Monday – Bob Books and Lauren

Last week I finally got around to making a calendar using our travel photos. I’ve wanted to do this for years and as the office was shut this Christmas, it meant that I had the spare time I needed to make one. I absolutely love it! I’ve been using Bob Books for about 4 years now to print my annual photo book but this is the first calendar I’ve had done with them and I’m very impressed! The quality is fantastic. I think it cost £16 including postage so a bit more than a regular calendar would cost and a lot more than the 99p advert for Vistaprint I saw the other day but it’s so perfect that I don’t mind. I’ve also pre-entered everyone’s birthdays so they are all nice and neatly typed 🙂

Here’s some of my favourite months:

Bobbooks calendar

Bobbooks calendar

Bobbooks calendar

Also, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Lauren. She is 24 today and I love her to bits 🙂

And here’s my dull outfit of the day. Honestly, I get so embarrassed when I tell people I have a style blog.

Grey Hollister cardigan, Blue Miss Selfridge top, Navy Zara trousers, polka dot New Look flats



Wednesday – Brownies Christmas party & presents

We had our Brownies Christmas party today! It was so much fun! We had hot chocolate with marshmallows and popcorn while watching Polar Express. Everyone went in their pyjamas and took pillows, duvets and teddies. We all got given a bar of chocolate and a shiny bell on a red ribbon 🙂

Black H&M top, David & Goliath doughnut pyjama bottoms

Obviously I didn’t wear my pyjamas to work though….(excuse my grumpy/tiredness in this photo)

Miss Selfridge top, Zara navy jeans, New Look spotty shoes

I got my first batch of presents yesterday and started wrapping them. I’ve gone all out and used ribbon this year too – and it’s safe to say that I’m never going back! I love it! It’s so cheap and simple and easy but looks amazing.

Thursday – Minx & Open Sandwich

Sorry for the super late post! Been crazy busy!

So much exciting stuff happening right now! I feel like I get an email every 5 minutes with something amazing in it! It’s very fun but a bit stressful!

Anyway, got my toenails all Minxed up for my holidays 🙂 Let me know what you think! (It’s called For Naja – London Days just in case you wanted to order it yourself and I got mine from this shop on eBay!)

For Naja London Days Minx

Went to Open Sandwich this evening. Open Sandwich is a free ‘networking’ event that my husband runs for foodies in the local area. I use the term ‘networking’ loosely because it’s much more informal and casual than that! Basically if you run a food/drink related business or just want to find people with similar interests to talk to then you can just come along and meet new people 🙂 This is the 4th one so far and it’s going really well. Lots of new friendships have been made and there have been a couple of business partnerships formed too so it’s all very positive and lovely 🙂

The events are always at a different location and hosted by different people. This time it was hosted at The Green House Hotel by The Green House Hotel and there were lots of Halloween canapés for eating and a chance to win a wine hamper.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it until slightly later because I was getting my nails done but managed to spend about 2 hours talking to the lovely Lisa, Chrissy and obviously Jimmy.

Oh look, another day where I’ve managed to look a jumbled mess. I’m getting good at this.

pink abercrombie and fitch hoodie, floral miss selfridge blouse, black river island skinny jeans, brown celtic sheepskin boots

Wednesday – Purple & polka dots

So, I’ve had to cancel Brownies tonight because I’ve had a huge headache all day. I’m gutted! It’s the most fun part of my week!

I got this Miss Selfridge top off eBay and it came in the post yesterday and I love it! I love the weird dusky shade of purple and the off white polka dots. This is why I love eBay. Sometimes you get some real gems. This cost me £4 including postage! How crazy is that!

I had to have my photo taken at work today so it can go up on the blog – a bit scary! I look super tired with a spotty face and frizzy hair so I’m a shining example of our employees!

Been having some more problems with, I’m really getting fed up with it but Nick is self-hosted and apparently I can migrate over and that will solve my problems! Fingers crossed!

Purple polka dot Miss Selfridge blouse, Black Gap flared 1969 jeans, New Look polka dot flats


Top – Miss Selfridge

Jeans – Gap

Shoes – New Look

Tuesday – Open Sandwich & grilled halloumi salad

Tonight is the third installment of Nick’s Open Sandwich events. Open Sandwich is basically a free ‘networking’ event for local foodies. The idea was born from our trip to San Francisco earlier in the year as they have a really strong food community there and really help each other out. The local coffee shop sells the bread made by the guy across the street and the sandwich shop sells the coffee made in downtown.  Although we have loads of great foodie stuff happening in our area, nobody really talks to each other or knows each other so Nick started the Open Sandwich events to try and encourage collaboration in the local area. It’s working really well so far and the events are proving very popular!

Tonight’s event is being held at the Rising Sun pub in Poole and is being hosted by Helen & Diane from Blanc Noir Catering.

Is it really sad that I’m stupidly excited by my dinner? I’ve had this halloumi in the fridge for ages and it’s one of my favourite things ever. I’m just going to grill it and make a salad. Sounds nice and healthy doesn’t it….except I’ve eaten tons of peanut butter flapjack, chocolate and cupcakes too today so not so much…..


I fixed this top last weekend with the help of my lovely Nan so I can finally wear it again! I love this top!

Grilled halloumi salad

Miss Selfridge mexican style top, Navy Zara skinny jeans, polka dot New Look flats