The Stable, Poole Quay

I was recently invited to try out The Stable in Poole. I’d visited The Stable previously as a guest at their opening party but was excited to go back.

Unfortunately the day we chose was grey and overcast so I can’t show you Poole Quay at its best but if you’d like to see it in all it’s beautiful blue glory, check out Lucy’s post about it as she went the weekend before when it was wonderfully sunny!

Poole Quay is beautiful and full of character. There’s loads of interesting looking buildings and pubs. Even though it’s not far from our house, it’s not somewhere we go often but Nick is desperate to come back with his dad for a pub crawl!

It’s also home to luxury yacht builders, Sunseeker, so it’s always fun to have a good oggle at the ridiculously opulent boats and talk about the extravagant cinema you’d build on your imaginary future lottery-funded purchase!

Old town, Poole Quay

Jolly Sailor pub, Poole QuayPoole Arms, Poole QuayGrace House, Poole QuayPoole Quay, DorsetSunseeker, Poole QuayBoat in Poole Quay

The Stable itself is in an awesome old building and is bursting with character. Their speciality is pizza, pies & cider. They use locally sourced ingredients and everything from their pizza base to their chilli oil is made from scratch. As such, the menus vary slightly at each location depending on what’s available locally. This is how every single restaurant in the country should be operating.

The Stable, Poole QuayThe Stable Poole QuayThe Bar at The Stable, PooleThe Stable menuThe Stable, Poole

I chose a ‘Billy the Kid’ pizza which was topped with goats cheese, caramelised onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomato & roasted hazelnuts and Nick had the ‘Sandbanks Scorcher’ which had pork, chillies, red onion, basil, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella. To accompany, Nick had a cider tasting board and I had a delicious carbonated apple and elderflower.

Billy the Kid pizza at The Stable. PooleThe Sandbanks Scorcher pizza The Stable PooleCider tasting board at The StableNow, down to the nitty gritty. I feel I have to be honest here but as beautiful as my pizza looked, I wasn’t a fan. I’m all for thin crust but when it’s thinner than a Jacob’s cream cracker and slices the roof of your mouth, I think it’s a step too far. I also wasn’t a fan of having hazelnuts on top of my pizza as it just made the texture a bit odd. And personally, I find their tomato base tastes far too strongly of oregano and it kind of overpowers the other flavours.

But I really don’t want to put anyone off going and trying it for themselves. It’s really just a matter of personal taste. In fact, the guy sat next to us told us it was the best pizza he’s ever eaten. I think the concept of The Stable is wonderful and I love the idea of fresh, local ingredients and it really showed in the taste of the pizza. Maybe next time I visit I’ll give one of the pies a go as I saw someone order one and it looked amazing.

If you want to visit, The Stable have 6 locations across the south: Bath, Weymouth, Poole, Bristol, Bridport & Fistral Beach in Newquay


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Today I’m Wearing: An embroidered dress

This is my new favourite dress. I’ve been on the hunt for a dress like this for years and years. Back when we lived in Mexico, dresses and tops like these were a dime a dozen and I never paid any attention because I wasn’t really that fussed. When we returned to Mexico for a holiday a year later, I came across a perfect green top with embroidery just like this but thinking it was too expensive I put it back. I have regretted it ever since and been on the hunt for one.

I’ve previously bought very similar items (seen here, here & here) but none that match what I was looking for quite as well as this one does. It’s a teensy bit too short for me to get away with without shorts underneath but you can’t really tell I’m wearing shorts at all in these pictures!

Mexican folk embroidered Topshop dress UK fashion blogger in mexican folk embroidered Topshop dress

The dress is from Topshop but I got it off eBay so I have no idea how old it is but I’ve done my best to find some similar alternatives:

I wore this for a trip out to the White Buck in the New Forest with my sisters at the weekend and we got a chance to give our new satnav a whirl, which was kindly sent to me by Tesco Compare.

White Buck, Burley, New ForestGarmin Nuvi 50 satnav

We’ve never owned a satnav before because Nick is insanely good at directions. On our honeymoon in New York, Nick knew where to go without looking at a map as if he’d lived there his whole life. And he’s pretty much like that wherever we go. Myself on the other hand could get lost in a cardboard box.

It was actually quite nice being able to relax a bit more while driving, just listening to the instructions from the satnav and not having to worry about getting lost (but obviously still paying close attention to the road!) In fact, I could probably pay more attention to the road and any hazards because I wasn’t having to read roadsigns all the time.

I thought it was really easy to use too. I didn’t have to look at the instructions once. All the controls are really clear and simple. My favourite feature is the ‘safe mode’ which stops you from using the satnav while the car is in motion.

My only criticism of it is that it wouldn’t let me just type in the name of a town. I was trying to get to Burley and it wanted me to choose a road name and came up with a huge list of them but I don’t know what any of the roads in Burley are called so in the end I had to google the pub on my phone and enter the road name in that way which seemed a bit long-winded.

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Today I’m Wearing: A French Connection Ditsy Dorothy dress

I was recently contacted by French Connection who kindly gifted me this dress as a way of promoting their sale. It’s safe to say it’s my new favourite dress. I felt like a fairy princess the second I slipped it on (and one step closer to being Rosie Londoner!)

It’s weird because this is totally not my usual style, I’m never usually this girly but I was instantly drawn to this dress, like it was calling out my name. It also fits like a glove so maybe it was just meant to be!

There’s a great range of dresses up for grabs in the French Connection sale – some for as little as £17! I’ve showcased some of my favourites at the bottom of this post for you.

This particular little beauty is the Ditsy Dorothy dress and was £58 down from £195.

UK fashion blogger wearing Ditsy Dorothy dressUK fashion blogger in French Connection Ditsy Dorothy DressUK fashion bloggerFrench Connection Ditsy Dorothy dress detailsUK lifestyle bloggerUK fashion blogger in French Connection dress

(The poofy underskirt is removable if you didn’t want quite so much volume!)

Here’s my favourite picks from the rest of the sale dresses:

French Connection Spectacular Sparkle dress

Spectacular Sparkle Dress – Was £160 – Now £48

French Connection Desert Tropicana Maxi Dress

Desert Tropicana Maxi Dress – Was £160 – Now £48

French Connection Manhattan Jersey Sleeveless Dress

Manhattan Jersey Sleeveless Dress – Was £60 – Now £30

French Connection Bloomsbury jersey dress

Bloomsbury Floral Jersey Dress – Was £75 – Now £17

French Connection Shimmer Shower Sequin Midi Dress

Shimmer Shower Sequin Midi Dress – Was £250 – Now £75

French Connection Glitter Whisper Strappy Dress

Glitter Whisper Strappy Dress – Was £180 – Now £90



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