Feel good garments – ponchos, capes and oversized scarves

The best thing about winter is being able to get all warm and snuggly. Well, actually, my favourite thing is that I can sit at home and scoff a load of chocolates and then just wrap myself up in a big old jumper and pretend like nothing happened!

One of the biggest trends this season is wrapping up, in a poncho, cape or oversized scarf. Personally, as a mother, a cape isn’t the most practical of items to wear but I have got myself an enormous blanket scarf to wrap around my neck from the kings of oversized scarfs, Zara. It’s the softest, cosiest thing ever and I never want to take it off!

Here’s my pick of the best ponchos, capes and oversized scarfs available right now:



I love the idea of ponchos. They look so effortless. You can just chuck them over the top of whatever you’ve got on and get on with your day.



My inner boho Emma is totally in love with capes. I saw a Temperley cape in the window of a local boutique a few years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I still don’t actually own one as I’ve been searching for the perfect one and to be honest, that Jigsaw one is pretty much spot on. I love the tassel detail on the Peter Hahn one too.


Oversized scarfs

I love oversized scarfs. I’ve actually had my eye on that Superdry one for a couple of years now. It’s so incredibly soft. That Ted Baker one is just so lovely, I’d want to wear it as a shawl though so you could show off the print!

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Wall planning

Now, I know this seems like a strange thing to be thinking about when faced with a massive renovation project but I can’t stop thinking about where each of our pictures are going to go on the walls of our new house. As I sit in our half-empty flat as we prepare to move into Nick’s parents house for the interim, I’ve realised that the thing making it feel the most empty is the lack of pictures on the walls. Seriously, the hallway just looks bizarre to me.

Our collection of art is a mixture of family photos, posters of musicians, personal artwork and pictures we’ve collected on our travels around the world. Hanging pictures in your house is such a massively personal thing. It instantly says a lot about the kind of person you are. After house-hunting for such a long time, Nick & I used to try and guess what kind of people lived in the house we’d just looked around. What kind of jobs they had, what kind of music they listen to, what kind of films they like. I have to admit that it was quite fun and made it just about bearable towards the end when we must have viewed about 100 houses.

Most importantly, I want the art on our walls to inspire Huxley; to travel, to explore, to be creative, to be inspired. What makes it even more important is that because it’s a chalet bungalow, Huxley’s ceiling is sloped and so the space for artwork is seriously limited. If you’ve seen his current bedroom, you’ll know we’re big on filling the walls!

For the kitchen we’ve got a super old, original list of meat prices from the turn of the century that Nick was given by our local butcher when it closed down and we’ve got a limited edition poster from Chez Panisse in Berkeley when we ate there in 2010. I’ve also got a print by Rob Ryan which features his trademark bells and is a lovely green colour.

We’ve got more pictures of San Francisco than I would ever admit to, including a beautiful set of 3 that have sat in their tube since we came home back in April. I’m hoping they’ll go nicely somewhere in the hallway as they are so bright and colourful. I’ve also spotted this absolutely beautiful picture of Big Sur on Posterlounge that I’ve fallen a bit in love with.

Big Sur

We’ve got a beautiful vintage-looking map of Paris that will go wonderfully in our bedroom, along with a beautiful old poster of Liz Taylor painting on a hillside that I picked up at Alameda Flea Market in San Francisco. We’ve got some tiny pictures of a cafe in Paris and the ocean that we bought on holiday in St Ives that will look nice too.

The only thing I’m a bit stuck with is some of our more personal things. When I was 17, I had some stories published in Anorak magazine, one of which was illustrated by Rob Ryan and Nick has a piece from his first proper published piece of writing, which was in Whitelines snowboard magazine but I just have no idea where they are going to fit in our new house. Maybe we’ll have to find a safe place in a filing cabinet for those.

Anyway, it’s going to be a while before we get to move in, so for now I’ll have to settle with some Pinterest browsing instead….







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