Friday – Heart print & how to do smart casual without wearing all black

Yesterday, as I was rifling through my wardrobe to get dressed up for a business meeting I found myself reaching for my trusty little black dress. Everyone has one. That one dress that you can throw on for something important and be ready to go in five seconds flat. I’m the ultimate culprit of this. (I also have a black high-waisted pencil skirt that sometimes substitutes the dress if I’m feeling slightly more creative).

Just as I was about to walk out of the room dressed like I was going to a funeral, my eyes fell upon a new entry to my wardrobe from OASAP. My heart print t-shirt. I’m not sure if t-shirt is quite the right word, but blouse doesn’t really fit either as it has no buttons. Anyway, it’s a bit smarter than your regular t-shirt as it’s made of a silky material, so whatever you want to call it is fine.

This is how I learnt that it’s okay to wear colour and still look smart. You don’t have to wear all black for business. As long as you team it with the right accessories (in this case, a blazer and heels) then you can get away with wearing those neon pumps, printed silk trousers or a glitzy jacket to a meeting.

I love the versatility of this top and as I was slipping it over my head I realised that it would just as well with a pair of shorts and flip flops as it would with my red J Brand jeans that I was going to team it with on this occasion.

I managed to squeeze in some quick outfit photos to show you the result before rushing off to my meeting. (Looking at these photos makes me realise just how badly I need to sort out my unruly hair!)

Zara blazer, heart print OASAP shirt, red J Brand 811 jeans, New Look shoesZara blazer, heart print OASAP shirt, red J Brand 811 jeans, New Look shoesZara blazer, heart print OASAP shirt, red J Brand 811 jeans, New Look shoesBlazer – Zara

Top – OASAP*

Jeans – J Brand

Shoes – New Look

*I had a £2.55 credit to use on their website and this top cost me £14 so it’s kind of a little bit gifted….


Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Greek & a walk & a party

I had the best day ever on Friday. I won £200 from Take A Break magazine. I knew the weekend was going to be a good one after that 🙂

Went out for a lovely dinner on Friday night with all my friends to Zorba’s Greek restaurant in Bournemouth. We had the meze and it was SO much food but really good.

Crumpet cashmere leopard print long sleeved tshirt, Jane Norman black pencil skirt, New Look peep toe wedges

Top – Crumpet

Skirt – Jane Norman

Shoes – New Look

Ring – Lola Rose

On Saturday, we decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately we chose badly and it was a pretty boring walk. Far too pathy – I much prefer the kind where you get stinging-nettle-legs and lots of mud. It was just outside Wimborne on the Kingston Lacy estate. We only ended up being out for an hour.

National Trust Kingston Lacy Estate

House in WimborneHunter wellies

IRO coat, French Connection breton stripe dress, River Island jeans, pink Joules chicken welliesIRO coat, French Connection breton stripe dress, River Island jeans, pink Joules chicken welliesCoat – IRO

Top – French Connection

Jeans – River Island

Wellies – Joules

Saturday night was my sister’s engagement party. I’ll be honest, I didn’t stay long. I’m far too much of an old lady and the music was giving me a headache. (As you can see, I don’t do party-wear well – I literally stared blankly into my wardrobe for about 20 minutes and then resigned to go for comfort instead)

Me, my Mum & my Sister

(Me, my Mum & my Sister)

Cardigan – Hollister

Top – Primark

Skirt – Zara

Shoes – New Look

Today we went to Nick’s parents as it was his Dad’s birthday in the week but they were away so we celebrated today instead.

It was insanely warm in the garden (thermometer said 26 degrees!) so I sat in the sun for as long as possible. Best February EVER.

Birthday cakeFebruary sunshine in the garden

We stopped at the beach on the way home for some quick photos. I know I probably look the same to the rest of you and I’m sorry to keep going on about it, but I find myself unrecognisable in these photos. I didn’t realise that a stone would make such a big difference to my appearance!

Crumpet cashmere leopard print top, Gap 1969 flared jeansCrumpet cashmere leopard print top, Gap 1969 flared jeans(I was jumping up and down to keep warm and I needed a wee!)

Crumpet cashmere leopard print top, Gap 1969 flared jeans

Top – Crumpet

Jeans – Gap

Shoes – New Look

Ring – Accessorize

Tuesday – Jazz FM & Cute Overload calendar

We had Jazz FM on in the office today. I couldn’t stand another day of back to back Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran and Pixie Lott. I’ve never listened to Jazz FM before but I love it! Well, I love it for work, not sure I would listen to it in my spare time. But, it was so relaxing! All day I’ve felt like I should be lying on a beach somewhere or sipping cocktails in a swanky bar. What more could you want at work?!?

They played a song by a band called Los Hombres Calientes earlier and it was amazing! It was like being transported back in time to July when I had the most relaxing holiday in Spain.

I wanted to feature one of my Christmas presents today. It puts a smile on my face every single day. It’s my page-a-day calendar from Cute Overload. Whenever I’m having a crappy time at work I look across my desk and am greeted by a totally adorable picture that cheers me up no-end.

Cute Overload Page-a-day calendar

Cute Overload Page-a-day calendar

Cute Overload Page-a-day calendar

Black H&M cardigan, black Dorothy Perkins tea dress, Black New Look wedges

Monday – Bob Books and Lauren

Last week I finally got around to making a calendar using our travel photos. I’ve wanted to do this for years and as the office was shut this Christmas, it meant that I had the spare time I needed to make one. I absolutely love it! I’ve been using Bob Books for about 4 years now to print my annual photo book but this is the first calendar I’ve had done with them and I’m very impressed! The quality is fantastic. I think it cost £16 including postage so a bit more than a regular calendar would cost and a lot more than the 99p advert for Vistaprint I saw the other day but it’s so perfect that I don’t mind. I’ve also pre-entered everyone’s birthdays so they are all nice and neatly typed 🙂

Here’s some of my favourite months:

Bobbooks calendar

Bobbooks calendar

Bobbooks calendar

Also, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Lauren. She is 24 today and I love her to bits 🙂

And here’s my dull outfit of the day. Honestly, I get so embarrassed when I tell people I have a style blog.

Grey Hollister cardigan, Blue Miss Selfridge top, Navy Zara trousers, polka dot New Look flats



Monday – Legoland hotel & blog header help

Can I just get my super dull outfit out of the way very quickly?

Forever 21 scarf, black Zara top, Topshop jeans, New Look shoes

Firstly, I found out a few months ago that Legoland is opening a resort hotel next year. For some reason I was reminded of this today and checked out the website. OMG the pictures! I want to stay in that pirate room soooo bad! (The rest of the photos on the site are teeny weeny so it’s probably best if you just head on over there to look for yourself)

pirate room legoland hotel

Secondly, I spent all Saturday night working on my new blog header but I still can’t decide. Nick thinks I should have my Twitter logo on the left, followed by a row of photos that I can change with the seasons or depending on what I’ve been doing recently. My issue with my current one is that the middle picture looks a bit busy.

I would absolutely love your honest opinions about which of these headers you prefer.

What do you reckon?

Monday – Fashion bloggers ethical outfit competition

So I was a really bad blogger and completely forgot about this until I saw some people tweeting about it today.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Ceri from Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog contacted me to ask if I’d like to take part in her fantastic competition promoting ethical fashion. Obviously I jumped at the chance but time has flown by and I’m squeezing my entry in at the very last minute!

At first I was a bit disappointed in myself and the lack of ethical clothing that I owned. Then I thought about it a bit more and realised that by buying 80% of my clothes from eBay, I was probably being more ethical with my fashion than I realised. I own a couple of lovely Howies t-shirts but they are all a bit small for me now so I opted for this Beatles inspired t-shirt from Acension to go on the top. Then I chose some jeans that I purchased from eBay. In fact, nearly all of my jeans are from eBay.

I would have used my TOMs as my ethical footwear but I had to throw them away last week due to the fact that they were pretty much falling apart. So, until I find time to buy a replacement pair, I’ve used the black peep-toe New Look wedges that I got from eBay this summer.

Even though I’m not one of those people who endlessly spends a fortune in Primark on ten new tops that I don’t need, this challenge has made me think about what I’m buying. The lack of ethical fashion in my wardrobe kind of shocked me.

So here’s my ethical outfit:

Ascenion Beatles All you need is love tshirt, River Island jeans, Black New Look peep toe wedges

And here’s my real outfit of the day (that I’d put on before I remembered that today was the deadline!)

Navy Primark tshirt, Zara skirt, New Look wedges

Hope all your Monday’s have been good to you.

Wednesday – H&M & chino hunting

Nothing much to say today. It’s been a standard day.

Going shopping at Castlepoint after work today as Nick is on the search for the perfect pair of chinos to take on holiday with him. I might sneak off into H&M while he’s distracted because my friend sent a 50% off code for the website round work today! My plan is to hunt down all the stuff I want and then order it online for half price! It might even be the perfect excuse for me to finally buy that amazing fur stole that every blogger and her dog seems to have right now! (Michelle, Milly, Kelly, Samantha, Kate, Marissa, Maria, Vivienne, Alix, Catherine, Grace)

The code is 9536 and Laura informs me that it’s valid until the 2nd 🙂 Enjoy!

(Unfortunately the amazing sparkly jumper that I want isn’t on the website!)

Another day, another boring (and mainly navy) outfit.

Boden fairisle cardigan, red primark tshirt, hollister jeans, polka dot new look flats

Monday – Zara jeans & a recap


So I’ve been told that I can continue blogging on here for a little while longer. Apparently it only takes a little while to move my new posts over to the new blog. We’re still locked out at the moment but hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Thought I’d do a super quick recap of what I’ve been up to over the past few days (nothing overly exciting though so please feel free to ignore!

Thursday – I went to a social media conference with my boss called SoCon2011 – it was excellent! Some really interesting talks!

Friday – Had the afternoon off work, was planning to drive up north to see family but Nick changed his mind so we ended up doing nothing. I did have Chez Fred fish & chips for dinner though which was a bonus!

Saturday – Went to Wimborne Food Festival for a few hours – was pretty much just cupcake and burger stands and it was insanely busy! The parking situation was horrific too. Won’t be going next year unless they open up a field for parking or something. Then we went to Nicks parents house for the afternoon and home for the evening to play Lego Harry Potter. We watched Tim Minchin too and thought he was great!

Sunday – Laid in bed catching up on magazines until midday. Nick made me a bacon sandwich in bed with his homemade bacon. It was amazing. Saw my Nan in the evening and went to my Mums for dinner which was nice.

Today I’ve just been at work, went to Tesco at lunchtime to get some shampoo and stuff for my holiday. That’s about it really.

Wore my navy Zara jeans again today but they are so big on me! They gape really badly at the back. (They don’t look big in the picture – I actually look a right porker! I’m doing well at putting on weight!) And yes, I’ve got that cardigan on again.

Also, my Louboutins definitely need fixing now. I’ve put it off for so long but 3 years of wear has really taken its toll! The sole is actually starting to peel off! Thanks to the lovely Rose for pointing me in the direction of a suitable cobbler to get them fixed (£35 for a new leather sole! Bargain!) Apparently Christian Louboutin himself uses this particular cobblers himself sometimes and has been known to hand paint the soles back on! So I’m sure they’ll be in safe hands!


pink hollister cardigan, navy skinny zara jeans, glitter belt, polka dot new look shoes

Friday – A zebra & relaxing

I’ve pretty much been on my own all day at work today. It makes the day go very slowly and puts me in a funny mood. I like having people to talk to.

No plans for tonight, just going to do the ironing and then relax. Probably try and persuade Nick to play Lego Harry Potter with me a bit!

I tried that dress on this morning and I can fit in it and it does zip up but it’s a fraction too tight and I had horrible images of it ripping down the seams while I’m at work. It’s actually pretty baggy around my boobs (surprise surprise!)

I decided to dress like a zebra today.

Dorothy Perkins grey peplum shift office dress

Dress – Dorothy Perkins

Accessorize zebra print kaftan, black flared Gap 1969 jeans, New Look polka dot flats

Top – Accessorize

Jeans – Gap

Shoes – New Look

Thursday – Shopping & the sales

I was a bit naughty at lunchtime and hit the sales….I spotted this dress in Dorothy Perkins and loved it. They only had a size 6 or a 10 left though so I thought I’d be brave (and stupid) and grabbed the 6 (don’t worry, I checked the returns policy before I paid!)

So, I’ve no idea whether it fits or not! I’m doing rather well at putting on weight. It’s scary how quickly you get used to eating more! It was slow to start but now it’s piling on! Think I’ve managed 4lbs so far but I can definitely see the difference so maybe a 6 was a bit ambitious??? You’ll soon find out because I’ll be wearing it tomorrow if I can zip it up!

dorothy perkins grey-peplum-shift-dress-4252491-med

It has made me very excited about going shopping on Saturday though – I haven’t been shopping for about 6 weeks now and I saw tons of amazing stuff that I want! Lots of chunky jumpers (like this amazing red Dorothy Perkins one) and lots of furry accessories (yes H&M I’m looking at you!)

Had to bypass bingo this evening as I’ve got lots of freelance work to do. I always feel funny when I don’t go, like tonight could have been the night I won big….is that a sign of addiction? Or just human curiosity? Like when you don’t have enough change to join in with the work lottery syndicate and you spend all night worrying that their numbers will come up and you’ll be the only chump sat at your desk on Monday…

Another dull outfit for you today…I always wear the same thing….and yes, the photos really were that bad that the best one was me with my head down…..great….

White Primark blouse, Navy skinny zara trousers with glittery sequin belt, Polka Dot New Look flats

I’m trying to decide what Minx I should get on my toes for my holiday and I’m thinking about this one….what do you reckon?

naja minx