Afternoon ice-cream at Barford Farm

Sorry for the radio silence over here. I’ve been pretty poorly this week, not to mention rushed off my feet! As we’d both caught up on all our work we kind of took today off and decided to visit Barford Farm in Wimborne as we’d heard really good things about their ice-cream. We weren’t disappointed. First things first though, the outfit…(probably shouldn’t do it just after a nappy-change though. I don’t think we’ll be seeing talc-knees on the catwalk any time soon)

Vans Off The Wall vest black skinny jeansVest: Vans | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Vans

Huxley keeps crashing my outfit shots…


Huxley – Tee: Quiksilver | Shorts & Shoes: Sainsburys

Anyway, back to the ice-cream. Barford Farm is about 30 minutes away from us but it’s definitely worth the drive. It’s part of the Kingston Lacy Estate and it’s so beautiful. Everything is made fresh on-site and the flavours change daily. Once you’ve grabbed your ice-cream, you can find yourself a nice, quiet spot to relax in in the garden – it’s full of hidden nooks and crannies. There’s also a water fountain full of fish that Huxley was rather enamoured with.

Barford Farm Wimborne DorsetBarford Farm ice cream wimborne

It took us a long time to decide what flavours to go for but we got Huxley a strawberry children’s cone, Nick got pineapple sorbet and hazelnut and I went for classic vanilla and chocolate. I find things easier to judge when they are nailing the basics. It’s the same with pizza. If the margherita is spot on then you know you’re onto a winner. Our friends went to Barford Farm the other week and had maple syrup ice-cream so we’ll be back for sure to try more!

Children's ice-cream at Barford Farm DorsetIce-cream at Barford Farm in Vans Off The Wall vestBarford Farm ice-cream Wimborne DorsetBarford Farm fish pond fountainHux at Barford Farm

These pictures are a little bit random now but I didn’t feel there was enough here to make a whole separate post out of them. Nick’s brother & his wife were down last weekend and we went out for the day at Poole Quay. We took Elsie with us which was really nice because although we see her often, we rarely get to go out and about with her. It was lovely watching Elsie & Huxley walking around holding hands and looking in people’s buckets for crabs along the Quay.

E&HPoole QuayE&H-sofaThis was a failed outfit post from the other day. We were really short on time and tried to sneak in a couple of quick shots but then Huxley came in like this and we just cracked up and gave up!



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Sunday lunch at Smokehouse, Chiswick

I was doing so well at blogging more frequently until Nick went and broke his stupid leg and now somehow a whole week has passed as I’ve been so busy!

On top of the broken-leg-thing, both Nick & I suddenly seem to have a lot more work coming in, which obviously, as freelancers, is brilliant news but it does mean that somedays I feel like I’m losing my marbles a little bit!

Nick’s writing an article for a national paper which meant that we had to make quite a last minute trip up to Chiswick for lunch this weekend. I don’t often drive two hours specifically to go to lunch somewhere but I have to admit that on this occasion, it was totally worth it.

We left Huxley with Grandma and hopped in the car to Smokehouse. When we arrived we were given a lovely table on the terrace overlooking the garden in the beautiful sunshine. As we were sat there in the unusual quiet and calm, we realised this was probably the first meal out we’d had alone together since Huxley was born! We’ve been out to the cinema and stuff on our own a couple of times but not out to dinner. So we made the most of it and ended up staying 3 hours!

Smokehouse is awesome because Neil Rankin (the brains behind it) trained with America’s best BBQ pit masters (which as I’m sure you know is right up our street after our big American roadtrip!) before becoming head chef at Pitt Cue Co. But, the food at Smokehouse has an interesting twist. Instead of being a bog-standard BBQ joint offering pulled pork and ribs, he incorporates his more traditionally-trained chef background so the menu consists of smoked goat tacos, smoked duck breast with kimchi and even smoked strawberries.

Goat tacos at Smokehouse ChiswickSmoked lamb shoulder Sunday roast at Smokehouse ChiswickSmokehouse Chiswick

The rest of the weekend consisted of me getting up stupidly early to go to the Next sale for the first time in my life. I won’t be doing it again! I got there at 6.30am-ish and it was insane! It was so busy, there was hardly anything left on the racks and the queue went around the shop floor several times with people carrying several bin bags worth of stuff! I was in the shop for about 3 minutes before I had to leave and I drove straight to the forest so Hux & I could get some fresh air! As it was still really early in the morning it was super quiet and we saw loads of wildlife. You can see the pictures over on my Instagram account.

It’s not all bad though, to drown my missed-sale sorrows I managed to pick up some bargains online from Esprit*. How did I not know they did kids clothes?!? Please may I also have everything from their boho range? This dress is actual perfection. If I thought I could get away with wearing a white dress with a toddler in tow then I would be all over it!

On Saturday night our friends Lauren & Ben came over for dinner with our goddaughter Lexi. It was really nice to see them and have a proper catch up. Also, when did Huxley get so damn grown up?!? Lexi is exactly a year older than Huxley and they look the same size in this picture!!


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UK fashion blogger wearing Topshop mexican embroidered dress

Dress: Topshop (old) | Leggings: H&M | Shoes: Havaianas

What is going on with this weather?!? Can we have summer back yet?

I mentioned the other day that Nick had sprained his ankle. Well, turns out he’s actually broken his leg and he was walking around on it for a week before we realised. Today we had to go to the hospital so he could have a fibreglass cast put on so I dropped him off and took Huxley for a run around the park while we waited.


On a slightly unrelated note, I was sent some beautiful flowers from Blossoming Gifts to review a few weeks ago and I keep forgetting to mention them – oops! At the time, our kitchen had literally just been finished and they made the absolute perfect finishing touch. I chose the ‘Summer Meadow’ bouquet and I went out and bought the jug especially to put them in. So next time you’re looking for online flowers, make sure you check them out. In fact, they’ve been kind enough to offer me a discount code to pass on to you lovely people. Just enter the code ‘BGIFTS33′ at the checkout to get 33% off.

Blossoming Gifts Summer Meadow bouquetBlossoming Gifts bouquet

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