A day out at Longleat Safari Park

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On Wednesday we went to Longleat Safari Park. We got some free tickets using Tesco Clubcard Rewards and it’s only an hour drive from us. I was so excited. I went to Longleat several times when I was little with my granddad and loved it. A lion even bit our car’s bumper once!

It’s been 5 years since I last went, as I took my little sisters one summer and SO much has changed! It’s amazing. If you’ve never been before, it’s a little different to a normal zoo as you spend most of it driving around in the car as the animals are free to roam in their massive enclosures.

The first stop you come to is my favourite, the zebras and giraffes. They’ve got a huge plinth that goes out into the enclosure and you can buy branches to feed the giraffes. It’s literally the best thing ever. We only bought one branch (for £2) but next time we go I’m going to take loads of money and stay there for ages because Huxley loved it so much.

Giraffe at Longleat Safari ParkFeeding the giraffes at Longleat

When you drive round the monkey enclosure they all jump on your car and rip bits off. (You can miss that bit out if you don’t fancy paying a fortune for new wipers/aerials etc or you can do the entire safari on the park bus). Huxley looked a bit freaked out at the monkeys climbing up the windscreen to be honest, and even more freaked out when Nick starting shouting at me to carry on driving because they were on our roof trying to get the aerial off.

Then you get to a bit were you can buy a pot of deer food (for £1) and park up and the deers come and stick their heads in your windows and gobble all the food up. This bit always makes me crack up laughing because it freaks me out to have a massive deer so close to my face even though I know they’re harmless. (Also, deer antlers are possibly the softest thing I’ve ever touched). I didn’t manage to get any pictures because you have to feed them from both sides of the car otherwise they start butting it haha!

For me, the only downside to this part of the zoo is how long it takes to get round. It’s totally fine if you’re an adult or older kid but as a 20-month old, by the time we got round to the lions and wolves at the end, Huxley was restless and had lost interest as he wanted to get out and run around.

Wolf at Longleat Zoo

Then we headed back to the rest of the zoo, which is still way better than any other zoo I’ve been to. When you go in the meerkat enclosure, they tell you to be careful if you’ve got open-toed sandals and painted toenails as they might try and nibble your feet! Huxley kept trying to stroke them as they are literally running around your ankles!

Meerkats at LongleatMeerkat at Longleat Zoo

There’s loads to see and do at Longleat, there’s a train ride, a huge maze, a boat that takes you round Gorilla island and you can take a tour of the enormous house.

Ice cream at Longleat Safari ParkLongleat

Huxley is wearing – T-shirt: H&M | Jeans: Gap | Trainers: Zara (old)

I managed to get Huxley to stroke a snake! He was a bit weary at first, but I think that was due to the lady holding the snake more than the snake itself. By the end, he was loving it and kept squeezing her!

Snake at Longleat Safari ParkHolding a snake at LongleatAfter that we went to the Penguin enclosure and again, they are running around your feet. It’s so amazing to be allowed to get that up close and personal with the animals.

Penguins at Longleat Zoo

Then we headed to the massive play area but we never made it out of the soft play because Huxley was having way too much fun. Unfortunately we never made it near the house or the boat because Huxley was exhausted after all of that!

Soft play at Longleat ZooBalloon room soft play at LongleatSoft play ball cannon at Longleat Safari Park ZooBall pit at LongleatPLaying with balloons at Longleat

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UK fashion blogger in California tshirtCotton Basics linen trousers UK fashion blogger

T-shirt: Bought in a little shop in Carmel, California | Trousers: Cotton Basics (bought in San Francisco) | Shoes: Havaianas

It sounds totally weird but when I wore these trousers in San Francisco I felt like I was much closer to being the person I really wanted to be. Sometimes I kind of feel like ‘San Francisco Emma’ is the real Emma and she’s out there living my actual life, getting tattoos, going surfing, eating burgers and I’m just some temporary Emma until that can all become reality.

Went to B&Q to buy a toilet today. Isn’t my life glamorous. The Londoner‘s got nothing on me ;)

And Nick’s sister moved house so we went to have a little nosey peek at her new gaff (which is humongous).

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