMyStyleFashion Foie Gras Pandora MyRingsMyStylePeony Lim Pandora MyRingsMyStyleFive Five Fabulous Pandora MyRingsMyStyle

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