Tuesday – Japan & back to work

Back to work today so I decided to make getting dressed extremely easy for myself by just chucking on this easy ensemble. Plus, a skirt and heels wouldn’t have been the best idea in this hurricane-esque weather!

Navy H&M cowl neck jumper, Hollister jeans, Stylist Pick leopard print flats

Me and Nick are thinking about going to Japan in the spring. To help us decide we ordered the Encounter guide on Tokyo. Nick took a photo of one of the pages earlier and sent it to me at work on an email. It’s safe to say that my mind is now definitely made up. They better let adults play in that cat bus!

Catbus at Ghibli museum in Tokyo

Tonight is my first night working to my new evening schedule. For me this is a nightmarish way to live. I enjoy spontaneity. But I felt a strict, timed schedule was necessary to keep my stress levels down and to manage my time effectively. On the plus side, I’ve scheduled some pure Twitter time in there so hopefully I’ll be able to have some lovely conversations with everyone and get to know people better now! You can follow me here if you’d like a chat!

If you have a second then you should watch this comical short video from my friend Jimmy of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee as he tries to make a white russian in the rain and blustering wind that we had this morning.

I hope all of your first days have been good to you – it was a bit of a shock getting out of bed at 6.30am! I’d forgotten how dark it is!

P.S. I can’t say too much at the moment but I’ll hopefully be hosting a very exciting giveaway to celebrate my birthday next week!

Thursday – Christmas & another engagement


I don’t want to bore you with words too much, just wanted to check in and say hi! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I had a great time 🙂 My highlight was playing Just Dance with all my sisters on Boxing Day – got aching arms now though! My sister also got engaged on Christmas Day which is nice and my sister-in-law felt my niece/nephew kick for the first time 🙂

I’ve also been up to Wimbledon to visit my Uncle & his partner which was very lovely as I’ve never been to their house before. We went on a walk around the park and saw the tennis courts and ate some amazing food (because he’s a chef).

Here’s a few snippets of what we got up to:

H&M glittery jumper, J Brand 811 red skinny jeans, Stylist Pick leopard print flats

Christmas hamper

engagement ring

Wednesday – WIMH & bloggers christmas party outfit help!

My life is so dull in the winter – bring on the Spring!

I was delighted to receive an email the other day informing me that I had won a competition on the fabulous new WIMH (What’s In My Handbag) website! I was told that an Eyeko product would be dispatched to me shortly. So, today the postman bought me a skinny eyeliner pencil in a very light pink. I can’t wait to try it and will review as soon as I can.

In the mean time, you should check out WIMH, they are currently doing a daily feature on industry insiders handbag contents and today you can take a peek and see what the lovely Sarah from Temporary:Secretary carries around with her 🙂

This is what I wore today – very boring I know sorry

black h&m top, Hollister jeans, leopard print stylist pick flats

As you may or may not know, it’s the bloggers xmas party on Friday in Bristol – if you haven’t already got a ticket then you should definitely buy yourself one (it’s only £5!)

I’ve been trying to decide what to wear for ages and I haven’t been in the mood for shopping recently so I haven’t bought anything new. So I need your help.

Which one do you think?

My white Adam dress from the Outnet……or my black French Connection dress??

White feather Adam Lippes dress from The Outnet

Black French Connection Dress, Christian Louboutins

(apologies for the dreadful photo quality, I had to steal this one from Facebook!)

Monday – Vietnam haul & goodbye TOMs

I’ve finally got round to taking photos of all the lovely stuff I bought in Vietnam to show you all. There are a couple of things that I can’t photograph because they are gifts for people that I haven’t given yet!

Firstly, these bags were everywhere and although the colours look a little garish and tacky now I’m back in the UK, I was instantly drawn to the bright rainbow colours. I don’t mind looking like a 5 year old and I think the colours will be a nice contrast to the grey, dark days of the British winter 🙂

Vietnamese rainbow bag

Vietnamese rainbow bag

We bought this amazing little stone pig at the Temple of Literature. Nick loves pigs.

Vietnamese stone pig

Vietnamese stone pig

I bought this bag because I spotted the hamburger from afar and instantly fell in love. It was made a million times better by the funny writing all over it that doesn’t make any sense!

Vietnamese bag

Vietnamese bag

These pictures are actually cards and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them but they were so pretty that I couldn’t resist.

Vietnamese pictures

Although this cushion cover was slightly more expensive than I would have wanted ($15) – it was totally worth it! To be honest, I could have bought the entire shop! Everything in it was beautiful. I got this because it reminds me of the amazing Pip Studio stuff that I love.

Vietnamese cushion cover

Vietnam cushion cover

This little bowl came in several colours but I went with my gut and went with the one I was first drawn to. Hoping it’s going to look beautiful once I redecorate the bedroom and have a pretty dressing table I can keep it on. Will probably keep all my rings in it 🙂

Vietnam bowl

Vietnam bowl

The shop that I got these bracelets from had a really funny and quite rude name but I can’t remember what it was! So I was very surprised when I went in to find a really lovely, soft spoken girl who was sat hand-beading all the jewellery. She spoke perfect English too. Maybe it wasn’t a dodgy translation and was meant to be a joke!

Vietnamese bracelets

I always bring sweets back from the countries I go to. It winds my sister right up! It fascinates me how different they all are! Would love to go to Japan one day and bring back all the different flavoured KitKats and stuff! The bottom left sweet is ‘corn’ flavour and tastes just like sweetcorn – sounds really weird I know but is actually pretty nice! The bottom right is green tea and lemon flavour and was really good too. Not sure what the others are as I haven’t tried them yet!

Vietnamese sweets

In other news, my poor little TOMs are going to shoe heaven today 🙁 I’m so so so sad about this because I love them so much. They are without doubt, the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned. I have literally worn them to death. I’ve tried repairing them several times but they really do look like tramp shoes now. On the plus side, this is fantastic news for TOMs and all the people it helps because now I need to buy a new pair which means another child will also get a new pair 🙂 I rather fancy a pair of TOMs wedges if I’m honest but can’t find them in any shops!



Here’s my outfit from today. It’s very navy…..

Navy polka dot Zara top, navy Zara skinny jeans, leopard print Stylist Pick flats

Top – Zara

Jeans & belt – Zara

Shoes – Stylist Pick

Now I’m off to tackle the mountain of post-holiday ironing that I’ve been avoiding. Wish me luck!

Tuesday – The ‘IT’ Guide & The Help

I won a competition on YouTube the other day to receive some goodies from the lovely Helen over at The ‘it’ Guide. I was thrilled when she contacted me to say that I’d won! My parcel arrived at the weekend but I’ve only just had a chance to photograph everything in the box.  My favourite item is the owl ring from Urban Outfitters. I’m a stickler for quirky rings and this one is really cute! Haven’t had time to try on the Motel stuff yet but the blue top/dress says it’s a large and looks tiny and the white t-shirt says it’s a small and looks massive so I don’t know how well that will work out!

pink floral bag

My Wardrobe Autumn Winter 2011 lookbook

Motel tote bag

Urban Outfitters cream owl ring

Scholl party feet heel shields

Motel white sleeveless tshirt

Blue floral Motel dress

Motel keyring & pin badge

I managed to bag myself some free tickets to see The Help from See Film First tonight. I’d read about this movie in loads of magazines and it’s had great reviews so I was really excited to go and see it. Can I just say that I cannot recommend this film highly enough. It was absolutely brilliant. I love movies like this. Emma Stone was fantastic and Jessica Chastain was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. It is definitely the best film I’ve seen this year. I had a lump in my throat pretty much the whole way through. It’s so hard to imagine that real life was actually like that once. It’s just unfathomable that people could be treated like that.

In other news, I’m currently in the process of moving my blog over to be self-hosted. It’s a bit touch-and-go because I’m not a developer and although it’s still WordPress, it’s very different! So the site might look a little bit different soon and it might be a struggle with some hiccups but it will mean that I’m finally able to have Google Analytics and lots of other things that I couldn’t get before! Yay!

Grey Hollister cardigan, grey tesco top, black river island skinny jeans, leopard print Stylist Pick flats


Monday – Krispy Kreme & Hollister haul

So I thought I’d show you what I bought shopping in Southampton on Saturday. To be honest, it’s not much of a haul because I only bought 3 things. I bought 2 cardigans, one hot pink, one grey and the generic Hollister skirt – all priced at £14 each – bargain!

Grey Hollister cardigan

Grey Hollister cardigan

Hot Pink Hollister Cardigan

Hot Pink Hollister Cardigan

Navy floral Hollister ra-ra skirt

Hot Pink Hollister cardigan, Navy polka dot Zara top, Hollister Jeans, Stylist Pick Leopard Print flats

In other news, I got an email completely out of the blue this morning from those lovely people at MC2 Manchester informing me that another selection of Krispy Kreme doughnuts were on their way to me! What a fantastic email to receive on a Monday morning! This little doughnuts came all the way from London for me today!!

This time they sent me the ‘Teatime Treats’ flavours, which are Millionaire’s Shortbread and Jaffa Cake. The Jaffa cake one has orange jelly in the middle which is perfect as it means it’s not too sweet. The Millionaire’s shortbread one has chocolate fudge and caramel in the middle and is incredibly delicious!

Krispy Kreme Jaffa Cake & Millionaire's Shortbread Teatime Treats doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Jaffa Cake & Millionaire's Shortbread Teatime Treats doughnuts

As before, I shared them around work with my colleagues in exchange for their honest opinions. This is what they said (again, all men! In fact, I don’t think any girls came to get one! Boo them!) :

Dave – There’s only one word for that millionaire’s shortbread one – decadent

Phil – Millionaire’s shortbread was extremely yummy. Not too sweet like some Krispy Kremes can sometimes be. I would definitely go and buy more of this one!

Rich – The fruit thing on the top of the Jaffa cake one was a bit much actually.

Adrian – I had the shortbread one – it was nice but not as nice as I was expecting. The sprinkly shortbread on top of it did not do it for me

Gavin – Jaffa cake doughnut was far better than the citrus one from last time (he’s means the Halloween ones from here). Again, quite sweet, but not overpowering. Nice 🙂

Dave 2 – That was much nicer thank you. I liked the orange bit in the middle. Jaffa cakenesss = happy

Tony – Shortcake one, overall 6/10. Not toooo sickly but could really do with more shortcake on it, just tasted like a caramel doughnut for 90% of it.

Ashley – I had the Jaffa cake one, it’s very good and the orange in the middle was very nice and a bit different to the normal chocolate / cream fillings 🙂

These flavours are available instore until January 2012 and are £1.55 each.

Thursday – Krispy Kreme & Sunshine

So, the other day I mentioned that I’d been contacted by the people who do the PR for Krispy Kreme and they had offered to send me some samples…

Well they turned up today! They sent me 24!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw them and there was lots of jumping and woop-ing! As you can imagine, my work colleagues were equally as excited when I carried them upstairs and didn’t hang around to tuck into them!! Luckily, I managed to save one of each flavour for Nick before they guzzled them all!

The ones they sent me were the Halloween special editions that won’t be in the shops until 24th October and will be available until 6th November – which is the timeframe I’m going to be in Vietnam so I would have missed out on these if they hadn’t been kind enough to send them!

Anyway, half of the doughnuts were original with citrus glittery glaze and the other half were kreme filled with orange icing, popping candy and a chocolate ghost/bat on the top, all packaged up in a spooky bat covered box 🙂


Special edition Halloween Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Special edition Halloween Krispy Kreme doughnuts


So, in exchange for their free doughnut, I asked my colleagues to provide me with some honest feedback. Here’s what I got (note that they’re nearly all boys!!):

Joe: I had the glaze one. Looked amazing and the topping were very orangy but personally a little sweet for my taste.

Terri: I’ve eaten my doughnut….I wasn’t actually that keen on the icing!! 🙁 I thought it was too sour against the sweetness of the sugar coating, which is normally my favourite bit! I thought it looks amazing – definitely photo-worthy! My favourite is definitely still the original glazed.

Ashley: The one with the orange icing and popping candy and mini chocolate bat was very cool and the popping candy was quite fun 🙂

Ben: I had the citrus glaze one but I found that the topping is a bit too sweet. I prefer the original glazed or the chocolate custard.

Gavin: I had an orange sparkly one and whilst it was very yummy, it was also very sweet and sugary. I probably wouldn’t purchase one of those types again to be honest. I’ll certainly try some of the other ones though!

So, there you have it. Personally, I had a citrus sparkly glazed one and although it was sweet, I thought the citrus tang stopped it being overly sweet. And after all, it IS a doughnut! Of course it’s going to be sweet! I ate mine over the course of the afternoon and it cheered me up no end! Thanks MC2 PR 🙂

Thought I’d take the outfit picture on the balcony today as it was so lovely and sunny. This picture cracked me up because it looks like I’m pulling a sexy face…I’m definitely not….

George at Asda beige waterfall cardigan, brown Primark blouse, Hollister jeans, Stylist Pick leopard print flats


Monday – Willy Wonka & an extra day off

On Friday and over the weekend, my office had a little makeover and there was lots of desk shuffling going on. To celebrate, they held a Willy Wonka style competition which involved finding a golden ticket inside a chocolate bar.

I feel a bit bad really as I was being super lazy and couldn’t be bothered to walk to the kitchen upstairs to get a bar of chocolate as I’d just eaten an amazing slutty brownie that Gemma had made using Rosie’s recipe. So Gemma kindly bought down a chocolate bar for me. When I opened my chocolate bar, I found a golden ticket inside telling me that I had won an extra day off in 2012! Apparently this was the top prize! Poor Gemma didn’t win anything though – sorry Gem! My boss (who is male) won a fish pedicure! The other prizes included Graze boxes, Lovefilm subscriptions and cupcakes.

So all in all it’s been a good day and I now get 2 extra days off next year (well we all get one for the Queen’s Jubilee so that doesn’t really apply just to me!)

I hate this top. I’ve been meaning to get rid of it for ages. You can’t do anything in a batwing sleeve top. Try making a cup of tea. Sleeve dragged through counter-top mess = fail.

Also, the light is getting a bit low in the mornings now so I might need to find another venue for my outfit photos. I really don’t want to move them back to the hallway though because they were awful!

Maybe I’ll have to try taking them in the evenings instead.

Asos A Wear bat wing blouse, Black Gap flared 1969 jeans, lola rose heart ring, Stylist Pick leopard print flats

Sunday – Ellie & London Fashion Week

First things first, you’ve got an early morning post today because I’m off to fashion week!

I still can’t believe it myself! It doesn’t seem real.

I’ve been fretting all week about what to wear and have had several mad lunchtime dashes around the shops! I figured I’d rather look comfortable and happy than wear something overly fashiony that isn’t really me, so I’ve opted for some navy skinnies with a glittery belt, a navy breton top, leopard print flats and a beige blazer. Probably not stylish enough for fashion week but hopefully I won’t get laughed off the grounds. (Apologies for the extreme blurriness, it was too early in the morning for the light to be good and I was in an extreme rush!!)


London Fashion Week September 2011 Beige H&M blazer, Breton stripe French Connection top, Navy Zara skinny jeans, glitter belt, leopard print Stylist Pick flats

Blazer – H&M

Top – French Connection

Jeans & Belt – Zara

Shoes – Stylist Pick

Secondly, my once tiny little sister Ellie turns 10 years old today! Can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by!

Thursday – Lunchtime Zara dash & a blazer hunt

Okay, so I’ve half sorted my weekend clothing dilemma thanks to Zara. I picked up a lovely pair of navy skinny jeans with a glittery belt. Now I’m just on the hunt for the perfect beige/camel blazer to go with it. I found a lovely one in Zara but they only had big sizes left! Boo! I’m hoping to have a quick zip around the shops again tomorrow and maybe squeeze a visit in on Saturday at some point because a lunch hour is definitely not long enough!

Have you spotted a nice camel/beige blazer in any shops recently that I can go and find?? So far I’ve looked in Zara, H&M, New Look & Topshop – unfortunately, Bournemouth high street doesn’t offer a great choice of stores.

If I can’t find one then I might buy one of the burgundy/mustard/dark green ones I saw in Zara and team it with a bright coloured vest from New Look and try my hand at colour blocking….does it work with navy trousers though??

Brownies was SO much fun last night! I haven’t had that much fun in ages! All the girls were so sweet in their little uniforms! I know some people would find a bunch of screaming, excitable kids stressful but it was honestly the least stressed I’ve felt all week. It was fantastic. It was like nothing outside of those four walls existed and I was lost in the games and giggles.

We played tons of fun games like Sweetshop, Pink Knickers, Chinese Whispers and Honey I love you. We also did lots of drawing and colouring as we were making ‘Get well’ cards for one of the leaders. The games made me realize how unfit I am!

Although I did feel a little bit out of place, I think that’s expected for a first time and I can’t wait to go back next week and try and learn a few more of the girls’ names.

I absolutely hate my outfit today but I knew I needed to do some rapid changing at lunchtime so needed something I can easily slip in and out of! (Sorry, I told you that you’d see this cardigan all the time!!)

Navy Boden fairisle cardigan, grey H&M top, Topshop jeans, leopard print Stylist Pick flats


Cardigan – Boden

Top – H&M

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Stylist Pick

Ring & Necklace – Accessorize